Climate March

15Sep2023 Philadelphia

March to support a cleaner climate. Carbon Dioxide has become a serious pollutant that's heating up the planet. The highest safe level of carbon in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million (ppm). We're currently at about 420 ppm. The result is not some future projection. The consequences are right now!

Global climate summary for July 2023

The July global surface temperature was 1.12C (2.02F) above the 20th-century average of 15.8C (60.4F), making it the warmest July on record. This marked the first time a July temperature exceeded 1.0C (1.8F) above the long-term average.

We assembled at the North side of Philadelphia's City Hall.

In the second quarter of 2023, the US added "5 gigawatts of utility-scale wind, solar and battery capacity installed, enough to power about a million homes."

Which is in the nick of time, because global heating is getting worse.

Oceans play an important role in the regulation of the Earth’s climate. They absorb heat, drive weather patterns and act as a carbon sink.

But as they get warmer they are less effective at doing this job. The cycle means that as ocean temperatures rise, they become less effective at absorbing CO2 leading to an increase in the amount of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Bob Smith of the Brandywine Peace Commnity.


Meteorologists predict that Europe could hit its highest-ever temperature in the coming days with parts of Italy predicted to reach more than 48C [118.4F] China has already breached its record with a searing 52.2C [125.96F] in the remote town of Sanboa on Sunday.

With the Arctic warming four times faster than the global average, research suggests that higher temperatures in this region are causing strong winds known as the jet stream to slow down.


Republicans are now in the position of “the dog that caught the car.” They’ve gotten Roe v Wade overturned, but the public shows no signs of forgiving them for doing so. There’s no “messaging” that can save them.

Donald Trump recognizes that the abortion issue is absolutely killing Republicans at the ballot box and wants to adopt a really clever strategy to dance around the issue. Unfortunately for anti-choicers, Trump's confused, waffling and inconsistent comment are harming their movement.

Heh! Trump suggests that anti-choicers are helpless and irrelevant without him there to help them along:

Pro-lifers had absolutely zero status on the subject of aborion until I came along. For 52 years everyone "talked," but got nothing. I GOT IT DONE! There would be no talk of six week bans, or anything else, without me.
It went on in that vein for considerably longer. It reminds me of when I compared the official portraits of Hitler and Stalin. Stalin had many paintings of himself talking with regular people, giving wise, thoughtful advice. Hitler always acted alone. He didn't need any assistance to perform great deeds.

Enormously appreciated that the announcer here told us in detail what the march route was going to be! That enabled me to get ahead of the march and to take some good photos. Of course, the crowd was heavily composed of young, healthy people, so they were hard to keep up with!

David Gibson of Peace, Justice and Sustainabilty NOW!

Technology and warfare: A drone heads into a fortified living space in a trench, something that a standad artillry shell clearly can't do, and explodes. Interesting comment on Ukrainian drones:

One side note. There's a completely opposite situation in terms of demand on weapon systems. There's a very high demand on Ukrainian drones now. We can’t sell those now because all of them are used for warfighting, but after the war ends, this will have a lot of meaning.

Interesting piece overall, because Ukraine is causing a lot of holes to develop in Russian air defenses, which has enabled rockets to damage Russian ships docked at Sevastopol.

This was an interesting speech, accompanied by guitar music!

Joseph Stalin called artillery the  "God of War," the backbone of his forces. Russians are behind the times, using artillery in a much poorer manner than Ukrainians are. Soviet battle doctrine was to overwhelm the enemy with
massive force (as opposed to the Western blitzkrieg method of schwerpunkt, focus both forces and fire, make and then exploit a breakthrough). Russian docrine involved concentrating artillery barrels to pulverize an area befoe an advance. The problem with that now is that concentrations are easy to target. Ukrainians are dispersing their big guns over wide areas and using communications software to concentrate fire. Also thanks to Western technology, Ukrainians have much more precision artillery, meaning it doesn't take anywhere near as many shells or rockets to achieve the same results.


MSNBC's Jen Psaki interviews Hillary Clinton. They speak of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Clinton's words are carefully chosen. It's clear from her description that Russian interference was just one of the problems that bedeviled her campaign. It was by no means her only problem, it was by no means her most important problem. But just about every right-winger on Twitter who reproduces the conversation is misreading it as Clinton is blaming Putin exclusively for her loss, Russian interference was hoax, etc. Just amazes me how people can listen to her words and then completely misconstrue them!

Personally, I believe the primary problem with Clinton's losing the 2016 election was that the media, led by the NY Times, kept hammering away at "But Her Emails" and then FBI Director Comey seemingly confirmed at the last minute that her emails were indeed a very serious problem. But yes, there was Russian interference!

Left:  Miriam Oppenheimer. Right:  Tina Sheldon from Wilpf (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom).

The latest indictment of the former president was delivered in mid-August. This is the Fulton County, Georgia one, It's a rather sprawling case involving 19 named defendants and about 30 unnamed ones.

Not only is Rudy Giuliani facing facing immense legal bills he's yet to pay Ruby Freeman and Wandrea' ArShaye Moss, the bills that the two women that he defamed have charged him. He hasn't even gotten to the damages part of the trial!

just about to take off

Presiden Biden gives us a warning on democracy and the former president. NY Times and WaPo eventually covered the speech. Bit of a problm with the headline, though.


Republicans held an impeachment inquiry for President Biden. Good lord, what a complete and utter cluster%$#@!!! Even Fox News couldn't pretend that Republicans had any evidence!


more marching