Rally to observe 2nd Anniversary of Nuclear Ban Treaty

22 Jan 2023

Setting up in front of Philadelphia's federal courthouse, within sight of the Liberty Bell.

The United Nations agreed two years ago on this date that nuclear weapons were illegal and should all be disposed of. The Philadelphia City Council endorsed the treaty prior to its going into force and passed a resolution supporting it on 24 Oct 2019. We carried out readings of the treaty, the resolution and the list of natons endorsing.

Granny Peace Brigade members
Members of the Granny Peace Brigade.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy took great pride in stripping Democratic Representatives. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from their seats on the House Intelligence Committee. It was very clearly an act of vengeance as Schiff and Swalwell both played roles in the two impeachments of former President Trump. Ostensibly, Schiff has lied on numerous occasions. McCarthy's evidence was that Schiff had "paraphrased parts of the phone call in which Trump tried to extort Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy into announcing an investigation into now-President Joe Biden" plus a few other equally-minor things. Swalwell was dating a suspected Chinese spy in 2014 and promptly broke off the relationship when federal authorities informed him of that.


"[McCarthy's] objection seems to be that I was the lead impeachment manager in Donald Trump's first impeachment, and that we held him accountable for withholding hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid from Ukraine," Schiff said. "So he is now, I think, carrying the dirty water for the former president in trying to remove me from the intel committee."

Representative Omar was also stripped of her committee assignment. Representative AOC responded!

UN flag

The last year when the federal budget was cut by more than a token amount was 1981, the first year of President Reagan's first term. After that, companies got federal sponsorship for their programs, recruiting Representatives and Senators and selling presidential candidates on the virtues of their projects. As a result, Republican would-be budget-cutters find that they really don't have a lot of room to manuever.
Speaker McCarthy complains that the debt is too high, but notably doesn't appear to have a plan to reduce it.

Green Party
North-West Green Party of Philadelphia

*Sigh!* How lacking in issues is the Republican Party? A Chinese spy balloon is floating above Montana and Republicans are screaming for it to be shot down (Once the Pentagon was assured that the falling debris wouldn't hurt anyone, the balloon was shot down). Problem for them is that the economy is doing quite well, thank you very much. The town of Bakhmut has been holding out since the beginning of August. Russian losses may be as high as 20k troops. Ukrainian losses may be about half that as they'e on the defensive and can remain covered while Russians have to rush forward without cover. Russian are pretty entirely reliant on infrantry.

Kyiv says the Russian assaults of recent weeks have come at huge cost, initially mostly relying on Wagner mercenaries, including thousands of convicts recruited from Russian prisons and sent into battle in waves with little training or equipment.


Trouble in Palestine as the return of Binyamin Netanyahu to power has meant that Israel is on the march.         A Jerusalem neighborhood that's been occupied by Israeli settlers since 1972 was the site of a massacre by a Palestinian gunman. What's distressing is that the neighborhood is given a neutral description, as though it was not a settlement. Note: All West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements are illegal under international law.

Zionism was developed at a time when the innate superiority of white people was taken for granted. Since the establishment of Israel, that view has lost legiimacy, but Israel maintains a colonialist system of apartheid over their Palestinian population.

Brandywine Peace Community members

Russia's been operating under the radar in Europe for many years, seeking to undermine it. This political interference has become clearer with the war in Ukraine.

Peace, Justice & Sustainability NOW! wants cars to express solidarity!
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is, to put bluntly, a fascist. The Florida High School Athletic Association used to have an optional question as to students and their menstrual cycles. Under DeSantis, that question is now mandatory. If that information were to be kept confidential, that would be one thing. But the Governor has problems with reproductive freedom and with trans students, so no one can give credibe assurances that the state won't use this information agains the students.

Marching around the Liberty Bell