URGENT! Sept 20: 1 Million Doors, 1 Million Conversations, 1 Million Voters


We are a few days out from one of the most important 1 day peace actions in 2008. Sept 20, 1 Million Doors for Peace


Will you sign up to go door to door on Saturday?  

Could you send this announcement out to your lists?


United for Peace and Justice is joining with other major national organizations and scores of local groups across the country to send one message to Congress:

 "End the war in Iraq, bring all our troops home, and invest in our country's future." 


On Saturday, Sept. 20, in all 50 states, we will knock on a million doors to:

*Talk to our neighbors about the war and the costs to our community.

*Ask that they sign a petition to Congress that calls for an end to the war.

*Discuss what we can do in this important election year to build the antiwar movement in our neighborhoods.


When you sign up at:


You will get from Million Doors for Peace:

*40 names of registered voters in your zip code.

*Hand-outs and petitions.

*Talking points and tips for effective door knocking.

            Let's make the peace vote stronger and more visible by knocking on a Million Doors               for Peace on Saturday, September 20th and encouraging our neighbors to Give Peace a          Vote! Sign up now to help end the occupation of Iraq!


* In NW Philadelphia: Hosting Volunteer: Marlena Santoyo @t 10 AM, 515 Glen Echo Road, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Tel. (215)-247-4385,


Judith Le Blanc, United for Peace and Justice,, Office 212.868.5545

Cell 917.806.8775



Independence Hall Impeachment Action Philly Wednesday September 17, 2008 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Independence Hall and Constitution Center


      Help PDA and impeach folks read articles of impeachment at Independence Hall AND the Constitution Center.  Contact: for more info



 Bubbes & Zaydes (Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East


> Weekly Vigil - Friday - 12 Noon - S. 15th Street south of Walnut

> Contact:

> Endorsed by: Catholic Peace Fellowship; Ecumenical Group for Middle

> East Peace; New Society Educational Fund



Sept. 27 Philly Convention Center "Uniting the Progressives and the Working Class"

Conference for activists sponsored by BuzzFlash:

To register and more info:



  And afterwards, go over to UPenn for a Peace Party!

  10PM -2AM Sept. 27 UPenn Philly

The Party 4 Peace will be held at the UPenn’s Carriage House (LGBT Center) in Philly--specifically targeting the YOUTH and trying to recruit them to get involved.

Tables available for organizations to hand out their info, etc.

3907 Spruce Street (phone # 215.898.5044)

Contact:  Colleen aka “Y” and Jay “Tha Truth”






Resolutions have been introduced at the Pennsylvania Legislature in both the House and the Senate asking that we bring the Pennsylvania National Guard Home.  Rep. Tony Payton introduced the House resolution and Senator Ferlo introduced the Senate version.  Background:  The U.S. President no longer has the legal right to order the National Guard to serve abroad because the legal limit of the law allowing that has expired.


There is a petition to sign, circulate and return.  Contact:  Merton Center Anti-War Committee, 5125 Penn. Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  15224, phone (412) 361-3022, email


Call your PA State Representatives and ask them to vote for the Payton Bill in the House HB 2402 and the Ferlo Bill in the Senate.  Call (717) 787-2372 to get the House and (717) 787-7163 to get the Senate.  For more information, go to



Code PINK Actions Planned


1. September 26, 2008.  6 PM

Code PINK Manayunk Sandwich Sign Stroll.  Meet on Main Street in front of the parking lot next to Restoration Hardware and the ice cream stand.  Table with post cards to sign. Strollers with sandwich signs and leaflets.  Bring our anti-war message to a new location.


2. October 3, 2008 2 PM

Code PINK Meeting with Erin Wilson, aide to Senator Casey to deliver postcards and discuss Casey’s position on the war in Iraq and other possible conflicts.  2000 Market St.


3. October 3, 2008 6 PM

Code PINK First Friday. Table with leaflets and postcards.  Our message is “Make Art, Not War!”


4. October 5, 2008  3 PM

Next monthly gathering:  30th Street Station, South side. Dolores will facilitate.


5. October 12, 2008 Noon

Code PINK table @ Pagan Pride Gathering,  Love Park

Also Columbus Day parade???????

For Info: Contact Deborah Zubow []





Blog: Women Against Sarah Palin






A GRASS ROOTS ALERT from NY Granny Peace Brigade


Senators Dodd, Shelby, Brownback, Coleman and Kyle are trying to attach amendments to the Defense Authorization Bill that will clear the way for war with Iran.  Much as we despair over spending another dime on any kind of military aggression, the reality is this bill will pass -- but how it passes is up to us.  Its time to sound the alarm and mobilize our fellow citizens. 



Friday, September 19, City Hall Park, 12N - 1:30PM, West side of City Hall Park, Broadway at park Place.   "R" & "W" to City Hall - "A" "C" to Chambers Street

The turmoil on Wall Street is focusing everyone's attention on the economy and lets not waste this great opportunity to connect the dots between the money squandered on war and the dollars needed so desperately here at home. Join in solidarity with the Iraq Moratorium in their monthly "Third Friday" actions and we will have voter registration forms and counter recruitment info with us as well. There is much to do and many hands are needed, so make room on your calendar. 




Tell Congress to Stop the Colombia Free Trade Agreement


Supporters of so-called "free trade" in Congress, together with

their allies in the Colombian government, are putting on a full

court press in Washington DC to try to get the Colombia Free

Trade Agreement (FTA) passed in the US Congress this year.

These proponents of the Colombia FTA fear that if the agreement

doesn't pass this year while Bush is still

in office it will never pass, so they are pushing to have it

come to a vote during a possible "lame duck" congressional

session at the end of this year.


Act now to stop the Colombia FTA:




Farm worker families desperately need your help for safe drinking water


Please help. Sign the online petition TODAY & tell Fish and Game

to be a good neighbor and stop forcing kids and their families to use contaminated water.




Teens Opting Out Of the Military

 (Action in Philadelphia by the Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia


After much research into how the opt out process works in our public school system and identifying key players: administration, parents, students we contacted-

those who might have the greatest impact this year on widening use of the opt out process to protect student names, addresses and phone numbers from military recruiters.

 We wrote a letter or our behalf to the SDP( School District of Philadelphia) Office of Accountability with our list of ways we wanted to work with the SD to improve the way in which parents of juniors and seniors understood and received OPT OUT information in early October and returned the form signed so that the names, address and phone numbers of their child would not be released to military recruiters upon request.


 We spoke at length with the director of the Office of Accountability*. He had read the letter closely.

This is what he said about our recommendations:


1. The letter will probably be sent out on September 23 this year and would need to be returned by October 29

2. When the information is sent out to the principals on the principal information board they will suggest that principals place the letter and opt out form on their individual high school school website

(suggested by two parents I spoke too and agreed upon by him)in addition to sending a hard copy to the school

3. They agree to place the letter and form on the SDP website in the Parents Section It will be in 8 languages.

4. As you recall, students who bring back a signed form have this entered on a school computer network so that a privacy flag is placed next to their name and thus

recruiters cannot get it. Each high school secretary enters this information on the school computer network. If they are new they can consult the school computer network manual. The Director of the OA* has agreed to review the information in the manual to make sure it is clear and see if opt out can have its own page

5. Our request to attach opt out info to emergency card at beginning of school year: He will investigate how the emergency card information is now collected in the SD and see if it would work to attach OPT OUT info to this card.

6. We went to & talked with parents at the district’s Home & School Association & gave out flyers with phone number in case their teenager does not bring home the Exclusion (OptOut) Form.

6a.   A Flyer will be posted on the Home and School Association’s web site.

7. We contacted the Student Union and Parents United and Youth United for Change who all have our suggested flyers, regarding a workshop description and our offer to work with parents and students to advocate for increased awareness of the significance of juniors and seniors taking this letter home, getting it signed and returning it.


For more info contact, Granny Paula- Paula J. Paul, []




Pushing for Impeachment/Criminal Charges by Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL)


Please ask your Representative to cosponsor H Res 1258: Call his or her office at 800-828- 0498 (Capitol Switchboard) this week. Contact the national and local media: Demand they cover impeachment and the effort to pass H Res 1258

      Support Impeachment efforts: Order buttons, bumper stickers, shirts and ImpeachMINTS

Read the articles of impeachment here: