Occupy Philly
Day 58

29 November 2011

not quite empty
Well, the encampment is not quite empty, but it's a lot emptier than it was the day before. No wifi when I was there and no big food tent, though dinner of some sort was available. No word as to what the Mayor might have planned for the future.

Some Occupiers grabbing dinner. Yeah, it had been raining out and the clouds really opened up later.

emptied out
Oh, and The Nation gave us a write-up! What will happen to the homeless who were being sheltered with the Occupation?

“The same places they went before,” he said. “Subways and shelters; corners, alleys. The places they’ve been living for decades.” David, who asked that his last name be withheld, spoke softly, almost ruefully.

“I’d like to think that we’ve gotten some folks some legitimate help, but it’s hard to say,” he added.

two police
Boston Herald also gave us a write-up. Officially, Occupiers are permitted to protest on the plaza across the street, but only during the day, no overnight camping. I didn't see anybody at that plaza when I passed by on the way here.


Occupy Philly Media asks "Okay, now what?"

Newt Gingrich, the latest Not-Mitt-Romney Republican running for president, requests that President Obama denounce the Occupy movement.

where food tent was
Where the food tent was.

A quickie overview of the blockbuster Bloomberg story. More fun and games with the Oligarchy, showing once again just what the Occupiers are opposing.