Save our City Services/ TOWN HALL MEETING

Thursday, March 12, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
Arch Street United Methodist Church
55 N. Broad St., Phila., PA 19107 at the corner of Broad and Arch

Come learn about specific ways to increase tax revenue now for full
funding of our essential services! Become part of a grass roots effort
committed to full funding for essential city services and a fair system
of taxation.

Sharon Ward, Director, PA Budget and Policy Center
This nonprofit organization based in Harrisburg, PA knows the PA and
Philadelphia budgets, how tax revenue is collected now and from whom.

Followed by break-out time for organizing by City Council District.
Sponsor: Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks
Co-Sponsor: The Coalition for Essential Services

For more information call: 215-568-4990

Spring Treatment Offer - Are you ready for Spring?

Beginning in late February the earth as well as our bodies begin to
prepare for Spring. The energy in our bodies begins to move from our
Kidneys and Bladder to our Liver and Gallbladder. When Spring arrives
the Liver is prepared to cleanse the excess fat and toxins that have
been stored throughout the Winter months. With the pollution in our
environment and unfortunately in our food it has become increasingly
difficult for our Livers to do its job efficiently.

There are many ways we can help our Livers function optimally. A couple
of things that greatly improve the action of the Liver is weekly ginger
compresses, daily detoxifying herbal tea, and good quality food.

Ginger Compress and 4oz of Detoxifying Herbal Tea at Orion's Light with
Dorene Nolan

During this half hour session I will apply ginger compress to your back
(over sore tight muscles) or over your abdomen (for sluggish digestion).
I will explain the technique of ginger compress so that you may treat
your family and teach them to treat you. I will also give you 4oz of
herbal tea that will help support the cleansing function of the Liver,
we will talk about how to prepare it and how it will help support your
Ginger compress helps to increase circulation, stimulates organ
functions, helps to improve elimination and soothes tense muscles. In
order to get the most of benefit of this therapy the ginger compress
should be applied once a week as we move into spring. The tea will also
help to stimulate liver function and elimination, it is gently
detoxifying and should be drunk every day.

To make an appointment email or call Dorene
at 215.490.8323
Ginger Compress session: 30 minutes
(each session includes 4oz of detoxifying herbal tea)
1 session: $40, 2 sessions: $75, 3 sessions: $110, 4 sessions: $140
- how Prepare your body for the Spring, you deserve it.

ONGOING EVENTS (Daily/Weekly):

To contact members of Congress
a. Capitol Switchboard is 1-800-828-0498 b. Use the following excellent

* Gatherings occasionally change date, time or location. So check first.

5-6 PM - Newtown Peace Vigil at the corner of the Newtown By-Pass, route
332, and the Newtown- Richboro Road. For more information,
call Sister Jean at 215-968-2262. info.,call Sister Jean at

6:00-9:00 p.m.- Weekly ACT UP Meeting St. Luke's Church, 330 S. 13th
St., Philadelphia, PA.For info, email

6-7 PM - Doylestown Peace Vigil at the intersection of State and Main
in Doylestown. All are welcome to join and we have signs to
use if you wish.

7:00-9:00 p.m.- Organizing Meeting, Toviah Thrift Shop Chestnut St.
(between 42nd & 43rd) Call (215) 382-7251, box 1 for more
info. Sponsored by neighbors Against McPenntrification.

4:30-5:30 p.m.- Peace Vigil: Federal Building, 601 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA. Sponsored by House of Grace Catholic Worker
For info, email .

5:00 p.m.- Vigil for Peace: Unitarian Society of Germantown, 6511
Lincoln Dr., Philadelphia, PA. For info, see

7:00 p.m.- Peace Vigil Germantown Ave. & Bethlehem Pike, Chestnut Hill,
Philadelphia, PA. For info,see

6-7 PM - Levittown Vigil for Peace and Remembrance.
Meet/park at 1631 Edgely Road in Levittown and walk to
corner of Rt. 13 and Edgely. Sponsored by PA Action.
Call Robin at 267-240-9819 for more information.

NOON: Grandparents (Bubbies & Zaydes) for Peace in the Middle East
Plan to join us any Friday at 1880 JF Kennedy Blvd. Philadelphia,
Vigil and witness for justice and peace in Palestine/Israel.

4:30 p.m. - Anti-war leafleting and picket Market & 11th Sts.,
Philadelphia, PA. For info, email

5:00 p.m.- Vigil--Women in Black, Swarthmore Train Station, Park
Ave. & Chester Rd.,Swarthmore, PA.
For info, email

5-5:30 PM - Phoenixville Peace Vigil at corner of Bridge and Main in
downtown Phoenixville.

5-6 PM - Honk for Peace on Final Friday (every month) at Broad and
Cherry. Stand with signs and conviction until the war is
finally over
- remembering the American soldiers who have died in
Iraq and scores of Iraqis whose names will never be known.
Take your stand, lend your support, bring a sign.
- Celeste Zappala, Gold Star Families Speak Out

10-11 AM - Sellersville Peace Vigil-at Main St. and Temple Ave.
Sponsored by Upper Bucks Coalition for Peace Action.
Call Angela at 215-257-1300 for more information.

11AM-Noon - Bryn Mawr Honk to Impeach Rally will be held at the
Lancaster Ave and Bryn Mawr Ave. intersection by
Ludington Library. Sponsored by Main Line Citizens for
Impeachment. Call Jane Dugdale at 610-527-4170.

Noon-1:00 p.m.- Peace Vigil Rte. 38 & Cherry Hill Mall Dr., Cherry
Hill, NJ.For info, email

1:00-2:00 p.m.- Protest at Ferber Furs 1708 Walnut St., Philadelphia,
PA. For info, email

7:30 p.m. - Books Through Bars Packing Cafe, The A Space, 4722
Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Help pack books to send to
prisoners. Email

TV & Radio
8 a.m., noon, 6 p.m., midnight, TV program "Democracy Now" with Amy
Goodman, DUTV Ch. 54 on WYBE (Channel 20 or 35(Philly) in some
areas; 3,48,62,99 in others. You can also listen daily on the
internet at

9:30 PM - Bill Moyers Journal on PBS.
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers on PBS with public affairs
10:30PM - David Brancachio's NOW, on PBS

Code Pink Philly Monthly Gathering
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm (This event repeats every month on the first Sunday.)
Location: 30th Street Station - south side
Note: Gatherings occasionally change date, time or location. Please
contact us
(215-474-4081) to confirm logistics, if you weren't at the last



Subject: Does your newspaper know this? Women Say NO to War
Dear sisters and brothers,

Last Sunday, March 8, was International Women's Day--a day that always
energizes us and reminds us of the power of women joining together to
create a more peaceful, sustainable future. It was on International
Women's Day six years ago that we organized our first major CODEPINK
march in DC, encircling the White House with vibrant pink to say No to
the imminent war in Iraq. Three years later, we officially launched our
Women Say No to War campaign, bringing women together around the globe
to give the peace movement a powerful female voice.

We should be proud of all we've accomplished, but even though we're full
of hope for the future, now is not the time to sit idly back. War is NOT
over, and our voices are still desperately needed. While we are pleased
that President Obama is working toward withdrawing our troops from Iraq,
we are disheartened by his decision to push that withdrawal back to
August, 2010 and leave up to 50,000 residual troops in the area until
December, 2011.

Will you write a letter to the editor of your newspaper to take a stand
for real peace in Iraq?
Click here to send your letter to the editor, it just takes three

We were heartbroken by this recent NY Times article on the brutal
reality of Iraqi war widows
sq=widows&st=cse); our new administration needs to help rebuild these
shattered lives, not further the chaos wrought by Bush. Let your editor
know that we are calling on Obama to immediately withdraw all U.S.
troops, including residual forces from Iraq. The U.S. government needs
to increase efforts in diplomacy, humanitarian aid and refugee
resettlement in Iraq, instead. Obama needs to listen to the people of
Iraq who want us out their country, and the American people who want our
troops and financial resources back home. Please send your letter today
and help give voice to the women of Iraq and all people who long for an
end to occupation.

Our work continues in Gaza, as well. Our historic 60 person
International Women's Day delegation is currently on their way to Gaza,
carrying the 2,000+ gift baskets you so generously donated to the women
of the beleaguered region. Thank you for honoring our sisters in
Palestine, and for asking your senators to encourage Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton to dedicate her own trip to Gaza to promoting peace in
the region--thanks to you, 33 senators signed on!

A special thank you to all of the CODEPINK local groups who have already
organized International Women's Day events in their communities, raising
money and awareness for the women of Gaza!


You don't want to miss this panel discussion. It will be excellent
Marlena Santoyo
If We Are in the Death Spiral of Capitalism,
Can We Start Using the "S" Word?

By Barbara Ehrenreich and Bill Fletcher, Jr.,
The Nation Posted on March 6, 2009, Printed on March 9, 2009 AlterNet

Note for NYC Residents: This Friday, The Nation
Institute, Nation Books, and AlterNet are co-hosting a
panel discussion, "Meltdown: The Economic Collapse and
a People's Plan for Recovery," with an all-star cast
that includes Joseph Stiglitz, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill
Fletcher, Jr., Jeff Madrick, Christopher Hayes. Some of
them should be consulting for the Obama administration
in place of Tim Geithner, Larry Summers et al. instead
of offering us their thoughts for free at 8 pm this
Friday at 2 West 64th Street in New York City at The
New York Society for Ethical Culture. Doors open at
7:15, first come, first served.

If you haven't heard socialists doing much crowing over
the fall of capitalism, it isn't just because there
aren't enough of us to make an audible crowing sound.
We, as much as anyone on Wall Street in, say, 2006,
appreciate the resilience of American capitalism--its
ability to regroup and find fresh avenues for growth,
as it did after the depressions of 1877, 1893 and the 1930s.

We can do this in our town!
TELL THE CITY COUNCIL - Eliminate funding for JROTC

TELL THE CITY COUNCIL: ($2.4) Million for Education, Not Military
The Mayor's proposed budget has earmarked approximately $2.4 million
for Junior Officer Training Corps (JROTC), a program that is now
operating in 19 high schools throughout the city. A similar amount
comes from the Federal government. The JROTC program is an essential
part of the military's recruitment program that masquerades as an
educational curriculum.
In a time of economic crisis, (- City) can't waste money this way. The
Mayor is proposing a budget that will lead to teacher layoffs, deferred
maintenance and construction, textbook shortages and a poorer quality
education. The JROTC should be just about the lowest priority for the
NYC Department of Education in the current or any budget year.
(This month), the City Council will be responding to the Mayor's
budget. Urge your City Council representative to remove the
appropriation line item for JROTC. Here's what you can do!
1. Call or email, Chair of the City Council Education Committee, ,
Finance Committee Chair, asking they hold hearings on the JROTC program
with a view to ending the City's line item appropriation for the
(Click here to find the tele # and email address of your Council
Code Pink NYC -
Granny Peace Brigade -
Sample Letter:

Dear Councilmember:

I write to urge you to support removal of the approximately $2.4
million appropriation for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
(JROTC) in the Council's response to the Mayor's proposed (FY 2010) for
the Department of Education (DOE).

The Mayor's proposed budget for the DOE does not provide
adequate funding to maintain the current level of educational services
to the youth of our City. Larger class sizes, teacher lay-offs,
diminution of after-school programs and deferral of needed repairs and
construction are the likely result. Additionally, the State is
proposing cuts in education aid, and the historical underfunding of the
City's schools, made clear in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity's lawsuit,
remains insufficiently addressed. In this period of fiscal stringency,
every taxpayer dollar is needed to make sure that appropriate
educational priorities are met.

Currently in (#)High Schools, the JROTC program is an important
component of the military's recruitment efforts. It is simply
inappropriate, particularly at this time of extreme financial distress,
for the taxpayers of New York City to be subsidizing the Pentagon's
program to staff our Armed Forces. Our money is needed for our real
educational priorities, not to promote militarism within our school

Through its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, the military overtly
discriminates against LGBT people, and JROTC perpetuates this
homophobia. It is simply inconsistent with the fundamental educational
purpose to teach tolerance and respect for the City to be funding an
institution that overtly practices bigotry.

I look forward to a favorable response to this request.



International Women's Day in Gaza
Greetings from Gaza on International Women's Day 2009!

I am part of an international delegation who have come to Gaza to
show our solidarity with the women of Gaza and their families. We
have come to see with our own eyes the devastation caused by the
siege of the 22 days war and the closed borders. The main immediate
political issue is the demand to lift the restrictions on entry and
acquisition of essential materials in Gaza. The message we must make
clear in the United States and Europe is that it is weapons made in
our countries, especially the United States that have been used to
burn, kill and destroy.

We did not expect to be allowed to enter from Rafah. We were given
assistance by the Red Crescent on the Egyptian side and on the Gaza
side where the provided a bus, van and truck for supplies we were

Today we visited 15 women centers in honor of IWD.
I am in touch with Hanan Awwad,Palestine WILPF.

My best regards,
Regina Birchem
WILPF news is for WILPF news and news for WILPFers.
For more information, please see our websites:,,

Clinton Advances MidEast Peace

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent Middle East trip was
striking, by any measure. Despite grumbling by some in the Arab media
for what they derided as her "excessive caution," or claiming that she
merely echoed the policies of the previous administration - some going
so far as to mock her as "Condi Clinton" - her overall performance was
significant and substantial.

She was constructive on many fronts: chiding Israel for its failure to
open the borders of Gaza sufficiently to facilitate the transport of
relief assistance and supplies; publicly criticizing Israeli settlements
as "unhelpful, and not in keeping with obligations entered into under
the Roadmap;" and expressing concern with the Jerusalem municipality's
plans to demolish Palestinian homes, noting that "the ramifications" of
this action go "far beyond the individuals and families affected."
Clinton, of course, spoke empathetically about her commitment to a
two-state solution, saying that is an "obligation" and noting that it
was a "commitment" she "carried deep in my heart."

Most important, I believe, were her remarks humanizing the situation of
Palestinians. In one eloquent passage, Secretary Clinton noted, "That a
child growing up in Gaza without shelter, health care, or an education
has the same right to go to school, see a doctor, and live with a roof
over her head as a child growing up in your country or mine. That a
mother and father in the West Bank struggling to fulfill their dreams
for their children have the same right as parents anywhere else in the
world to a good job, a decent home, and the tools to achieve greater
prosperity and peace. That progress toward the goals we seek here today
is more likely to grow out of opportunity, than futility; out of hope,
than out of misery."

In this, Clinton was continuing what President Obama began in his
January 22nd remarks at the State Department, when he spoke passionately
about the suffering of the people in Gaza as a result of the Israeli
assault. Aside, even from the political comments, the importance of
these human portrayals cannot be over-emphasized, since they are
"tone-setters," dramatically impacting public discourse and even
directing press attention toward more human treatment of the Palestinian

Some Arab critics, of course, ignored all of this, noting only that the
Secretary of State spoke of America's "unwavering support for Israel's
security," was harsh in her criticism of Iran, and tough on Hamas.

I am tempted to dismiss these critics out of hand. Every American leader
will express support for Israel's security (but Clinton and President
Obama emphasize that a Palestinian state is critical to Israel's
long-term security). I would also note that Iran's predictably bizarre
and provocative behavior (their faux "human rights conference,"
continued incitement and aggressive bluster), and Hamas' irresponsible
stubbornness and insensitivity to the consequences of their failed
leadership, make both deserving of the rebukes they received.

But even with regard to these regional "bad boys," one cannot fail to
observe that current U.S. policy is providing opportunities for
constructive engagement. Secretary Clinton, in her remarks, obliquely,
but nonetheless clearly, praised President Mubarak's efforts to heal the
Palestinian divide. Under the previous Administration, Palestinian
efforts to reach a reconciliation accord that creatively addressed
Quartet conditions were sabotaged by both U.S. and Israeli
intransigence. President Obama, Senator Mitchell and Secretary Clinton
have indicated that they would be more open to recognizing and working
with a Palestinian national unity government committed to peacemaking.

This prospect alone, and with it, the likelihood of reconstruction aid
flowing into Gaza and the West Bank, should serve as an incentive for
Palestinian reconciliation.
How much of a corner Secretary Clinton turned can be seen in the
reaction of other critics of her performance. Extremists in Iran were
bellicose, the mayor of Jerusalem was incensed, hard-liners in the
American Jewish community were shocked (saying they wanted "the old
Hillary Clinton back"), and obstructionists among the Republicans in the
Senate have put forward initiatives designed to not only send a warning
shot at the Obama Administration's Middle East efforts, but to sabotage
the Administration's 2010 budget appropriation, as well.

Digging ourselves out of the deep hole dug during the past eight years
will not be easy. Political realities here in the U.S. and on all sides
in the Middle East will require that peacemakers confront real problems
and ingrained bad behavior. The process will be slow and, of necessity,
require incremental movement and careful management. During this period,
substantive and constructive criticism has a role in pushing the effort
forward, but not uninformed grousing.

In this regard, it should be acknowledged that Secretary of State
Clinton made a contribution to moving peace forward. She set firm
markers, not just for the Palestinians, but for Israeli behavior, and in
doing so, set the state for continuing efforts by Special Envoy Mitchell
to end the deadly impasse. Again, progress won't come quickly, but the
steps being taken are in the right direction.

Washington Watch is a weekly column written by AAI President James
Zogby. The views expressed within this column do not necessarily
reflect those of the Arab American Institute.
* We invite you to share your views on the topics addressed within Dr.
Zogby's weekly Washington Watch by emailing