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Problem with free enterprise and British Rail is that other European rail systems are state-owned, but can buy up British Rail properties.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is hurting badly.
President Zelenskyy discusses the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) and what the UN and IAEA are preparing to do about it. Russia is moving military vehicles to the immediate vicinity of the ZNPP.
herson situation continues to look worse and worse for Russia to try and hang onto.

At one point, Trump's lawyer says

"We cooperate. We always do. We always have."

Erm, actually, the DOJ repeatedly requested that Trump return the documents that they later seized, even sending him a subpoena for them. He refused those requests.

Blogger reports that the front in Ukraine was static yesterday. "Neither Russia nor Ukraine gained or lost a single village." But, Russia launched at least seven attacks. It's just that none of them gained any ground.
Interesting chart on artillery shell consumption. Nazis used many more shells than the Soviets did and Russia is today using many more shells than Ukraine is.
Review of WaPo series on the war.

Don't usually agree with Tucker Carlson on anything, but he's right. I just can't imagine what the constituency for Pence is that wants to see him become president.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell admits that (words to the effect of) “Yeah, we’re gonna get our butts kicked this midterm.”
And no.
“Right now, we have a 50-50 Senate and a 50-50 country…No, the Senate has lots and lots of thinly populated states like Wyoming and Nebraska with two Republican senators. In terms of population, liberals FAR outnumber conservatives.

Heh! No. Sorry. No one was “radicalized” by the “treatment” of Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign. GOP voters were “radicalized” in 2009 by Obama running against John McCain and that was just regular old plain vanilla racism.

To the dismay and chagrin of anti-choicers, we have not entered a Brave New World of respect for life. We're instead in the era of "the dog that caught the car," the era of "Oh $%#@!!! now what do we do?"

Mahmoud Abbas runs the Palestinian Authority that controls 40% of the West Bank. Israeli squatters control the rest of it. No, the Israelis haven’t committed “50 Holocausts,” that’s a huge overstatement. What they’ve done is quite bad enough, they’ve imposed apartheid on the West Bank. Two systems, one for Jewish people and one for Palestinians.

Has Russia actually successfully destroyed any HIMARS rockets or platforms? Ehh, hard to say, but the fact that Russia keeps saying it has is telling. It tells us that the rockets are causing all kinds of stress to Russia!

Over 100 days ago, someone leaked a Supreme Court decision (my guess, and that of many others is that the leaker was Clarence and/or Ginni Thomas) the failure of Chief Justice Roberts to identify the leaker is a truly terrible thing as it shows Roberts to be a paper tiger.

Yes, the way in which the former president has been treated is unprecedented in American history. Problem is, his behavior is also unprecedented! So no, this is not the devastating argument that Republicans like to think it is.

Yes, leaders of democracies get put on trial and even jailed. Personally, I’m among the people who was shocked that Nixon wasn’t prosecuted (I was 13 at the time) and today, that not prosecuting him was a mistake. Holding leaders accountable strengthens the rule of law.

Blogger concludes that if Russian artillery was accurate enough to take out military targets, we would have seen them do that by now. 3,700 missiles have landed on Ukrainian cities, the great majority hitting civilian targets.
Blogger compares big, heavy boxers to fast and light boxers and looks at why the light guys win.

Nikki Haley thinks it's a truly awful and horrible thing that "66 terrorists were caught" at the Southern border. Erm, that's not proof of failure, it's proof of success! How many terrorist attacks have we suffered in the cited time period? None, as far as I'm aware.

So Jared Kushner puts out his book and it's not really clear who his audience is. Not written for the MAGA people, the wonky stuff has been better done elsewhere and seriously, who's gonna believe anything that a relative of Donald Trump is going to say anyway? (Yeah, okay, Tiffany and Barron are fine and his neice Mary is entirey credible).

In Afghanistan, teaching girls secretly, behind closed doors.

Aww! Representative Cheney gives her concession speech. She lost her primary bigly.

"An Estimated 300K Teachers Left This Year, And We Know Why"
The TV report at the beginning of the post talks vaguely about “working conditions.” The problem is too much interference by hard-line, right-wing political groups.

Someone wears both a MAGA ballcap and a Nazi armband. Nobody in the crowd appears to be offended by that.

More well-placed explosions deep within Crimea, well beyond the range of HIMARS rockets. Are they caused by guerrillas? Could be, but Crimea's been occupied since 2014. That indicates Russians didn't do a very good job of winning over the population.

Ukrainians admit that it’s a guerrilla unit that’s blowing stuff up in Crimea.
Russian civilians are leaving Crimea in droves.
Russians very cautiously using naval power.

Hmm. Kind of interesting. Trump had referred to Mar-a-Lago as the "Southern White House" and actually, it was originally intended to be just that, but people noted that 1. more than one president would have had to have used it and 2. in order for that to have happened, it would have to have been public property. It was public property for awhile, but the Park Service just couldn't afford to keep it up and sold it to a private party.

In an era of tighter border controls, how escaping Syrians have survived.

Don Jr. speaks with a folded American flag in a glass case in his background. A Canadian asks "Is this a flag you get when someone, close to you, from the Army died?"
Yes, it is. The folded flag that can then be placed in a case, but yes, it only goes to a family in the event that a veteran, who is a family member dies. My guess is that Don Jr. is delivering his rant from someone else’s home as no one in the Trump family has ever served.

This request to initiate serious peace negotiations with the West may very well be a psyops program to make Putin paranoid.  Cool in any event!

50 years after she was booed, heckled and nearly attacked by John Wayne, the Academy Awards has now apologized to Sacheen Littlefeather.

Hmm, Russia doesn’t appear to be too cooperative when it comes to making sure that the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant doesn’t pose a danger to the region.
“’There will either be Russian land, or a scorched desert,’ Major General Valery Vasiliev is reported to have told his troops.” And yes, Russians say they’ve wired the plant to explode if Ukrainians appear too close to victory.

"...there is tremendous anger in the country—at a level that has never been seen before, other than during very perilous times.”

Yeah, the "offer" by Trump sounds pretty damned threatening. It's like something a mob boss would deliver. Also, see the piece here that defines "stochastic terrorism."

This is pretty cool! What would the Egyptians memorialized in ancient statues have actually looked like?

Woo hoo! The Inflation Reduction Act is now law! Lots and lots of good climate provisions.

Joe Biden has managed to get a lot done. He takes the job seriously and he’s got a good team working behind him. Personally, I think his rejection of deficit politics, what the British call “austerity” programs, and his refusal to accept limits on government spending have been big factors.

People have described the situation in Kherson as being like a horror movie. A protagonist announces he’s going to the basement. The audience knows that’s where the killer is. They holler for him not to. He goes in and dies. The officers, at least, appear to know that Kherson is doomed and are going to the other side of the river.
Very interesting bit on Russian values and priorities.
Russians unsuccessfully try to stop HIMARS rockets.

Erm, I’ve been to a number of diners in my time. I’ve never been to one that held a full 100 people, let alone one that held “hundreds” What the %^$# is Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Oz talking about?

Oz tries to shop for party food. Yeesh! He clearly hasn't been to a grocer store in years. "Crudities?" Most people just call it a veggie platter.

From a 1988 Supreme Court case:

Presidents cannot de/classify at will:
The Identity of Spies (Sources & Methods)
Nuclear Secrets

As to the Mar-a-Lgo papers scandal, it’s not at all hard to understand why Trump employs “shifting explanations.” It’s because he doesn’t have a single legitimate explanation!

Explanation that, no, declassifying material is not just a matter of “waving a magic wand.” It involves plenty of paperwork.

Knowing that people have had a hard time keeping up, DKos has helpfully listed all of the excuses The Former Guy and others have come up with to explain his taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago.

This is consistent with everything we know about Trump. This explains why he ripped up papers after signing them and many other things. He never really understood that he was just a temporary occupant of the White House, subject to the will of the people. He never grokked that many things were simply never his own personal property.

Human-caused climate change is getting very bad in Europe. The US finally passed some good climate legislation. Let’s hope it’s in time.

President Zelenskyy accuses Russia of using the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant for blackmail. The IAEA says “there’s no immediate threat to nuclear safety, but that could change at any moment.”.
16 ships filled with grain have left for ports around the world.
Kherson further isolated by bridge closures.
Examination of damage a Crimean air base.

Representative Greene is worried that as the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn' always shine, that wind and solar power are unreliable. She's apparently never heard of batteries. Actually, he best thing to do is a
combination of power sources. Wind, solar and batteries. Solar provides power during the day, wind picks up and blows harder at night and saving the power in batteries keeps you going all of the other times (like cloudy days). Clearly, this is beyond Greene’s comprehension.

A lawyer for Trump asserted in a signed statement that all classified materials had been turned over in June. Oops! Someone clearly lied! Whether it was Trump or the lawyer isn't known yet.

When guns are concerned and you refer to a "clip" rather than a "magazine" a gun advocate will look upwards in exasperation as though you're completely unqualified to have an opinion on the matter. Shouldn't the same be true for anti-choicers who aren't clear on women's anatomy?

But all of those criticisms are complete horse#$@%. If the Mueller Report was such a complete "whitewash," why didn't Trump and his people try to honestly and straightforwardly refute it? The way AG Barr handled it, he basically confirmed that every word of it was true.

Very sorry to hear about the attack on the novelist Salman Rushdie. More on that.

British assess damage to Russian-occupied air base and Russian planes.

I'm sure that Trump had a sufficiently cowed and beaten-down staff that he could take classified mateials to his private quarters in the White House. That still doesn't explain how he took materials all the way down to his golf club in Florida.

Piece contains nearly 10 minutes of Laura Ingraham. Nah, she tries, but doesn’t make a case. No one’s “harassing” Trump. The DOJ busted Trump because Trump’s a crook. Democrats are not ignoring Americans. Biden just signed bills that will improve life for Americans.

The name “Dark Brandon” has caught on with liberals on the internet. It basically just means “Successful Biden.”

So the three categories of items seized from Trump’s golf club/private residence were materials that were classified, Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). To get SCI materials, you must demonstrate a “need to know,” not just that you have a Top Secret clearance. Trump apparently violated three sections of the US Code, including the Espionage Act.

Trump apparently leaked the whole, unredacted search warrant to Breitbart News, thereby revealing the names of FBI agents who conducted the search, thereby putting targets on their backs.

Got another piece from a buddy who keeps saying that Ukraine is "Doomed, I tell you! Doomed!" Of course, deception has had a place in warfare since ancient times. What is Ukraine trying to achieve by luring Russian troops to Kherson? Yeah, perhaps it's just to make them waste time and gas, impose wear and tear on their equipment, etc. I suspect the Ukrainians have a plan and that it's going just fine.

Cool! A meteor, seen from above (from the Space Station) burns up in the atmosphere.

"Here is a measured critique of the search of Trump’s home." Actualy, the description of the search wasn't "measured" at all. The WaPo describes the search as a "circus." Nobody outside the Trump family was even aware that there was a search until Trump made a public announcement of it.

So how’s the Afghanistan Taliban doing on the one-year anniversary of its takeover? Well, Representative Boebert says that religion should control government. What the Taliban is doing shows us just what happens when religion is in the driver’s seat. It’s an absolute disaster for civil society.

Both Biden and Trump met with historians. Biden's meeting with historians involved him asking lots of questions and taking lots of notes. Trump learned that his presidency was ranked very low. His whole point in speaking with historians was to try and convince them that his presidency was actually quite successful.

Very puzzling. The NY Times says

...the event could be relegated by history to serve as another example of a move against Mr. Trump that backfired.

Erm, I'm sorry, but exactly what has ever "backfired" when it comes to accusations against Trump? Where has he ever proven that he was innocent? Recall please, that the second half of the Mueller Report was all about Trump obstructing justice!

Cool! Sounds as though Representative Greene is calling for a full Stalinist-type purge of the people around Trump! Woo hoo!

An ammunition dump blows up about 60 miles North of the Russian naval base of Sevastopol. Plenty of informed guesses as to how Ukrainians did it, but no clear answers.

Just baffled as to why the NY Times is treating the story of the search at Mar-a-Lago as anything more than that justice is finally catching up with Trump. Why is the DOJ doing this? Pretty simple. Trump’s a crook.

CBS News put out a wildly irresponsible and outdated report that accused Ukraine of great corruption. After getting lots of blowback from Ukraine and many other critics, CBS has taken some reasonable steps. Not enough. They need to make a loud and clear statement that they were in error, to explain how this report got aired in the first place and what they’re doing to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Every member of the WaPo needs to hang their heads in shame over this horrible, horrible piece! This is utterly and absolutely disgraceful! The one and only thing that makes the Mar-a-Lago papers case political is the identity of the perpetrator!

Back before he became president, Trump was surely enough convinced, convinced, I tell you!, that taking the 5th was a sure sign of guilt.
In the civil case where Trump is accused of ripping off investors and the government, Trump takes the 5th.

The FBI executes a search warrant in Mar-a-Lago, the country club that serves as the former President Trump's home. Trump had voluntarily (after extensive negotiations) turned in 15 boxes of materials to the Nationl Archives Records Administration (NARA). In June, he turned over a single Redweld envelope with  38 classified dcuments in it. In August, NARA reclaimed 33 boxes, including 103 classified documents.

More details.

Lara Trump (wife of second son Eric) claims, incorrectly, that Donald Trump had the authority to remove any document he wanted from the White House. A fellow on TV last night commented on how many documents he created in his government job that he was then allowed to take home with him. His answer was “None.” All of those documents are government property. The president doesn’t own any of them.

The NY Times Trump reporter, Maggie Haberman, quotes Eric Trump as saying Biden signed off on the raid at Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ is independent of the President. Biden is not in the chain of command for a search. AG Grland is the bottom-line authrity for any serches. A responsible reporter would have made that clear rather than to simply quote Eric without any correction or context.

More on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the place that was hit by missiles, no one’s really sure who fired them. It would help if international inspector were allowed onto the site.
President Zelenskyy looks back at the 2008 war on [former Soviet province] Georgia.
New American military aid package.

Olivia Newton-John has passed away. Never did see Grease.  The only movie I ever saw her in was Xanadu. She was okay in it.

Woo hoo! The reconciliation bill passed! This has been one heck of a week for Biden!

Long overdue, but the climate portion of the reconciliation bill was well worth all the trouble it took to get it passed!

Russians bomb the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. After criticizing Ukraine for placing civilians and military assets in close proximity, President Zelenskyy notes that Amnesty International hasn't commented on the Zaporizhzhia plant.
Russian Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs) are supposed to be 1k men. Now they're under 400. Lack of training time means no NCOs.
Russians are actually placing men's heads on spikes. More on Russian atrocities.

Dang! I guess I can understand this, though. If Belarus permits artists to sing songs that came from Russia's enemy, then Belarus might find itself under suspicion.

A Republican Representative wants to find some sort of middle ground on abortion. I looked at the issue back in the late 70s and decided back then that there was no such thing. I did like this statement, though: "Handmaid's Tale was not supposed to be a roadmap, right?" Hoo-yah to that!

Tch, tch, tch! Having to write laws that those bothersome, annoying women may actually get to have a say in!
If there's any "softening" in the Republican position on abortion, the softening is purely rhetorical.

Yep! Peggy Noonan on the anti-choice movement: "The public face of the pro-life movement looks at the moment loony and vicious." Generally a good piece on how the anti-choice movement bungled the time after the Supreme Court's decision to toss aside Roe. Representative Gaetz, who criticized the looks of a pro-choicer, was the loudest voice on that side.

[If you go to the blog Hot Air and then to the WSJ piece, you can read Noonan's full piece. If you go straight to WSJ, they'll insist that you subscribe.]

A woman legislator runs through a series of plausible hypotheticals concerning pregnancies. The elder fellow standing across from her is clearly flummoxed and can't seriously respond with any meaningful answers.

Amnesty International takes issue with how Ukraine conducts the war with Russia, Ukraine pushes back.

Director of Amnesty International for Ukraine resigned in protest over AI report on Ukraine.
Ukraine exports 60k tonnes of corn to Turkey, the UK, and Ireland.
Russia's launching rockets at the Zaporizhzhia power plant. Not clear why.
AI is drawing a false equivalence between Russian and Ukrainian actions as Russia is there because it launched an unprovoked war of aggression.

Good! Both NY Times and WaPo put election deniers story where they belong. On the front page, above the fold!

“Zsuzsanna Hegedus, a longtime Orbán ally and an adviser in his government” not only resigned after a speech that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made, but compared it to something that Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels might have said.

Donald Trump welcomed Orbán to his golf venue in Bedminster this week.

The basketball player held by Russia, Brittney Griner, was sentenced to nine years. The US is going to be trying very hard to get her back.

The essential problem with the Griner story is that she was playing in a foreign country because she wasn’t getting paid enough in the US. Male athletes don’t have this problem.

As a lot of people have seen, Florida Governor DeSantis is just like Trump, just a bit smoother and more intelligent, but just as much a wannabe fascist.

Chinese government proves to be a paper tiger as it does nothing to carry out threats. Dinesh D’Souza proves his anti-American bona fides by suggesting the Chinese were weak and should have shot down a plane carrying the Speaker of the House. What’s far worse is that many Americans agreed with him.

Again, Alex Jones demonstrates a complete and utter lack of remorse. He lied, consciously, deliberately, with malice and forethought. No, the prosecutor had no obligation to destroy the evidence that Jones lied and misstated his wealth.

Heh! The lawyers for Jones say that charging him $2 milion would put him out of business. The jury has settled on $49.3 million. Somehow, I have a sneaking suspicion his operation will survive just fine.

Thoroughly expected news, but yes-s-s-s!!! January 6th Commission gets two years of Jones' text messages.

This is very good for the friends and family of Breonna Taylor that they have evidence that her killers got together to coordinate their stories. Shows consciousness of guilt.

Ukraine hits a train 40 cars long at night.
In the US, politicians sometimes do what’s called “Nationalizing the election,” they make it about more than just local issues. President Zelenskyy internationalizes the war with Russia, so that it involves the world.
Food shortages as well as the expectation of a battle, will most likely drive civilians out of Kherson.
“Ukraine’s Armed Forces have reached the point of openly targeting Russia’s ground lines of communications and derailing its infrastructure across the Dnipro River.” In Kherson, Russians have their backs to the Dnipro river.
Winter will be a problem for Ukraine because Europe will need Russia’s heating oil. Ukraine knows full well they need a victory, or at least serious progress towards it, by then.

In no way, shape or form can the former president declare that anything related to the January 6th attack on the Capitol was related in any way to any form of presidential responsibilities. If the case sounds familiar, it’s because Trump has repeatedly put forth essentially the same claim.

As soon as I heard about the content of the phone of Alex Jones being sent by mistake to the prosecuting lawyer, I knew the January 6th Committee would be very highly interested in getting a copy of his phone for themselves. Sure enough!

More on the phone of Jones.

Why is Israel refusing to allow a Palestinian creative writing student to go to Syracuse NY to finish his MFA?

Because it can. Because it’s capricious and ruthless. Because it dispenses rights according to religion.

Woo hoo! It’s “HIMARS O’Clock!”
Grain ship reaches exit from Black Sea without incident.
Russia still has advantage in artillery, but HIMARS is a good equalizer.
US intelligence confirms that prisoners at a prison in a Russian-occupied eastern region of Donetsk in the town of Olenivka were not attacked with American or Ukrainian weapons.

Zelenskyy said yes to same-sex partnerships!

Youths occupy themselves with house repair parties.
Russian military recruiting.

Hmm, why is CNN copying Fox News talking points?

Very sad. Because Atlanta’s Music Midtown festival was unable to ban guns, they decided it was just too much of a risk and canceled the whole thing. $50 million, poof!

Woo hoo! Kansas passes pro-choice legislation! Lots of people were watching this closely.

Kansas is a very “Red” state that strongly supported Trump in the last two elections. Nevertheless, they very strongly rejected an abortion ban. Again, by overturning Roe, the Supreme Court was not supporting a nationwide trend. It was fighting against the popular will.

NY Times uses peculiar wording. Why would pro-choicers be “rattled” by the Kansas vote? I can fully and completely understand anti-choicers being rattled, but not the rest of us.

"[Tucker] Carlson [of Fox News] Scrambles To Bash Biden After Al-Zawahiri Op"
There is the argument that by withdrawing from Afghanistan, Russia was encouraged to believe "Ah-ha! America is weak and irresolute! Now is the time to invade Ukraine!" But in response to this piece, I watched an interview with VP Harris that occurred shortly before the Russians invasion of Ukraine. Did VP Harris suggest Ukraine join NATO? Nope. Tucker Carlson is fulla $%#@!!!

Ayman al-Zawahiri was al Qaeda’s second in command since well before 9-11. He’s gone now.

Zawahiri's death bring the War on Terror to a close (or at least it should)..

Food exports from Odesa have begun.
Polish people see parallels between 1944 Warsaw Uprising and current Ukrainian resistance.
Weapons are not built well in Russia.

CNN wants to “get back together” with Republicans and to “win their trust.” That might make sense with the Eisenhower GOP, but the current party is so dishonest, they can’t for the life of them tell you what their real goals are. Remember, all five of the Supreme Court Justices who voted to overturn Roe said during their confirmation hearings that they’d respect precedent.

Jon Stewart has been absolutely crystal clear on this. Republicans are lying about the bill to allow vets who were stationed near burn pits to receive VA benefits.

Hmm, sounds to me like "Trump-appointed DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari" should have been relieved of his duties a long time ago! Any decent, minimally competent person would have seen to it that all DHS agencies would have backed up all of their data from the November election right to Biden's inauguration!

There have been a few times that a "good guy with a gun" has saved people from a bad guy. Problem is, I can count all such instances on just one hand. There have been hundreds of mass shootings. No, the best answer is to remove high-powered weapon from the general population.

Photo of the late Nichelle Nichols/Lieutenant Nyota Uhura working for NASA.

The story of when Nichlee Nichols met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Trump: Isn't It 'Supposed To Be Illegal' For Verizon To Dump OAN?"
Erm, both Verizon and OAN are private corporations. Does
Trump understand how capitalism is supposed to work?

Hoo boy! Are Russia’s allies/proxies spreading the war to Kosovo?
Large-scale missile attacks The Russians
“...hit residential buildings, schools, other social infrastructure, and industrial facilities.”
he Belorusian regime has become more authoritarian.
Russian information warfare.


West Virginia Republicans want to get rid of child support so men won’t pressure women into getting an abortion…

Hmm, so hey! Let's just dump the entire financial responsibility on the woman. Obviously, getting rid of child support payments isn't going to make the birth and child cost any less. Yup! Win-win for the guy!

Biden seems to think it’s sufficient to reject the term of apartheid when it comes to describing Israel. Israelis of Palestinian heritage would like a word on that, as actually, the term is quite accurate. This does not include Palestinians who live in the West Bank or Gaza who are even more under an apartheid regime.

The Russian missile threat is country-wide.
the Russian prison at Olenivka, “RU munitions, not Ukrainian, were used in this act of murder.”
Russia firing S-300 ground to air missiles to hit targets like a technical college. They also hit a bus stop in Mykolaiv with cluster munitions.
Ukraine hitting railroads with guerrillas and HIMARS rockets.
Of course Koch Industries, along wit many other companies, are still doing business in Russia.

“People disagree, often vehemently, over what constitutes fascism,” he wrote recently in the New York Times, “but today’s Russia meets most of the criteria.”

Alex Jones talks about how people support him and his broadcasting from InfoWars. It's hilarious because clearly, none of that stuff ever happened!

Fist bumps. They give us free food. Waitresses kiss us.

The fellow in this video speaks Spanish, but it’s worth it to turn the sound on to hear the river otter.

Interesting comment on how the US, Russia and Ukraine prepare the battlefield for an advance. Russia just blasts everything to powder, the US uses aerial and barrel-artillery precision munitions to blast select targets into powder. It’s Ukraine’s home, so they prefer to cut off supplies, let the Russians shoot off all their ammunition and eat up all their food, and then step in!

Something to keep in mind if you're paying higher energy costs for home heating this winter. Lots of people in Ukraine are living outside because their homes have been destroyed.

So the anti-choicers have had 49 years to write clear, specific guidelines where doctors could treat ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages without fear of losing their medical licenses and/or freedom, but medical people are finding that the rules are so vague and governors/attorneys general are so eager to take scalps that women are facing enormous peril because doctors don't dare to act.

The social media company Gab was paid $5k by Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. Mastrianio is trying to distance himself from Gab’s antisemitism.

So the brave, brave, heroic Russians attack a prison camp. They try and fail to convince anyone that the prisoners were killed by a Ukrainian missile.
More on the video where Ukrainian prisoners are castrated. Evidence was forwarded to the UN.
Private military companies are now taking positions on the front lines.
More on the Battle for Kherson,
Report on partisans, Ukrainian underground fighters.

A number of Central and Eastern European countries have a lot of old Soviet equipment taking up space in their warehouses, Ukraine can use it as their people fully understand the controls, The equipment may need some upkeep done on them, but they're pretty much ready to go. With less equipment on their hands, donor countries can get more and more modern equipment! Win-win!

The UN and Turkey-negotiated grain deal that includes both Russia and Ukraine and benefits all sides. Russia almost blew the deal by being missile-happy, but lots of pushback from everyone else has helped to keep it on track. Speculation in food is also to blame for high food prices.

Justice Alito breezily refers to how much derision his pregnancy choice decision has aroused around the world. Obviously, the criticism doesn't bother him a bit.

Whew! Senate Majority Leader Schmer very patiently sat down with Senator Manchin and they hammered out a deal Manchin could sign off on!

Heh! Now that Manchin is cooperating with Democrats, his GOP buddies feel betrayed!

Kid terrified by air raid siren.
Russia recognized as state sponsor of terrorism.
Russia launches 25 missiles, scattered all over Ukraine in under an hour. .
Momentum is definitely with Ukraine’s counteroffensive in Kherson.
Russian war crimes.

Yeesh! Another useless centrist political party.

Jon Stewart lets us know how he feels about the latest Republican cutesy tactics on the health of veterans. More details on that.

Good to see that Jon Stewart got onto Fox News and *Sigh!*, yeah, I'm from PA and Toomey's my senator!

Jon Stewart vs Senator Ted Cruz! Stewart very reasonably explains how Cruz is wrong.

Trump's agenda for fixig America:

He called for hiring more police officers, bringing back controversial “stop and frisk” policies and giving drug dealers the death penalty.

Uuh, yeah. Essentially a bunch of old ideas that didn't work the first time.

So House Minority Leader McCarthy puts out a list of five separate prorities, each one of which would require hundreds of hours of consultations and bill-writing and presents it all as a bill that a Republican Congress would pass in the first day!

"OANN Begs 'The Left' To Save Them"
Heh! OANN asks us lefties to unite with them against the "common enemy." Hmm, kind of a problem with that is that they are the enemy!

Ordinary homes in Odesa again hit with anti-ship missiles. They falsely claim to have hit military targets there.
The numbers of KIA Russians is nearly 40k (Over 8 years, the US lost almost 60k soldiers KIA in Vietnam and we're now at a bit over the half-year mark)! Ordinary Russians are protected from knowing this.
Moscow again increases natural gas prices.
No indication that Iran has delivered drones to Russia, but Germany is delivering weapons to Ukraine.

Representative Gaetz tried to body-shame a teen activist. She made lemonade out of lemons and immediately started raising money from people who agreed that Gaetz was hateful.

Her haul is now $60k!

Update (26 Aug): At last count, her haul was in excess of $2 million!

Abortion is never medically necessary.” ??? Oh, I get it! I see what she’s doing here. The writer for National Review Online is trying to define away abortion so that it only means that the woman is doing it for her own personal, selfish convenience and simply doesn’t want to have the baby!

Got a buddy who every now and then sends me doom ‘n’ gloom clips, telling us the Ukraine is “Doomed, I tell you, doomed!!!”
Actually, it makes perfect sense for Ukraine to not destroy the bridges leading away from Kherson. If they destroy the bridges, Russians in Kherson will then have their backs to the wall and might as well fight it out. If the bridges are simply damaged, then Russians can’t safely withdraw any heavy equipment like tanks or armored personnel carriers, but light vehicles filled with soldiers can still get out. So what the speakers here see as weakness, I’m seeing as people being practical and clever.

Notice that the tweet here describes merely damaging the bridges as a tactic! If Ukrainians want to destroy bridges, they certainly can. They’re trying to impede traffic, not to completely block it. That makes moving supplies more expensive and time-consuming, exhausting drivers.

So it sounds as though Ginni Thomas, from her own point of view, did exactly the right thing. Leaking the draft abortion decision, she made it impossible for anyone to compromise. All of the Justices had to go all-in.

The blogger here reaches the same conclusion I did. The AP did a report on the investigation. Clearly, the court investigated and ran out of people they could afford to throw overboard.

Sean Hannity of Fox News unveails a set of very vague prescriptions for Republicans to run on.
Parents can currently choose private schools or get involved in PTA meetings. So parents can exercise some control over child's education as it is.
How would they handle medical costs? That was the whole reason the ACA/Obamacare was invented. Private enterprise simply couldn't do the job.
Erm, have Republicans ever worked to make the economy work for all Americans? Seems to me that when they had the House, the Senate and the Presidency, they passed an economic package that favored the rich.

Russia is using supplies of natural gas to blackmail Europe into abandoning Ukraine. Europe needs to impose greater sanctions in response.
Russia combats Ukrainian tactical gains by indiscriminately shelling Ukrainian territory that it no longer holds.
Comprehensive strategic overview by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Germany concludes that it has been too dependent on Russian natural gas and must change over prior to winter.
A Ukrainian looks to post-war policies between Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Short video series on the Azov Battalion.

Yeah! Yeah! Record high heat and drought. Of course that's Biden's fault. Never mind that Biden’s actually been one who has fought against human-caused climate change! Let’s not complicate our storyline with facts, now!

Yeah, Rachel Maddow did a segment on “Christian Nationalists” last night and she made it very clear that this guy’s right.

This was the particular Christian Nationalist that Maddow concentrated on.

Where does Christian Nationalism lead to?

"Where Things Stand: Alito’s Roe Opinion Was Filled With Language Pushed By Evangelical Group"

In the Liberty Counsel situation, Peggy Nienaber, who is an executive director there, was heard claiming at an event celebrating Roe’s overturning that she and others associated with Liberty Counsel routinely go into the Supreme Court building to pray with justices.

Is former Vice President Mike Pence delusional or dishonest concerning American attitudes on pregnancy choice? In either case, he really should be kept far, far away from any sort of political power!

NY Times:

An influential network of conservative activists fixated on the idea that former President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election is working to recruit county sheriffs to investigate elections based on the false notion that voter fraud is widespread.

Of course the whole election fraud idea that was being pushed by Trump well before his term even began has never been based on evidence! So how will the sheriffs know if there's been fraud or not?

In the Constitution Annotated, published by, the narrative on Executive Privilege makes it crystal clear that it only applies to a very specific group of people: “Presidents throughout our history have attempted to spread their own official immunity to their subordinates…” (emphasis added) Meaning no, it doesn’t apply to just any old random blogger or podcaster. In order to have the use of EP, you must be getting a salary from the federal government, specifically from the Executive Branch. Steve Bannon WAS such a person, back in 2017, but not during the period the January 6th Committee was asking questions about.

Hmm. Russia equivalent of a USO show.

So apparently Bill Gates is the e-e-eville mastermind behind a conspiracy to control the world's food supply! Actually, Gates owns less than 0.03% of all the farmland in the US and he does so because, well, it's a good investment. When older farmers die off, young people aren't interested in replacing them, so yeah, rich folks and corporations are buying up farmland.

Alex Jones explains to Steve Bannon today that there is a globalist cabal trying to control the world that is “like Hitler, Buck Rogers level,” and includes Buttigieg, Granholm, Schwab, Harare, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, and Obama’s Science Czar.

Keep in mind when you're watching this that Steve Bannon describes Alex Jones as just absolutely brilliant.

Russians fired a missile at Odesa after an agreement was reached to permit the free movement of grain shipments. World reaction was, properly, quite negative towards Russia. Russia then really tests Ukraine’s patience by asking for a “green corridor” from Kherson.
Ukrainians hitting supply lines. Also, they “are hitting Brigade and Divisional Hqs…” “But if I were a Russian soldier in Kherson I would be pretty scared right now.”
Lots of holes in economic sanctions.

Well, that’s pretty cool! Ukrainians return Russian soldier corpses to Russia. “Rashists” means Russians & fascists.

What Tucker Carlson oh-so-conveniently neglects to mention in his "rebuttal" to the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson is that the January 6th Committee is offering statements that people have made under oath and in depositions and public testimony. Carlson is suggesting that statements made to the press are equally valid.

"Fox And Friends Cries About Mean January 6 Committee Members"
As the blogger points out, the Fox News people conveniently forget all about Benghazi and pretend that using Congressional hearings for political purposes is unprecedented.
And the riots of 2020 were investigated, addressed and many folks were jailed for the part they played!

Aww! [sound of tiny violin] Poor Madison Cawthorn! Not only did he lose his primary, but now he owes big bucks to donors!

Eek! 6 billion tons of ice melted in just a few days off of Greenland (“enough to put the entire state of West Virginia under a foot of water”).  Normal temperature for this time of year is 43°F and it’s currently 60°F. Beginning of Industrial Revolution is generally considered to be 1750, but we’ve only been measuring sea level since 1880. It’s risen 9 inches since then.

An agreement has been made to allow Ukraine to export grain. That’s very good news if the agreement holds. Ukraine has $10 billion worth of grain or 20 million tonnes waiting to be shipped.
Russia using air defense missiles for ground attack.

“...we’re also committed to providing two NASAMS air defense systems to help Ukraine protect its troops and its civilians from Russian missile attacks…”

Russia has committed 85% of its active military to the Ukraine war.
Having clobbered Russia’s ammo dumps, Ukraine is now turning to reducing Russia’s air defense systems.
Cool HIMARS video!

Hmph! Kind of baffling because despite Bannon having some really high-priced lawyers, his case was just a straightforward, open-and-shut matter. Not at all clear why his sentencing is so complex that it akes until 21 October to rule on his sentence.

So yesterday, Republicans said it was all “heresy,” which made no sense. Now they say the testimony we’ve heard is all “hearsay.” That makes more sense (Breitbart News calls Cassidy Hutchinso's testimony "Third-hand hearsay."), but do you know what the answer to that is? Testimony from the people who said it in the first place! Give depositions and then give open, under-oath testimony and open yourself to cross-examination. Don’t just whine and complain that the testimony doesn’t meet your standards.

Update (30 Jun): Secret Service agent Tony Ornato took issue with Hutchinson's testimony, but as of 24 Aug has yet to do so under oath. No sign that anybody else disagrees with Hutchinson's testimony.

The US provides intelligence and logistical support to the Saudi coalition’s war in Yemen. There’s a resolution in the House to invoke the War Powers Act. We should all contact our Congresspeople and Senators to support that.

Melania Trump claims to have been unaware of the attack on the Capitol. Stephanie Grisham, her secretary at the time, calls BS on that.

A live-blogging of the January 6th Committee hearing.


So House Minority Leader McCarthy’s idea was to give the American people the false notion that the January 6th Committee was somehow rigged. Fortunately, very few people outside of hardcore MAGA people believe that.

A look at Ukrainian strategy. Basically, the blogger feels that Ukrainians are trying to focus on supply lines so that advancing forces deal with hungry troops who frequently run out of ammunition. A big defeat for Russia around Kherson could have big morale effects.

So apparently, the Secret Service had a really #$@%ty retention policy where agents had to make their own decisions as to what constituted a "work" message versus what was a "personal" message. Gee, for some reason, some uploaded their text messages and some didn't. Some kept their uploads current and some didn't.

Very expensive” air defense radar taken out.
Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska addressed Congress. She asked for more weapons.
President Zelenskyy is thankful for the HIMARS, but now requests air defense systems.
Ukraine damages, but does not destroy a bridge that can be used for a retreat.
Computer wars.

Yeah, this is what a complete loss of credibility looks like.Approval rating for the Supreme Court craters.

Congresswoman AOC gets herself arrested.


I’ve seen tweets criticizing Representative AOC because she had her hands behind her back when she was taken away for protesting outside the Supreme Court building. Here’s her explanation for that.

I regularly shot a single-shot rifle is summer camp and was a member of the Navy for nine years. But this is why liberals would prefer to leave law enforcement to trained personnel! The private individual who shot the 9-year old child was trying to be a “good guy with a gun,” but didn’t take the time to see to it that he was aiming at the right target.

Representative Raskin, in a two-minute speech, takes on the popular idea that the 2nd Amendment authorizes violent action against the government.

But absolutely nothing about Trump's impeachments were "botched." The reason they didn't result in the Senate declaring him guilty was Republican partisanship, period! The acquittals were 100% a matter of "party over country."

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin was running down European heat deaths and noted that France suffered zero deaths. He looked at measures that France had taken to keep people cool. Lots and lots of other public-service ideas here.

This is hilarious! Alan Dershowitz tries to make himself sound much more popular than he actually is.

I get the very, very strong feeling reading this that women are seen as simply glass or ceramic petri dishes or test tubes. At best, they’re attractively painted vases whose only function is to provide a space in which to grow plants.

"Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book Is Being Disneyfied"
I read this book. It was pretty interesting. Should make a pretty good flick

President Zelenskyy calls Russia a terrorist state. Well, when Russia uses seven sea-based missiles against a rural village with no military targets, then yeah, that’s an accurate term.
First Lady of Ukraine visits the US.
Ukraine will submit to inspections to make sure all weapons delivered are being used on the battlefield.
Russia is focused in the Donbas while Ukraine is concentrating on the Kherson region.
10k people being held by Russian “filtration camps” in Mariupol.

Iran observed Hijab and Chastity Day on July 12th.where various rebellious women exposed their *gasp* hair! In the TV interview, the commenter reveals that the “uniform” for women is that their hair must be covered and that they must have loose-fitting clothing. Younger women have used scarves with wild colors and have pushed the boundaries of “loose clothing” to be tighter and tighter.

WaPo and NY Times both won Pulitzers for reporting on how Russia and Trump were working towards the same ends. Trump complained.Pulitzer board commissioned two independent reviews of their prizes to the WaPo and NY Times. Trump’s claim that the prizes should revoked was rejected.

In the mid-80s, the musician Sting sang about how "Russians" loved their children too. This video from Russian state TV ran a segment on how a family lost a son in the war against Ukraine, but hey,  they got a new car out of the deal!

Too much carbon in the atmosphere doesn’t just heat up the planet, it also makes the oceans too acidic. That in turn, results in less plankton that larger aquatic life feeds on.

In the Pennsyvania race for senator, the thing that John Fetterman understands is that mot people aren't policy wonks, They do understand authenticity, character and values. By hammering away at Mehmet Oz's New Jersey roots, Fetterman succeeds in making Oz out to be an out-of-state oppotunistic carpetbagger who doesn't know or care anything about Pennsylvania.

Absolutely $%#@ing amazing! The number of law-enforcement personnel gathered at the Uvalde school was 376! A US Army battalion is 400 people! The Alamo was defended by only 200 people! And these guys just sat around for over an hour, twiddling their thumbs and listening to people screaming! 

D’oh! Biden’s weak response to the Israeli murder of the Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is brought up by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Embarrassing, because yes, this hypocrisy weakens America’s justifiable outrage over the murder of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Soldier keeps himself in shape in the trenches.

City of Kharkiv getting bombed at all hours.
Ukraine is successfully intercepting half of the missiles Russia is firing at them.
Ukraine is requesting modern tanks and planes.

What’s amazing about the anti-choice movement was how little they had prepared after having had five decades to game out what might happen if Roe was overturned. All of the sudden, abstract complaints that could be dismissed are no longer abstract and there are very real human lives at stake. “Dog that caught the car,” etc.

Again, the problems caused by “Every fertilized egg must be brought all the way to term” become obvious when it happens in reality and there’s a real person on the other end.

Again, this fanaticism is going to kill people. A fetus is kept alive until its heartbeat dies away. then medical personnel can start to save her life!

This is very, very bad!

"Secret Service Deleted Jan. 5 And 6 Text Messages After Oversight Officials Requested Records"

Problem is, even if there had been a planned migration of phones to a new set-up, wouldn’t anyone who had been even remotely connected with law enforcement have known to have done a back-up of all of the phones that were in any way connected to a major event like January 6th?

Interesting to see the NY Times downplaying this.

Hmm. Did Biden's dog Major know about the Secret Service agents and their disloyalty?

While Ukrainians hit targets like ammunition dumps and headquarters, Russians hit things like pedagogical and shipbuilding institutions.
Over 2.5 million Ukrainians have been removed from Ukraine to Russia.
Part of inflation today is that Russia is raising the price of fossil fuel as a way to both pressure Europe and to get hard currency.

Is closig a library a win for right-wing censors? Is closing labraries their goal?

Serious battle over whether it’s okay to travel to another state to get an abortion.

CNN’s Jake Tapper gives a good, solid, humane response to how Republican anti-choicers responded to an entirely predictable event, an event that their own, just-passed measure just made inevitable.

When I read this piece, I was reminded of an ad from last year about a woman trying to smuggle her pregnant teenage daughter across state lines for an abortion. The piece dismissively says: "While the specter of a dystopian theocratic 'breeder regime' is far-fetched..."
I dunno. Sounds like such a regime is just around the corner!

The Republican Study Committee released a plan.

“...when the Republican Study Committee releases a budget plan, it represents the views and priorities of most of the House GOP."

Ans what did the committee release? A plan to cut back on Social Security!

Wow! So apparently, the President & CEO of Americans United for Life is trying to define her way out of saying that some non-life threatening abortions are legitimate. She stated that if a 10-year old child has a “life-threatening” pregnancy, she can have an abortion. But no one has suggested that the 10-year old’s pregnancy was life-threatening. Only that it would ruin her life.

Ivana Trump was the mother of Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric. How did we find out that she passed away? From the guy who dumped her because she was getting old-looking, from Don Trump Sr. Oh, and he's asking for contributions, of course.

Remembering Ivana Trump.

This is why we need renewable energy from sources like wind and solar. Because Russia invaded Ukraine and because their fossil fuel profits go directly into supporting that war, we don’t want to use Russian oil. Right now, the US needs to embrace and forgive Saudi Arabia’s atrocious foreign and human rights policies in order to keep the oil flowing.

There’s a race between grain being harvested versus it being burned up.
Ukraine is making progress getting shiploads of grain out to the world through the Black Sea.

Now, the Kremlin attempting to ‘astro-turf’ a "grass roots" anti-Ukraine war movement in the US.

In revenge for HIMARS rocket artillery systems wiping out Russian ammunition dumps, Russians level the town of Bakhmut.

With all of the gun problems the US has been experiencing lately, it’s very good news, but also confounding, that this is the first permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to have been approved since 2015. Yeah, for the opposition party to say they care about too many guns on the street is just so much bull-pucky, especially for 2017-2020, when they controlled the Presidency and the Senate. 

Still more on the raped 10-year old who had to go to the neighboring state of Indiana to get an abortion. The Ohio AG says that she could have gotten an abortion in Ohio. People in the comments show that, for the doctors or nurses, that would have constituted an unacceptable risk of losing their medical license.

More details on the case

Interesting that Marjorie Taylor Greene attended a meeting to pressure the VP to overturn the 2020 election before she had even been sworn in as a Representative!
But yes, it's also very highly interesting that, although Representative Jordan was absolutely neck-deep in the January 6th plot, he's due to become Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the event that Republicans take back the House in November.

More Russian generals eliminated.
President Zelenskyy:

Ukraine became an associate member of NATO’s special multilateral program on technological interoperability. To put it more simply, it is about Alliance’s standards.”

There has been no “strategic pause.”

Russian C400 anti-aircraft defense systems aren't able to intercept HIMARS rockets - which Almaz-Antey corporation promised and charged billions for.

Long-term prediction. Unfortunately, I'd also bet it will come true. Florida Governor DeSantis will run a racist, fascist, homophobic campaign. He'll then make a speech where he declares himself a moderate and media will believe him.

First full-color photo from the Webb Telescope.

"Nichols asks 'why is there a rush' to hold trial next Monday with Bannon..."
Erm, maybe because Bannon was issued a subpoena in October 2021? And maybe because rewarding stalling tactics is a really, really bad idea?

The US has been sort-of, a little bit successful in pulling out from the human-rights disaster that is the war on Yemen. The war has been ongoing since 2015 and has cost US taxpayers $54.6 billion. The State Department hasn’t even tried to track the impact of US weaponry of the war.

The Herald-Tribune in Sarasota, Florida has serious ‘splainin’ to do! They published a pro-Proud Boys piece without disclosing that the author is married to a member of the Proud Boys!

Thing is, locating an ammunition dump isn't very hard. Regular people watch the roads and report empty trucks moving towards it and full trucks moving away from it. Once they're located, they can be hit.
Interestingly, Russian anti-missile defenses appear to be useless against HIMARS, probably because the rockets take only 90 seconds to get to their targets and come more or less straight down, as opposed to cruise missiles, which travel more horizontally.

Wow! Isn’t that world-famous Russian export, vodka, made from potatoes? Russia’s short on potatoes? Think the Russian plan was to hang on in Ukraine until the next presidential election. Wondering now if they’ll make it to the US midterms!

Out of over 3k operational tanks pre-war, Russia lost between 1k to 1.6k. They’re also recruiting prisoners.
Russians fired missiles at two high-rise buildings, guaranteeing mass civilian casualties.
Russians are reporting that all of the HIMARS launchers are destroyed. As the launchers use the tactic of “shoot & scoot” (they fire a few rounds, then change location), it seems very highly unlikely that even one has been destroyed. At least 14 ammunition dumps have been taken out by the HIMARS rockets.

Is the panic over CRT anything new? Nah. Here’s a piece from a bit over a century ago detailing how Nathan Bedford Forrest threatened to take his kids out if the schools continued to teach “socialist” history.

Well, that's pretty good news! Biden has yet to meet with the 99-year old Henry Kissinger! Not convinced that Kissinger is as evil as some saay, but hardly a fan of his.  

Exactly! If people are going to make wild claims, don’t just reproduce their statements and call it a day. Are white students being made to feel guilty about slavery? Ask them for proof! If they can’t provide any, say so! “...make clear that the statement was made without evidence.”

Ocean will only rise an eighth of an inch over 300 years (according to TFG)? That’d be nice. The actual estimate is 10 to 12 inches along the coast by 2050.

Offering abortion services on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico sounds highly practical. Far more practical than putting reproductive health clinics on either tribal or federal land.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is trying really hard to pretend he gives a $%#@ about the 10-year old girl who had to go to Indiana to get an abortion.

Ukraine prepares population of Kherson for Ukrainian counteroffensive that expects to take the city.
Russians have been increasingly cracking down in Kherson to discourage partisan activity, breaking down doors around midnight, etc.
Lots of partisan activity anyway, neither side wants to talk about it.

New York City is a very safe place in which to live. Unfortunately, movies like the 1974 Death Wish set a pretty indelible image that many people who haven't been within thousands of miles from NYC haven't forgotten. 

Good reasons to think Superman's Clark Kent disguise would actually work.The piece here lists several movie stars and singers that no one cold recognize.

Yeah, this is an interesting claim as Steve Bannon didn’t have any Executive Privilege to hide behind to begin with. Trump may have considered invoking EP for Bannon back in September 2021, but Bannon wasn't working in the government, let alone the Executive Branch, as he was fired back in 2017. Details on that. 

When you hit an ammo dump with HIMARS rockets it can cause secondary explosions that can last for hours!
President Zelenskyy goes out to the field to see how things are going. That’s the sign of an excellent Commander in Chief.
Russians are shelling everything, but can’t advance much.
US looks back at early days of war. Identifies air defense as having been critical to Ukrainian success.

Very interesting to see how Russia portrays career paths (military - good, business - bad).

Blowing up an ammo dump is a lot of fun and shells can continue to explode for hours, but the real damage is in the fact that Russians need to move their ammo dumps further back. A HIMARS rocket can travel 85 kilometers (roughly the distance from Philadelphia to Allentown, a little over an hours drive). Adding to the travel time for supplies to reach the front is a win for Ukraine! Adding an hours travel time doesn't seem like much until you add in bad roads pockmarked with holes from artillery and blown bridges and the ever-present danger that a drone will spot you and direct fire to your truck.

"The Gilded Age"
Interesting stuff! Similar to Downton Abbey in that it looks at how the upper crust lives, unlike it in that it’s Americans. They have to be fairly imaginative in how they work the Black woman into the plot as usually, we would be seeing an all-white cast. I recall reading that the actresses had quite a time figuring out how bustle dresses worked.

Heh! The June jobs report is really upsetting Fox News!

"Thor: Love and Thunder"
Good stuff! They had to squeeze the plot a bit as it originally stretched out over years of monthly issues, but they did a good job getting all of the really critical elements in.

Trump's former White House lawyer Pat Cipollone sat for eight hours with the January 6th Commission. Did not contradict anything that Hutchinson had to say, nor did he take the 5th on any questions.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court declares that drop boxes are illegitimate. Why? Well, TFG didn't like them!

It was just a few years ago that the public was made aware of the race riot in Tulsa, OK that occurred a little over a century ago. The riot destroyed the “Black Wall Street.” Oklahoma’s Governor is trying to shut down public awareness of that history.

Dissatisfaction with the media is very partisan. Republicans are MUCH more dissatisfied than Democrats are. The problem is very clearly not one of objectivity.

Former Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann was the fellow who shot 12-year old Tamir Rice. I agree with the blogger, Loehmann should never again have a job where he handles a firearm.

Aww, poor Devin Nunes! He had served many terms in the House, so many that he got to be head of the Intelligence Committee. He's now holding the bag for the Twitter rip-off site Truth Social because Trump had already quit the company before the law caught up with it.

Yep! Ukrainian army has got HIMARS now! A rocket artillery that’s descended from the Soviet Katyushas of World War II. These things travel up to 85 kilometers and are accurate to within 1 meter!

Just because someone mentioned Plymouth Rock as “proof” that human-caused climate change isn’t real, I found a fact-check piece on that.

Justice Alito produces a lot of anti-choice history in his decision that repeals Roe v Wade. Problem with using Alito’s history and Originalism in general, is that practitioners tend to use highly selective history, cherry-picking just what historical examples will make their case while ignoring contrary examples.

Mindless vandalism caused by Russian missiles.
Blockade of ships is also enforced by Russian submarines.
How Russia is dealing with personnel crisis.

The Black man in Akron who was shot 60 times. The Fox News “comedian*” claims the man shot first. Evidence for that is the alleged sound of a shot and what the police chief described as what appeared to be a muzzle flash on film. There was no gun on Jayland Walker, but there was one in his car. Why didn’t the media report on that? They did, but later and it’s not absolutely clear that he was armed when he was stopped.

* Greg Gutfeld tries to be funny, but usually isn’t and just twists his face around a lot to suggest he’s being hilarious.

Kansas usually has pretty sleepy primaries. An abortion vote will be next month. That’ll be an interesting vote to see if the abortion issue will get ‘em to the polls.

Update (2 Aug): Woo hoo! It was a blow-out! The votes were 62% to 31%.

Representative Mo Brooks refuses to testify to the January 6th Commission. All of the objections made by him were examined by judges. All of them were found to be without merit.

Heh! Yeah, poor Mick Mulvaney! Wants to be taken seriously, but was never an accomplished kinda guy. What are his achievements? Yeah, he was the White House Chief of Staff to Trump, but nah, there really aren't any. As an OMB Director, we've never had such high budget deficits during peacetime, As the WH CoS, he said COVID-19 was a hoax to make Trump look bad and he wrote an Op-Ed saying "Trump would accept his defeat with grace." D'oh!

From Josh Shapiro, who's running for Governor of PA:

Doug Mastriano wants to kick every Pennsylvanian off the voter-rolls and force them to re-register. Let's speak truth: his goal is to stop minority communties from voting

Yes, it’s difficult to see what other purpose Doug Mastriano’s plan could possibly accomplish.

I had thought that pulling out of Afghanistan was the smart move to make, but it turns out that it was politically, a bad move.

US is on the list of top ten gun deaths per 100k, right in there with El Salvador and Colombia.

Russian proxies seize two foreign-flagged ships without compensation. Sounds like piracy to me!

Air attack on all of Ukraine yesterday. Good news is that all of the bombing and shelling Russia is doing is getting them nowhere on the battlefield.
Ukrainians make “orderly retrograde maneuver” out of a salient.
Good! Turkey intercepts Russian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain.

A Russian talk show host wonders whether Russia really want to “re-install” Trump as the US President “again.”

Heartbreaking! A 2-year old boy was found under the dead body of a man after the Highland Park parade shooting. When no one claimed the boy, it turned out he was under his father's corpse and that his mother had been shot as well! 

The Highland Park shooter legally purchased his gun. His father may have some legal liability for that.

Former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone is set to testify. Cipollone was in the room for many January 6th events and decisions

"Uvalde CISD police chief Pete Arredondo resigns from Uvalde city council"
Extremely pleased to hear this! Police Chief Arredondo had demonstrated extreme arrogance, privilege and a huge sense of entitlement by insisting on holding a no-show job where he'd get perks, benefits and a salary, but didn't have to face the public!

Presbyterians follow Lutherans in deciding that yes, Israeli apartheid is a real and serous problem. They commemorate May 15th as “Palestinian Nakba Remembrance Day,” remembering the day Palestinians were driven out of their homes in 1948.

The Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas (runs the West Bank as opposed to Gaza, which is run by Hamas) and Biden both favor the “Two-State Solution.”

Only 28 per cent of Palestinians are apparently supportive of the two-state compromise, while 23 per cent are in favour of "abandoning the two-state solution in favour of a one-state solution.”

This strikes me as being invasive as hell. The state legislature of South Carolina wants police reports of women who are raped and who then seek abortions.

A writer for The Intercept thinks Trump was...funny?!?! I guess if you consider tripping the crippled kid funny or making fun of the fat girl’s looks to be hilarious, then yeah, I guess that was true. As the comedians say, Trump always “punched down.” He always struck at people who were weaker or of lower status than he was.

Here's the problem with Fox News and other networks giving feather-soft iterviews.
Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves refers to an "elective" abortion. What does that mean? I guess he’s trying to suggest that the abortion wasn’t a necessary one, that the woman could have given birth but, y’know, trivial, silly reasons.

Good! Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony has shaken loose that of some other people who also decided they have stuff to say!

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross has to defend her knowledge of sports from a critic.

The Kremlin appreciates the support that US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is giving them.
President Zelenskyy discusses reconstruction of Ukraine. Russian missile attacks on cities continue.
Russia continues to use air-launched anti-ship missiles, probably because of dwindling stocks of other missiles. The missile that hit the Ukrainian mall on 27 June was most likely an anti-ship missile and wasn’t very accurate against land targets.
Ukrainian air defense systems are Soviet-made and so will run low on consumables (ammunition and spare parts) soon, so the US is acting to make sure they can continue to defend themselves with US-made weapons.

Sigh! Yep, it’s our two usual suspects, Senators Manchin and Sinema, who are against putting aside the filibuster in order to deal with the repeal of Roe v Wade.

Unfortunately, the first of many dystopian-sounding situations that will pop up in the wake of the repeal of Roe. A 10-year old girl was six weeks and three days pregnant, three days over Ohio’s six-week limit. Fortunately, she was able to get to Indiana and get an abortion.

Media not providing much news on war in Ukraine, leaving bad actors to fill the void. Piece asks: “Can Russia win the war in Ukraine?" and answers: "No.” Followed by reasons why Russia can’t possibly win.

Supreme Court re-interprets Clean Air Act of 1970. Not that we’ve passed any major climate legislation for several decades anyway.

Pretty cool way to do history! The Battle of Gettysburg, in tweets!

Hmm, someone just posted a movie clip claiming Ukraine has already lost their war with Russia. Funny how NATO is apparently “throwing good money after bad,” as actually, HIMARS rockets are doing lots of damage to Russian rear areas. Also, Russians are counting heavily on mercenaries and private military companies as they're just plain running out of recruits.
One of the problems with the clip is that the narrator thinks Ukraine is taking unsustainable casualties. It's important to distinguish between the invade and the defender in situations like this. Casualties matter a great deal more to the attacker than the defender. The attacker can always toss in the towel and go home. Ukraine’s estimate of 1k casualties a day is probably exaggerated, but is certainly limited to very recently. Also, North Vietnamese/Viet Cong took 1.1 million casualties (2 million civilian deaths) and still prevailed.

So, according to Steve Bannon, criticizing the Supreme Court while overseas is an impeachable offense.
But for Tucker Carlson to be on foreign soil and to wildly accuse the January 6th Committee of being “Stalinist” seems to be perfectly okay.

Yeah, this is very highly problematic, for the former President to be indirectly paying the legal bills of people who may wish to submit evidence of his guilt. It’s probably not so bad for former VP Pence or House Minority Leader McCarthy or Representative Jordan as they’re all probably on the same page as Trump is anyway. But for people like Hutchinson, who wanted to say more than her lawyer wanted her to say, having Trump indirectly pay her legal bill was a real problem. This piece connects the dots.

The former Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato, who disputed Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about the behavior of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows around 6 January, tried at first to dispute her testimony as an anonymous commenter. Now he's promising to do so as an under-oath witness.

Update (25 Jul):

Secret Service agents who tried to torpedo Hutchinson testimony lawyer up, refuse to testify: panel
Anonymous news reports said Tony Ornato and Bobby Engel were willing to testify under oath. Now, not so much

Columnist engages in victim-blaming to excuse her awful column of four years ago. The title was “Calm down. Roe v. Wade isn’t going anywhere.”

Ukrainians say hey, Russians claim to have left Snake Island as a goodwill gesture. Give us more weapons so we can see even more “goodwill gestures!”

EPA takes big blow to its authority. Fossil-fuel companies rejoice.

I might have heard earlier that Justice Gorsuch was the son of Anne Gorsuch, Ronald Reagan’s first EPA administrator. I recall she was awful on the environment.

Right-wing Supreme Court Justices are “fair weathered textualists,” meaning they use textual analysis when it suits them to do so.

Justice Kagan agrees.

Even Jeb Bush and Rick Scott weren’t as bad as Ron DeSantis when it came to protecting LGBTQ youth.