ID Last Name First Name Group Website Function 1 Function 2 Function 3
65 Bankey Monique

68 Beitl Terry J. Central Bucks, Coalition for Peace Action

18 Black Kathy USLAW/CLUW/AFSCME DC 47 Liaison to Unions

40 Bovino Nick


21 Bradley Joe Cathollic Peace Fellowship
13 Braxton John USLAW U.S. Labor Against the War Liaison to Unions

75 Butler Andre PUP Philadelphia Unemployment Project Steering Liaison to High Schools
12 Claude Judy


77 Conlin Tom

Liaison to Unions

70 Deckhart Bill Lower Bucks, Coalition for Peace Action

49 Deming Vint

22 Dodd Jody WILPF Legal Eagle

33 Edwards Sue

Outreach Publicity
44 Evelev Helen Granny Peace Brigade Program

6 Gardner Rich Philadelphia Anti-War Network Steering Computer
20 Garis Jeff PA Action/Americans Against Escalation in Iraq

11 Gibson David Coaliion for Peace Action
10 Gilbert Phyllis Peace Action Philadelphia

42 Gjertsen Eric

58 Goldman Irene

39 Grant John Veterans for Peace

48 Harrison Linda

56 Heard Kenneth Black Radical Congress Steering
9 Huizinga Nina Granny Peace Brigade
30 Hurley Sharon Upenn Steering Computer
66 Iano Mavia Simon

15 Ibn-Ziyad A.S. Mahdi South Jersey Movement for Peace and Action

8 Kalkstein David Coalition for Peace Action

34 Kirkland John

7 Krass Al Coalition for Peace Action

41 Larson Peter


76 Leary Cathy Lower Bucks, Coalition for Peace Action

32 Leonard Elisabeth


64 Lerman Dion

Peacekeeper Trainer

80 Loder Dory WILPF

60 MacDonald Cassie

55 Manix Carla

47 Marcy Sheila World Can't Wait

81 McBride Susan Move On

57 Moore Bob Coalition for Peace Action Steering Finance
46 Notzold Norma

71 O'Connell Susan

74 Perry Bill Delaware Valley Vets for America Liaison to Vets

37 Petkov Larry

24 Pinguel Bal AFSC Program

53 Porter Karen Chester County Peace Movement Steering

62 Price Al Granny Peace Brigade

61 Price Zonnie Granny Peace Brigade

5 Richter Debi Code Pink, Delaware River Area Steering Logistics
67 Robinson Chris Northwest Greens

43 Robinson Lynn

35 Rossi Wayne

4 Santoyo Marlena Granny Peace Brigade Steering Outreach
3 Schwartz Libby NE Philly for Peace and Justice

38 Seamas Jeff

16 Sears Ben Federation of Teachers, Retired Section
Liason to Unions Outreach
25 Seeley Carol Unitarian Churches
78 Sheller Stelle WILPF

26 Simon Jerry

79 Simons Gail WILPF

17 Sipp Kati

2 Smith Robert M. Brandywine Peace Community
51 Soltis Bernadette

45 Taylor Jerry

1 Telles Toni Rutgers School of Law

28 Van Cleef Marge Granny Peace Brigade, Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition
50 Weissman Eve New Jersey Citizen Action Camden Organizer

63 Wilson Louis

23 Z
Code Pink Philadelphia


Philadelphia Regional Organizing List Serve