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Letters from Palestine Fabrizio Galimberti says: "I have spent many summers working in a refugee camp (Aida Camp in Bethlehem) in the West Bank, and I used to send emails to my children describing my experience. These emails slowly acquired a life of their own, mixing chronicles and reflections, and the heart-rending humiliations inflicted on the Palestinian people by Israel’s ruthless occupation of their homeland were brought into sharp relief."

Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think: Book Review Essay. A relatively thin book (135 pages) that covers many issues with Muslims and how the West deals with them. No, there is no "clash of civilizations." What most Muslims hate about the US is the failure of the neoconservative movement to live up to the best ideals of our forefathers. They hate the fact that the neocons appear to have dragged the rest of America down into the sewer with them.

The fellows behind Media Matters write Free Ride: John McCain and the Media, which examines how the media just loves John McCain and how they cover for him at every opportunity. Firedoglake discussed this book on March 29th. McCain had 135 appearances on high-profile talk shows between 1997 and 2006. One of his more infamous appearances (But that indicts the media more than it does McCain) was his November 12th appearance on Meet the Press. That's right, he appeared shortly after the Democratic sweep of the House & Senate to deliver an anti-Democratic message!

Naomi Klein writes The Shock Doctrine. The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, that presents a very frightening picture of how modern capitalism makes profits off of disasters.  It's a story of privatization via shock therapy run amuck.  Klein's theory is discussed in the context of the California wildfires of late October 2007 and Grover Norquist's expressed desire to annihilate government's role in society.

Susan Faludi writes The Terror Dream. Fear And Fantasy in Post-9/11 America, about how gender roles were shaped and twisted and bent to serve political ends.  Faludi probably pays more attention to what the right wing was saying at the time than most folks were aware of, which may explain why some consider the book overheated.  Faludi talks about how the "cult of the codpiece" was going to save us all from the "Islamofacist Menace" in the "War On Terror."

Naom Wolf's book The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot has been very enthusiastically reviewed by a member of PRAWN.  Author Naomi Wolf wrote Fascist America in 10 easy steps for The (UK) Guardian and has also written extensively on Blackwater, doing two blog posts for firedoglake. YouTube speech by Naom Wolf on her book.

Juan Cole's book Napoleon’s Egypt: Invading the Middle East is a look at how a former would-be conqueror of the Middle East fared.  Answer: Not so hot and not as many differences as one would like to see between 1798-1800 and the younger George Bush's Iraq War 2003-?
Update: Kewl marketing scheme for the book which doubles as a way to make important documents of the time available: The Napoleon's Egypt Blog

Buzzflash is offering preview copies (3 DVD set) of Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" for a minimum donation of $35.

Lawyer & blogger Glenn Greenwald's book,
How Would a Patriot Act? hasn't been reviewed by many people, hasn't gotten any big buzz outside the blogs and it's already going to hit number 11 on the NY Times bestseller list!

The News Blog reviews James Risen's book (The book that allegedly prompted the NY Times to reveal their knowledge of the NSA spying case.)  Smirking Chimp reprints an NYRB review of Risen's book.
Book is available from Powells and from Buzzflash (Which also includes another review.)

Copied the PDF of the Congressional Research Service's examination of whether it was legal for Bush to have the NSA spying for him without FISA warrants. 
Short answer: NO!  DailyKos describes it as a subtle, polite, well-worded "smackdown".

Also, letter sent by "14 law professors and former federal government officials. [in which they] critique the Department of Justice's legal argument in support of the lawfulness of the secret NSA surveillance program."