Protest Against the Proposed War Against Iraq

29 September 2002

Washington DC

On 12 September, the President gave a speech at the UN in order to justify a first strike against Iraq. After two weeks to absorb the speech and await further evidence from the administration, we decided that they had no case. I believe this was the first official protest against the war. Happily, everything was peaceful. No head-busting, no blood-letting.

Police assemble on lawn

Police assemble on lawn in Dupont Circle. The fellow on the left holding the camera up is annoying them by photographing them close up. More on that a little later.


Police motorcycles ringing the fountain at Dupont Circle. This is NorthWest of the Capitol. Our plan was to march to the Vice-President's residence at the Naval Observatory on Massachusetts Avenue.

an hour before the scheduled start

An hour before the scheduled start of the march. My guesstimate, based on my stay in Washington (I attended American University 1978-1982) was that this was about twice the usual number of people who would have been there about that time on a usual Sunday afternoon.

more pre-march activities

Still more people arriving. The brightly-colored items are for the puppet show.

Puppet Show