An HBO special received good reviews.


This is an excellent film, with a local flavor. We can probably get one or more of the original principals, and/or the Film’s Producer to appear at the screening

The Ghosts of Abu Ghrab


There is no such thing as a little bit of torture." -- Alfred W. McCoy, author "A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror"

The familiar and disturbing pictures of torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison raise many troubling questions: How did torture become an accepted practice at Abu Ghraib? Did U.S. government policies make it possible? How much damage has the aftermath of Abu Ghraib had on America's credibility as a defender of freedom and human rights around the world?

Acclaimed filmmaker Rory Kennedy (HBO's "Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable") looks beyond the headlines to investigate the psychological and political context in which torture occurred when the powerful documentary GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB.

GUERNICA - online movie

Guernica" was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit.

"Guernica" by Picasso - 1937, Oil on Canvas

Picasso captured an intense scene reflecting the deeply unjust suffering, agony and despair experienced by the people of Guernica. And in doing so he produced one of the most iconic, powerful and affecting pieces of anti-war artwork ever put to canvas. It is little surprise then that a reproduction of the painting, which hangs outside the entrance to the UN Security Council, was covered while Colin Powell was attempting to sell the Iraq War to the world.

The people of Iraq are suffering what amounts to the similar unjust brutality inflicted on the people of Guernica, except it’s practically on a daily basis. A more accurate comparison would be to imagine having the London Tube and Bus bombings everyday. And have them happen so often that they become a predictable daily occurrence and part of life.

Kilowatt Ours


Kilowatt Ours Reveals the Consequences of Our Coal Powered Economy.

The film opens with Vice President Dick Cheney's energy policy speech in which Cheney makes the claim that America needs nearly 1900 new power plants in the next 20 years to meet projected electricity demands.

From here, filmmaker Jeff Barrie takes viewers on a journey from the coal mines of West Virginia to the solar panel fields of Florida, as he discovers solutions to America's energy related problems.



Being shown in Princeton by the Coalition for Peace Action on 1/31.



PETE SEEGER: The Power of Song


In PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG, the only authorized biography, Jim Brown documents the life of one of the greatest American singer / songwriters of the last century. Pete Seeger was the architect of the folk revival, writing some of its best known songs including “"Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” “"Turn, Turn, Turn” and “"If I Had A Hammer."


Michael Moore’s latest film, about the HealthCare industry in America.  
Rich sez: "I saw this.  Marvelous!  Moore stuffs lots and lots of information in without neglecting to entertain us."




"Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections" is a film by David Earnhardt that exposes how American voters were cheated during the 2004 and 2006 elections and why it will likely happen in 2008.  


It might be possible to get  a speaker to talk about the citizens law suit brought against the State of NJ, in an attempt to get verifiable ballots, and the resistance that has been met.


Also an excellent film. When shown in Cherry Hill in August ,

Jeff Cohen, who appears briefly in the film and is a Cherry Hill native, was the guest speaker. The screening drew 125 people, who were deeply moved by the film.

This filmmakes arguing against wars easy. If you get into a debate about war, just make the points made so clearly in this film, or - better yet - convince a war supporter to watch the film. Best of all would be to persuade every American to read Norman Solomon's book of the same title, on which the movie is based.

Narrated by Sean Penn, and produced by the superb independent filmmakers at the Media Education Foundation, War Made Easy is a powerful indictment of the current U.S. warfare state and a call to action. I’m hoping it will inspire a nationwide surge of antiwar activism.

The 73-minute film reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to exhume remarkable
archival footage. It exposes a 50-year pattern of deception that has dragged the U.S.

into one war after another. And the film zeroes in on the current historical moment –

the techniques of propaganda that are preventing an end to a horrific war effort based on lies.


'What I've learned about U.S. Foreign policy"

( 2 hours, many segments that the PRAWN "Committee" must decide which one to show)

Rich sez: "I saw the Panama Deception when it first came out.  Excellent film to introduce people to the foreign policy the Elder Bush.  Bush the Younger isn't really that much worse than his daddy."

Compiled 2007

Breaking Ranks

Breaking Ranks is a moving documentary that examines the current phenomena of US soldiers seeking refuge in Canada as part of their resistance to the war effort in Iraq.

Was shown at the Phila. Film festival


A crude awakening

These [are] not doomsday scenarios from conspiracy theorists, but hard scientific facts backed by serious research.”

Was shown at the Phila. Film festival


Iraq for sale

Was shown at the Phila. Film festival



Susan Burke, a lawyer with Baach Robinson & Lewis in Philadelphia, is co-counsel for three Gitmo detainees who are suing Rumsfeld et al for the false imprisonment. She has spoken at screenings in Collingswood NJ, and may be available.

Sir, No Sir

Excellent film detailing resistance to the Vietnam War from inside the military.  Shocking to see how widespread resistance was, how it bled out into the larger culture and most disturbingly, how widely forgotten it was just a few decades later.

** Why We Fight. A powerful documentary – in which Karen Kwiatkowski, Chalmers Johnson, and Gore Vidal carry most of the intellectual load – on the nature and history of the post–World War II American war-making system. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. WARNING! Do not confuse this with the pro-war series of the same name, produced during World War II by  Frank Capra.



This chilling portrait of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara could not be any timelier. Set to the ominously hypnotizing score by Philip Glass, McNamara's career unfolds, beginning with his role as one of the architects of the WWII fire bombing of Japan. Errol Morris won the 2004 Oscar for Best Documentary.

Excellent Anti-War video: Guernica Iraq

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Watch it here


The comic actor Raul Julia (See Addams Family I & II) got serious to do an excellent film on Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who was murdered in 1980.  The beauty of the film is in the portrait of the Archbishop as a man who felt compelled to do what he did.  He simply had to stand upon the side of justice, no matter the risk to himself. 



The film was released a couple of years ago, the story going back to the Vietnam War era.