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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett arranges to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

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May Day 2013
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Very cool! Justice Kagan takes a good position on the government seizing cash prior to proving at trial that a suspect is actually guilty of anything. This is something that bothered me way back in the 70s, when the government seized the assets of accused Mafia figures prior to their having been proven guilty. I understand we don't want people defending themselves with stolen cash, but we don't want to pre-judge whether or not the cash was stolen.

New study says seas due to rise a foot a decade, but hey, the Governor of Alabama had a sexual affair, so hey, y'know? Priorities! BTW, Saudi Arabia wants to get out of the oil business.

Is Hillary Clinton beholden to the oil & gas industry? She gets about 0.15% of her campain cash from employees/owners of that industry (Bernie Sanders gets 0.04% of his campaign cash from the same group), so there are better issues to distinguish the two candidates on.

Governor Kasich charges black parents with not really caring about their kids as black parents suffer a higher rate of infant mortality than white parents. Thinking about that issue, gee, ya think maybe that ending the Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program, which was the largest infant mortality prevention program in Ohio, might have something to do with high infant mortality among poor people? Or maybe that the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Naw, it must be that poor people are lazy and irresponsible!


Trump makes a very explicit statement about abortion, one that he'll probably have to walk back soon (Update: He presented four positions over the next two days) as it's a bit outside party orthodoxy. Yeah, he wants to punish women who have abortions, which is entirely consistent with the view that the zygote or fetus is life on a par with fully-grown infants.

Right-winger tries blaming Rush Limbaugh for today's GOP. Not to defend Limbaugh, but no, the GOP establishment is deeply complicit in enabling the rise of Trump.

Good! 17 states are now part of the suit against ExxonMobil for fraud. ExxonMobil decide back in the 70s that global warming was real, but then decided profits were more important than human survival.

As the old phrase goes "To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." Trump's foreign policy advisers are very heavily skewed towards military men. Either that, or he thinks purely in terms of financial-type sorts of transactions.

"Susan Sarandon says that Donald Trump might be a better presidential option than Hillary Clinton because he'll 'bring the revolution.'"
Erm, no, I have a real problem with the idea of "Make it worse to spark a revolution and to therefore make it better." No, I think a Trump victory is far more likely to lead to facism, end sentence.

A preliminary estimate says the Bundy cult militants who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge caused $6.5 million in damages. "Safes were broken into at the refuge. Money, cameras and computers are missing and officials said that is just the beginning of the inventory."

Ex-NYTimesperson Jill Abramson tells us (real shocker here) "Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

Kind of amusing that the whole justification for the Supreme Court nominee blockade is to "give the people a voice," but Senator Grassley, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is taking a very low profile during this years election campaign, y'know, staying away from "the people" because he's trying to avoid protesters.

Awww! Someone circulated a petition to allow "open carry" of guns at the Republican Convention this year. The petition got 42,000 signatures before the Secret Service said no, there would not be guns alowed at the convention. Very interestingly, the party very quickly and quietly settled for this and appears perfectly content to permit their convention to be untroubled by the presence of guns, which completely contradicts all of their rhetoric on the issue.

Ridiculously long voting lines in Arizona. A deliberate plot or an honest mistake? Under the Voting Rights Act prior to the 2013 evisceration by the Sureme Court, Arizona would have had to submit their proposed closings of voting stations to the federall government, feds would have responded "No," end of story. The VRA needs to be restored, NOW!

Grrr! It never ceases to annoy me when people use titles like "Speaker" for people who DID hold that title many, many years ago. Sorry, but being former military (We took titles very seriously) makes me really fussy about that.
Anyway, Gingrich is one to talk about the declining state of political discourse as he, more than any other single politician over the past 30 years, is responsible for it being as degraded and corrupt as it is. The blogger is correct, Newt built that.

It really is long since time to quit presenting former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as some sort of terrorism expert. Giuliani's biggest command decisions prior to 9-11 was deciding where to put the city's emergency command center. He chose to put it in a World Trade Center tower, which of course, made it completely useless as that was the site of the emergency! Seriously, the guy has no expertise worth mentioning.

*Sigh*, so here we are with the both-sides-do-it No Labels group that has yet to ever solve a single problem, trying but failing, to show that Democrats are somehow equally at fault in the Supreme Court nominee fight.

The horrible state that the Malheur Wildlife Reservation was left in by the Bundy gang.

Task Force on Flint Water Crisis concludes tat the state of Michigan largely to blame for the problem.

No question white skin vs brown skin is a factor here, but the rarity of attacks in Western Europe is also a big factor. There was also a big attack in Iraq lately, but that country's been at war for many years. Plus which, people in the US have often been to Western Europe, but it's not very likely they've been to areas elsewhere in the world.

Sasha and Malia through the years of their dad's presidency.

Florida makes the absurd claim that dentists can provide reproductive health care. Again, just because there are other institutions that do what Planned Parenthood does, that doesn't mean they're in any way prepared to fill the hole that will be left if PP loses the ability to get Medicaid reimbursements.

Let's not forget that Cuba has done quite a bit for its people and the world. Tossing aside those gains in order to reinstitute gamblng and other vices would please a lot of people here, but would be a tragedy. Also, Obama is criticiszed for not immediately cutting his trip to Cuba short and rushing back to Washington DC. It's far from clear what returning would have accomplished.

The New Yorker mocks Donald Trump for a really old joke. More than a quarter-century ago, someone in Spy Magazine referred to Trump as a "Short-Fingered Vulgarian." Trump is still absolutely infuriated by that.

In the middle of Obama's historic trip to Cuba, the Brussels airport gets attacked.

Senator Cruz is a realy slick guy when it comes to dodging questions, but his advisor, Frank Gaffney, is such a radical extremist, even CPAC, the yearly conservative gathering, considers Gaffney to be a complete fruitcake.

Getting to the point where the moral legitimacy of one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict grows and the other shrinks.

Interestin look at the Hillary Clinton voters. Essentially, she's appealing to the non-angry voter, people who feel the Democratic Party is basically on the right track.

Interesting interview on the Supreme Court blockade because McConnell first tries the not-very-convincing argument that a lower-court judge is somehow different from a Supreme Court justice. Recognizing that it's not much of an argument, he goes on to examine the partisan differences that a liberal-majority Court would make. And Y'know, if Republicans disagree with the Supreme Court nominee that Obama has put forth, that's fine. they can vote against him and explain to the American people that they're voting out of pure partisan disagreement. They just need to drop this silly charade that there's some principled reason for not giving Garland a full and fair hearing, a vetting and a vote. And no, I don't agree at all that Democrats would do the same if the positions were revered. The GOP is taking an extreme and radical position here.

I couldn't help but to LOL when I read this:
"There is no longer room for error or delay, the anti-Trump forces say, and without a flawlessly executed plan of attack, he could well become unstoppable."
Bwah-hah-hah! Yeah, okay, the GOP is going to produce, let alone execute, a "flawless" plan to stop Trump at this point.
As the blogger says: "hello Nominee Trump!"

Financially, Kansas under a Republican Governor and Congress is an absolute and utter disaster. What's curious is why doesn't the press report this? Why the silence on a complete failure of an ideology? In Louisiana, we have we have the same situation.

Wow! Ron Fournier is a stubbornly "both sides do it" kinda guy and even he now admits that, no, the two parties are not the same. They're not just two sides of the same coin, the Republican Party is deeply radicalized whereas the Democrats are a pretty regular, normal kind of political party.

Well, looks as though Speaker Boehner "fell on his sword" and "took one for the team" for nothing. The crazies of the Freedom Caucus are as crazy as ever. Ryan has no more idea of how to deal wit them than Boehner did.

Actively aiding and abetting the Malheur Wildlife Refuge invaders/occupiers? This Representative attended a briefing by law enforcement officials, was told not to go to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge where the Bundy gang was holed up, did so anyway and told the Bundy gang what she learned. She needs to be behind bars along with the Bundys and their cohorts.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell of course rejects Obama's nominee, citing a non-existent "Biden Rule." Funny thing is, VP Joe Biden and McConnell have very, very different versions of the Biden Rule in mind. Here's the part of Biden's talk that Republicans keep leaving out: "I believe that so long as the public continues to split its confidence between the branches, compromise is the responsible course both for the White House and for the Senate," he said. "Therefore I stand by my position, Mr. President, if the President [George H.W. Bush] consults and cooperates with the Senate or moderates his selections absent consultation, then his nominees may enjoy my support as did Justices Kennedy and Souter."

Senator Rubio drops out of race. Decent concession speech. Too bad he never really substantiated those ideas during his campaign. Good stuff about what a good conservative movement would look and sound like. Ugh! Pu-leeeeze! Obama gets free pass because he's black? Fox News has been claiming that since 2008. Being black didn't save the campaigns of either Herman Cain or of Dr. Ben Carson. And Gutfield: "Rubio who has all these positives" Erm, actually, Rubio had no knowledge of the issues and no idea on how to improve anything. He had no accomplishments to his name and his hometown papers thought he was the laziest, least productive senator ever.

Oh come on, CNN! Really? Seriously? Honestly? Truly? You're paying this guy to appear on your shows?!?!?!?! This fellow claims that MoveOn is the new Ku Klux Klan! Something to do with the change durin the 60s & 70s with the Republican and Democratic parties.

People have compared the frequency of in-person voter fraud cases to that of getting struck by lightning (One out of every 1.35 million). Actually, since 2002, Texas has had 72 million votes and only four voter fraud cases, making the ratio one out of 18 million cases.

Putin and Hizbullah begin withdrawal from Syria having apparently achieved all of their main goals.

Now, keep in mind as you watch Trump dump all over Governor Christie that Christie skipped a New Jersey State Trooper's funeral to campaign for Trump! Think about how little self-respect Christie must have for himself right now.

I agree with our president, he's not responsible for today's Republican Party and he's not responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. And as I've said, racism is certainly part of their reaction to Obama's presidency, but Newt Gingrich really started the ball rolling back in the 90s when he said to not just describe Democratic proposals as unwise, wrong or inappropriate, but as sick, twisted and evil.

The piece is about how journalistic neutrality helps Trump. Unfortunately the dangers of striving to appear neutral and objective have long been apparent. Objectivity and neutrality are fine, up to a point! After that point, they only serve the worst actors and the most despicable people.

Trump's campaign manager roughs up a female repoter from Breitbart News. She and Ben Shapiro resign as they're not bein supported.

Wow! Donald Trump and repoter Jake Tapper speak for about eight minutes and I don't think Trump made a single statement that was true! Complete BS the whole way through. And Obama responds to a heckler in a way that provides a stark contrast to how that other guy deals with them.

Nope, no question about it. The violence at Donald Trump events is fully intentional. Trump is etting people hyped up and excited.

Senator Rubio appears to think that, because there's no short-term answer to climate change and as slowin it promises to be expensive, well then hey, why bother? Let's just sit around twiddling our thumbs for another decade as the world becomes uninhabitable.

Clinton really steps in it by giving Nancy Reagan undue praise on the AIDS issue. No, neither of the Reagans "started a national conversation" about AIDS. Nancy Reagan was not completely silent on the issue, but her efforts are only praiseworthy by contrast with the rest of the Reagan Administration, as the rest of them clearly just didn't give a damn.

My LTE on Trump published

Some guy on the teevee is trying to make it sound as though the KKK has anything whatsoever to do with liberals, leftists or progressives. Nope. The KKK is, was, and always will be a right-wing, conservative organization.

Senator Ron Johnson's analysis tracks perfectly with my own: "President Obamaís nominee would flip the court from a 5-4 conservative to a 5-4 liberal controlled court." The difference between us is that I don't consider that a legitimat reason to stall the appointment of a new Justice. There's no excuse for any delay! The Senate needs to do its job and to vet and vote on a new Supreme Court Justice!

Good to see Senator Rubio finally developing some self-awareness and the realization that, gee, maybe sounding like a grade-schooler on the playground (He had referred to the size of Trump's hands, indicating that he was talking about Trump's dick size) wasn't very presidential-seeming.

Did the Bush Administration knowingly, willfully, with malice and forethought, lie to get us into war? Unfortunately, the evidence is quite clear. Yes.

WTF?!?!?!?! Michigan Governor Snyder wants to charge state taxpayers $1.2 million so that he can defend his actions against the ordinary people of Michigan! The guy has no wealthy buddies who can help pay this tab? How about all the rich people in Michigan who got tax breaks under Snyder? Seriously, Snyder's crime was against the ordinary people of Michigan, He should find a private means to fund his defense.

In the Congressional Planned Parenthood "ivestiation," we have this statement: "...members clashed over the series of document requests Republicans made to more than 30 entities. Those requests, made by subpoena in some cases, include demands for names of researchers, technicians and medical personnel involved in fetal tissue handling."
I find this request by the committee very, very disturbing. Are they TRYING to get people killed by anti-choice fanativs?!?!?!?!

Rachel Maddow's guest shows that it's an absolutely awful idea to lump all Muslims in with Daesh (ISIS). Strategically, it puts our front-line special forces people in danger to make these careless, sweeping generalizations.

I've seen a few items about how Clinton is in imminent danger of being arrested by the FBI for material that she either sent or received on her private server. Seems that Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell did much the same thing, not only using a private server, but sending information that was later classified. So yeah, they either bust all three or slap all three on the wrist or just give out stern lectures to all three.

This committee, covened to "investigate" Planned Parenthood and commerce in baby parts, along with the Benghazi Committee, just really, seriously, needs to cease to exist. It should never have been convened in the first place.

Wow! Universe is around 13.82 billion years old, this galaxy is seen at the age of 13.42 billion years ago!

Ooh! Not good. In 2015, there were 700,000 searches for DIY abortions.

Trying to deal with Cliven Bundy's cattle. Much more complicated than people figured! The likelihood of getting the million $ he owes in cattle grazing fees is not very good.

Rachel Maddow reports on the complete, utter, massive, unmitigated disaster that is Governor Snyder's administration.

See, Speaker Paul Ryan believes that liberals are the exact mirror opposites of conservatives. But they aren't. He believes: "We have been defining success as how much money are we spending, how many government programs have we created, how many people are on those programs."
Actually liberals don't really know or care what percentae of the GDP government is spending. No one on our side of the aisle counts up how many government programs are created because what we care about is how many people are assisted and that when they successfully get off of the program and are making money on their own, that's a GOOD thing.

Very distressin to hear the substance-free platitudes that pass for foreign policy wisdom among the GOPs candidates. Senator Rubio wants to take on Daesh (ISIS) with "a ground force made up primarily of Sunni Arabs." Well, okay. Kurds are precisely such a force. Turkey and Iran have substantial Kurdish populations, Kurds are the single most effective anti-Daesh force in the region. Both Iran and Turkey want to prevent a strong Kurdistan. So, that makes for kind of a problem. He's also ignoring Russian and pro-Assad Syrian forces, who are beating up Daesh pretty convincingly. Nah, Rubio doesn't have any answers.

Obstructionist Republican Senators have decided to call blocking a new Supreme Court Justice the "Biden Rule" after a speech Biden gave in 1992. Biden takes strong issue with their description of his speech back then.

I guess it's progress of a sort when Senator Rubio doesn't blame the city of Flint, MI, for the water crisis there, but no, the federal government really played no role in the crisis at all. This was properly and correctly "politicized' (That is, Democrats pointed out that Governor Snyder was to blame for it) because the state was entirely responsible for this clearly man-made problem.

So, essentially, Trump wants to go back to the "good old days" of American health insurance the way it was before the ACA/Obamacare was instituted. That means many millions of people will get thrown off of their existing health care plans and prices for health insurance will continue their long upward march.

The attorney coming in to argue for the Texas anti-choice law entered wih a swagger and a booming voice. After the Notorious RBG [Supreme Ccort Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbur] and other females got done with him, he quietly slunk away.

"A nameless exec, speaking to The Washington Post, called [Melissa Harris-Perry] a 'challenging and unpredictable personality.'Ē
I didn't realize until later in the paragraph that "challenging and unpredictable" were meant to be insults. Yeah, I have no use for the MSNBC breaucracy.

Huh! Well, credit where it's due. Fox News' Dana Perino makes the very good point that conservative efforts to stop Donald Trump are too little and too late.

Someone really aggressively posts on Seattle's $15 minium wage and how it affects their economy. Problem is, assessment from this piece is that it's still far too early to make any serious assessment.

And another Republican (After Todd Akin during the 2012 campaign) makes another really stupid comment about rape and pregnancy. Good comment:
"'Thatís information that Iíve had through the years. Whether itís totally accurate or not, I donít know.' Nielsen added, 'I read a lot of information. I have read it several times.'
"What's great is, he could be talking about climate change, trickle-down economics or any of a host of other GOP reactions to science or social science."


Very cool! The Chesapeake Bay Foundation wants to limit pollutants going into the Bay. Farm groups wanted to keep on dumping. The Supreme Court has said it wants to let the lower court decision stand and that clean-up should commence. And yes, the passing of Justice Scalia had everything to do with that decision as that's just the sort of case he liked.

Good Lord! People complaining of "white ethnic cleasing" because people of, yknow, the 21st Century, are trying to take down Confederate monuments!

Michael oore's new movie "Where to invade next" and this piece on income inequality make good bookends on the state of our politics and economy today.>

Iranian politics has no left wing, but pragmatic centrists have won big due to the nuclear deal with the US. Recall the first rule of politics: "Reward your friends, punish your enemies." The pragmatic centrists have benefited from Obama's approach, the hard-liners have been set back.

Not much of a TV watcher, at least not for political stuff, but I was aware that Melissa Harris-Perry's show has been quite good. Substantive, serious discussions from a wide variety of people. A pity that MSNBC has driven her to wantin to stop apearin in her own show.

Problem is, the way Land's End handled the appearance of Gloria Steinem as their spokesperson was a real lose-lose proposition that annoyed both pro and anti-choicers. If you're going to feature a controversial person, stand by her and don't give in. That way, you'll get at least one side to stand by you.

Now, let me get this straight. GM was using untreated Flint river water. They stoped using it because it was corrdoing their machinery. Governor Snyder is trying to tell us he didn't know about this?!?!?! Update: Hmm, yeah, there's no indication in this piece that he knew. I must admit that my bias is to see these folks as Simon Legree types. y'know, twirling their mustaches, rubbing their hands in glee and going "Mwah-hah-hah" when they consider the evil they do.

Heh! *snicker* *giggle* Senator Rubio claims his is the party of diversity. Ri-i-i-ight! Su-u-u-ure it is!

Hoo wee! Good grief! "Nationally, the YouGov data show a similar trend: Nearly 20 percent of Mr. Trumpís voters disagreed with the freeing of slaves in Southern states after the Civil War."

Hey, hey, ho, ho, WTO has got to go!!!!
We can NOT permit an international organization more committed to profits than to human survival to continue to exist!!!

Hmm, Senator Ted Cruz says: "I think [David Daleiden] performed an incredible public service..."
Sorry, but I'm not at all clear as to how producing a bunch of heavily-edited, highly deceptive videos that ended up proving nothing is any sort of public service, especially when you consider that a crazy guy with a gun was egged on into attacking a Planned Parenthood clinic and several other clinics have suffered vandalism.

Good news! Traditional media press corps appears to be waking up and describing Republican obstructionism followin the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia as what it is, absolutely unprecedented obstructionism. Also, newspaper editorialists pretty much unanimously agree that the Senate needs to give a nominee a vetting and a vote, even though Senator Grassley, the head of the Judiciary Committee, appears rather confused as to what his job is.

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