Defund the Pentagon

4 May 2021

rally in fromt of Toomey's office
A small group of us handed out flyers in front of the building that holds the Philadelphia office of Republican Senator Pat Toomey. We found the crowds to be very thin, but they were generally receptive to our pitch. The US is simply spending too much on the military and not enough on human needs.
Scientific American - "It’s Time to Rein in Inflated Military Budgets"
Subtitle: "In an era of pandemics and climate change, we need to reconsider what 'national security' means"
Here's a page from which you can contact politicians to express your concern about that.

US deaths from the coronavirus have dropped off from the third wave in January, but are still too high for people to stop wearing masks and to stop social distancing. Sadly, scientists at UCLA figure the US lost 400k more people that a more competent US response would have prevented.

our set-up
Deseret News ranks the people most likely to win the Republican presidential nomination for 2024. The first one is obviously, The Last Guy (TLG). The third and sixth are former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As TLG was an extremely lazy person with no deal-making ability, neither Haley nor Pompeo ever accomplished anything worthwhile. What I find very disheartening is that the two governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota, rank second and fourth in that list. Florida lost almost 35,500 people to COVID-19 (3rd highest loss in the nation) and South Dakota, with a far smaller population, lost a little under 2,000.

Just two days ago, DeSantis suspended all remaining restrictions on mask-wearing and social distancing. The White House had no immediate comment, but that strikes me as highly premature. DeSantis has shown great impatience with coronavirus restrictions, at the expense, I believe, of the people of Florida.

The CDC concluded that for Noem to hold a 10-day motorcycle rally back in August 2020 caused a spread of COVID-19 to neighboring states.

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The Israeli human rights organization, B’tselem, concluded in January that Israel was effectively an Apartheid state. In late April, Human Rights Watch concluded the same thing. HRW's desire to see the "peace process" contniue has given way to the conclusion that there is no currently active process and that the Israeli occupation of, and settlements in, the West Bank and seige of Gaza are both permanent.

Since 2014, Israel has launched several wars against Gaza. The Interational Criminal Court has accepted that they have jurisdiction, especially as the Palestinian lands became a member in 2015. Palestinians do not see their prospects as particularly good, but it's the best they can do right now. They were especially heartened about "Brazil and Uganda taking ‘manisfestly incoherent’ positions against their own pre-existing recognition of Palestine..." as it's always good to see confusion on the other side.

buttonholing a passer-by
How has Biden been doing as President shortly after completing his first 100 days? He made a promise that he'd get 100 million shots into US persons in that period. He has overfulfilled that promise by getting 220 million shots into people in that period!

Republicans opposed and refused to vote for the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan back in March. Sure hasn't stopped them from taking credit for it, though! Lot more bills like that on the way!

Press Secretary Jen Psaki is geting awesome reviews from progressives. Her style is not at all confrontational, but she manages to get her point across!