Rallies - Midterm Election Day 2022 coming up!

Crowd awating John Fettermn 24Sep2022

Probably the most consequential mid-term election in our lifetimes. On the side of negative possible outcomes, we have a whole long list of election deniers, people who deny that the 2020 election that put Joe Biden into office was free and fair. Are they claimng that based on any real evidence? No. Gubernatorial candidate in Arizona Kari Lake is insistent that there is widespread fraud even though she can't cite any evidence to that effect.

What is the alternative to believing that elections are the way to decide who holds office? Yeah, we're pretty much just left with force and violence. There really is no third alternative. Either you take office at gunpoint or through some highly dubious means like getting a legislative body that your party dominates to declare you the victor, or you stick with the tried and true method of free and fair electons.

Mes. Feterman
Mrs. Fetterman

The positive motivation is mostly to try and get at least two more Democratic senators added to the Senate. Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are unreliable and for Senate Majority Leader Schumer to figure out what Manchin wanted and to get him to sign on to the budget reconciliation bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, took many, many hours of detailed negotiations. Sinema recently had a love-fest with Republicans, but fortunately, even though Republicans like her a bit more than Democrats do (43% to 28%), she can't even get a majority there. If Demorats can keep the House and get two more senators, happiness will be ours and we can do all sorts of good stuff! What are the chances? Ehh, no one knows. The polls are just too close. Do not assume anything, just get out there and vote.

Biden at rally
Lights were positioned so that they shone in my direction and speakers usually had their backs to me, so this is the only decent photo I got. Good rally, though!

Video of rally in early November. A YouTube copyright check shows that part of a Beyonce song is included, which places some restrictions on how the video can be shown.

Another consequnce of Republican victory is that Republicans really, really want to impeach Biden! What the heck for? Eh, no one knows. They'll think of something.

And oh yeah! A Russian leader of mercenaries thinks that for Russia to interfere in US elections is a great idea!

Speaking of Russia, Congresswoman Greene promises:
“Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine.” Yeah, I believe her. Repblicans at first supported Ukraine, but I think support for Ukraine would be cut off if Congress changes hands.

Generally, GOP control of either branch of Congress would be a dystopian disaster.

John Fetterman at rally in September.

Big story of the day is that Elon Musk took over Twitter. Only a week or so and it's been quite a ride! He hugely overpaid for it and is trying any half-baked scheme that comes to mind to raise cash. A major problem is that comment moderation is key. Right-wingers like having libeals around to yell at (that's why platforms like Truth Social, Gab, Parler, etc., are vitual ghost towns, there are no liberals there), if there's too much yelling, liberals will leave. So it's a delicate balance.

Problem is, on his third day on the job, Musk shared an unfounded rumor that he withdrew without apologizing or explaining. How does moderation even work if the guy in charge doesn't take honesty seriously? Also, he wants to be seen as politically neutral, but endorsed a Republican candidate. He fired a huge number of employees and now wants some of them to come back. The comedian Kathy Griffin has just been making Musk miserable.

Fetterman and two ex-convicts
Fetterman with the two ex-convicts that he now employs in his campaign.

Ukrainians are not making the dramatic progres they were a few weeks ago, but they've definitely got this battle thing down pat. Just recently, they took on the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Out of an authorized strength of 2k, the brigade lost 300 men in four days!

Are Russians abandoning Kherson or not? Hard to say. Evidence they're both staying or leaving. 

The town of Svatove is only a few kilometers from the front. It's a big crossroads for road and train travel and it has heights that overlook the rest of the way to the Russian border. If Ukrainians take that, Russians are in a very unplesant position. Russians are launching ten assaults a day to keep Ukraine from taking the town.