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"23 Reasons Trump’s Firing of James Comey Is a World-Historic Shit Show"
Yeah, item 11: 

This level of disorganization testifies either to the administration’s astounding incompetence or else to the urgency with which it needed to dispatch the FBI director. And it is hard to think of a benign explanation for why the White House would have felt such an urgency.

Okay, when liberals said Benghazi was exhaustively, completely and thoroughly covered at the end of 2013, that's because it was. There simply wasn't anything further to say about it, even though the numerous investigations continued up until the end of 2016. Comey's recent request for more money and personnel to look into the Trump campaign's connections to Russia was clearly in response to further connections being discovered. His investigation was clearly ready to ramp up. No, we're nowhere near finished looking into this.

This is pretty disturbing. We can tell what's on the President's Twitter feed and it consists pretty much entirely of people who think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. That means that when he does something like abruptly firing the guy who's investigating his campaign, he's completely blindsided by the reaction from people who weren't his fans to begin with. He had absolutely NO idea that people would find that objectionable.

Not at all surprised that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is opposed to an independent counsel investigation.
McConnell complains that Democrats thought Comey deliberately interfered in the 2016 election AND that Comey was fired for transparently dishonest reasons. Yeah, Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. They can be outraged about both.

Good, solid arguments from a Bernie supporter turned reluctant Hillary supporter who explains that the difference between Clinton and Trump was real, but really could have and should have been bigger.

A reporter wanted to know if domestic violence counted as a pre-existing condition. Obviously HHS Secretary Price considered that to be an annoying question and the reporter was arrested and charged $5K for alledgedly getting into Price's face and violating security. Heyman graduated with a BA in Journalism and has over 30 years of experience in the field.

Heh! Interesting strategy to explain the AHCA/Trumpcare vote! I'm sure any Democrat reading this is like "Whuuh?!?!"

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Ca.), facing angry constituents at town hall, calls GOP health care bill “bipartisan..both parties working together"

Haven't seen any reports as to what, if any, role the fellow who was named as the Trump Administration's "strategist" played, but Steve Bannon, if he played any role at all, is doing an incredibly crappy job! The guy's "strategy" appears to be that of complete cluster****.
And yeah, no one believes that anyone in the Trump Administration gives a flying leap about how Comey treated Clinton. That's so obviously a convenient excuse it's just laughable.

Dena Takruri of Al Jazeera interviews Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Huh! Well, whattya know? Comey is out as FBI Director. 

CNN reporter Dana Bash tells us "Source w knowledge of wh discussions tells me senior officials did not think firing james comey would be a big political explosion."

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): "We need a real, independent prosecutor who @realDonaldTrump can't fire, Sessions can't intimidate, & Congress can't muzzle. We need it now."


"Won’t millions of Americans lose their health insurance because of your plan?"
"No. We are working to give all Americans peace of mind about their health care."
The day after 217 House Republicans voted for their party’s health care plan, the website was changed – and these promises, which Republicans broke, were replaced with new text.

Erm, wasn't this a feature of what the government did in the novel "1984"? Wasn't that Winston's job? To delete information that was no longer consistent with reality?

FBI Director James Comey testified on his handling of Clinton's emails right before the election. ProPublica supplies much, much more convincing and credible explanations of Huma Abedin's email practices than Comey does.
Also, whether information should be classified is something that serious, patriotic and experienced people can honestly disagree on. The controlling factor here, under these particular circumstances, is whether or not it's marked classified. And believe me, such markings are very clear and unambiguous.

Did the President actually engage in witness tampering? Absolutely. I don't think there's any question of that. As to motivation, did he deliberately and consciously decide to engage in witness tampering, knowing that it was a felony? That part's not so clear. Does anyone on his staff dare to correct him and to inform him that he's breaking the law? Obviously not.

The once-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was able to testify on the matter of the trump campaign and Michael Flynn. In the process, she was able to defend her conduct from right after the first Muslim ban. She very clearly knew her role and it was not to simply salute and follow the President's orders. As acting AG, it was very much within her authority to ask questions and to insist the administration meet certain standards.

For the run-off vote in Georgia, the Republican is furious because the rule was that voters had to regster 90 days in advance. The Democrat just got a ruling that lowerded that period to 30 days.

Heh! How proud are GOP members of their AHCA/Trumpcare bill? "...only 14 of the 217 House Republicans who voted for the bill last week — less than 7 percent — are listed as holding town halls with their constituents."

Ivanka Trump's new book borrows quotes from all sorts of people, many of whom are pretty unhappy about their being quoted. Joy Reid of MSNBC gleefully mocks the book.

From TPM:

“More importantly we got two CBO scores,” Ryan told Stephanopoulos on Sunday, referring to the bill’s previous iterations (the version which passed the House has not yet been scored). “And the most recent CBO score showed that we’re perfectly in compliance with the Senate budget rules, which is what matters here.”

Erm, no. What matters is whether tens of millions of Americans lose their health insurance to a bill that was rushed through without hearings. Lack of a current CBO score for the latest verson of the bill means members were voting in the dark because they just didn't care.

This fellow who writes books on golf met Donald Trump three years ago and talks with Trump and Trump's son Eric

I said, 'What are you using to pay for these courses?' And [Donald Trump] just sort of tossed off that he had access to $100 million."

$100 million.

"So when I got in the cart with Eric," Dodson says, "as we were setting off, I said, 'Eric, who’s funding? I know no banks — because of the recession, the Great Recession — have touched a golf course. You know, no one’s funding any kind of golf construction. It’s dead in the water the last four or five years.' And this is what he said. He said, 'Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.'

Oh, and Trump Administration is still way behind on filling positions.

Good! Some bipartisan concern for the environment as a climate bill draws support from both sides of the aisle. D'oh! Just as Trump Administration refuses to re-appoint several scientists from the EPA, to be replace with industry representatives.

The President asks why news media is so slanted against the AHCA and also asks: "Why is it that the Fake News rarely reports Ocare is on its last legs?"
Well, maybe because, while it may need minor adjustments, it isn't on its last legs at all. Maybe because it would be doing fine without Republican sabotage and with proper support.

This is an extremely powerful testimony as to how wretched and awful and utterly indefensible the AHCA/Trumpcare bill is. Not one of 217 Representatives was willing to go onto Joy Reid's show to explain and defend the bill they just passed.

Hmm. Interesting piece on Jimmy Kimmel's recet speech on health care and his newborn son. If you're in favor of the ACA/Obamacare, you favor "bloated federal bureaucracy, socialized medicine, higher taxes and tons of more debt piled onto your grandchildren."
Funny, but the AHCA/Trumpcare doesn't deliver better, cheaper service. In fact, it delivers markedly inferior service and much higher prices.

Investigation of 2016 election continues. Hey, it took two years for Watergate to go from "third-rate burglary" to Nixon helicoptering out of the White House. These things take time!

Uh. Mah. Gawd! Yep, the Alex Jones site InfoWars now has a weekly press pass to the White House, full credentials pending! Video of Jones.

Does the AHCA bill cover those with pre-existing conditions? Well, yeah, but $8 billion is kind of a drop in the bucket that covers only 4% of the projected need.

VP Pence is filling the Trump White House with anti-choicers. Heartbreaking interview on the passage of the AHCA/Trumpcare bill: "I'm 46 years old. What about MY right to life?"

In non-news of the day. The ACLU decided not to sue over Trump Administration "religious freedom" executive order as it really doesn't do anything..

From the Rachel Maddow Blog

In 2009, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) appeared on MSNBC and declared, in reference to a Democratic health care bill:
“I don’t think we should pass bills that we haven’t read, that we don’t know what they cost.”
Ryan is now rushing through his health care bill, despite the fact his own members haven’t read it, and despite the fact that they have no idea what the bill costs. (GOP leaders refuse to consider waiting for a report from the Congressional Budget Office.)

House votes and passes the AHCA/Trumpcare! Democrats denounce it and point out that there was no Presidential speech, no CBO score and no explanation as to why this bill doesn't resemble pre-election promises.

Five-Thirty-Eight does an analysis of the 2016 election. Yes, FBI Director Comey's last-minute interjection most likely cost Clinton the election.

This is ... wow! This. Is. Not. Normal! Woman is convicted of laughing at the Attorney General during a hearing!

House votes on a new AHCA/Trumpcare bill tomorrow. Funny, but I thought they were supposed to post bills three days in advance and they're only doing this with one day's notice.

House passes truly awful bill that permits employers to compensate employees who work overtime with time off as opposed to money. Of course, the unpaid leave time is to be taken at the employer's convenience. No Democrats voted fror this and six Republicas joined them.

From a tweet: "Trump is clearly frustrated that media aren't playing spending deal as a W-I-N." Erm, there's a reason media isn't portraying budget negotiation as a Presidential win. Trump didn't win on any of his priorities.

From the Arizona Capitol Times: "Arizona House Majority Leader John Allen (R) believes that Arizona’s teachers should lower their salary expectations." Amazingly enough, Arizona is suffering a teacher shortage! Gee, I wonder of this guy's attitude and that shortage could be connected somehow?

Hmm. The EPAs case against excess carbon in the atmosphere "is the product of serious legal, scientific, evidentiary, and procedural errors." Problem is, the group petitioning to stop considering excess carbon as a pollutant is a very, very long way away from proving that statement.

The President has an interesting solution for the Senate's failure to pass his proposals

The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!

Or, maybe perhaps, propose better, more popular soltions? BTW, Senate does not agree.

The President appears to be caught in a vicious cycle. When his agenda bogs down, he goes back to the campaign trail (or the golf course), which means he takes time and attention away from getting things done in Washington, which means he gets frustrated and takes to the campaign trail...

Good riddance! Conversion therapy for gays has been tried and has failed. It does more harm than good.

Before Trump's inaguration, a lot of people were frantically preserving government websites in anticipation of the governmet deleting important sites. Good thing, because the EPA just removed the climate science site.

Good point of comparison between Trump's and Obama's first 100 days is that while the ACA/Obamacare didn't get passed until March 2010, Obama was very successful in laying the groundwork for its passage by this time eight years ago. What has Trump laid the groundwork for? Erm, nothing really.


So Fox News puts out a chart (Unemployment at the 100-day mark for Clinton 7.1%, Bush 4.4%, Obama 9.0%, Trump 4.4%). To which someone makes the very good response: "So Democratic presidents have inherited economic messes and have left the economy in much better shape for their GOP successors. Got it."

Heh! Suggestion is that defending President Trump's first 100 days is kind of like being a Pharaoh after the Book of Exodus. "The cattle haven’t all died. We’ve seen less fiery hail. And pestilence has been kept to an acceptable minimum."

Oops! After first denying it and claiming that Obama was responsible for clearing Mike Flynn (Obama fired Flynn), it seems the Trump Administration DID investgate and cleared Flynn! 

From the LA Times: "Babies and children listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals."

Yeah, this raises the old question: "Stupid or Evil?" Does the Trump Administration do things because they're understaffed and/or incompetent or because they just don't give a crap?

Oh, good grief, what a horribly idiotic story! Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton have "uncanny similarities"?!?!?! Such as? Seriously?

Hmm, the President figures the Middle East, the relationship between Israel and Palestine should be a piece of cake to solve.

The following question and answer got a number of favorable headlines: "NBC News asked [Ivanka Trump] about admitting Syrian refugees to the United States, she said that it should be 'part of the discussion, but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.'”
Maybe I'm just used to reading such statements cynically, but I'm surprised this answer got her good headlines as it strikes me more as deliberate obsfuscation than as a clear and honest answer. Trump could very easily have said straight out that she approved of letting in Syrian refugees and then that we needed to do still more. Not at all clear what making them "part of the discussion" means.

On the Russian TV station RT, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accuses President Trump of being a puppet of the Deep State.

Aww! The President tells us that he's unhappy with his job and finds it a lot of work.

From Rawstory

The Trump administration this week launched a new hotline called the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) for people to learn more information about crimes that have been committed by undocumented immigrants. 

The piece goes on to document how liberals messed it up. Yee hah! This is truly a Nazi, Third-Reich style of program. Glad to hear it was disrupted.

Kudos to the Today crew for doing some good questioning! After the four-minute mark, Mnuchin mentions how a tax amnesty is going to create growth. Problem: The younger George Bush tried this exact same idea.
"But Rich, how come I've never heard of this?"
"Because it has absolutely zero effect. It did not result in any new investments."

Wow! The new AHCA/Trumpcare plan is so bad, Republican legislators wrote themselves out of it! "This plan is fine for the peasants, but we won't touch it!"

Hmm, this Ivanka/Donald Trump foundation requires very, very close and careful scrutiny. This, frankly, looks exactly like the Clinton Foundation in that it opens the way for conflicts of interest. The difference is that Clinton kept her State Department business separate from the Clinton Foundation. We have no reason to believe that this new Trump Foundation will be run in anything like the same way.

Yeah, the guy's microphone joke really wipes out any feminist credibility he gained during the rest of his talk. But I've always found it interesting that conservatives think that feminism means that women should support other women all the time, no matter how anti-female their policies are or if they make silly comments.

Greg Gutfeld, the *ahem* er "comedian" of The Five at Fox News, puts out some very dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric. And no, the analogy between abortion and slavery is deeply flawed as a baby is not grown in a vase or petri dish. There's another human being involved in the baby-making process.

Serious foot-dragging going on concerning the investigation of Russian influence? Considering that virtually nothings been done and only part-timers working on it, yeah.

To mark President Trump's 100 days in office, his people release a list of accomplishments. They have to engage in some serious list-padding here in order to puff up a record that's pretty bare in terms of accomplishments. Here's a fun tweet from December 2015:

“I don’t think he even tries anymore. I think he just signs executive actions,” Trump said of Obama. “That’s the way the system is supposed to work. And then all of a sudden, I hear he tried, he can’t do it, and then, boom, and then another one, boom.”

New Orleans removed the first of four Confederate monuments. Having learned from South Carolina's experience at flag removal, the remova was done at night and workers wore facemasks and bulletproof vests.

The pre-Industrial Age amount of carbon in the atmosphere in parts per million (ppm) was 280. The highest safe level is 350 ppm.
We've just gone above 410 ppm. It's been 3 million years since carbon has been that high.

After complaining that the "Muslim ban" executive order was stopped by "a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific," AG Sessions got lots and lots of pushback. To which he responded "nobody has a sense of humor anymore."

Blogger picks out two quotes from NY Times report that shows, yeah, FBI Director Comey was terrified that Hillary Clinton might win and that Republicans would then launch a whole series of investigations.

Trump Administration Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has a difficult time explaining why, when President Trump has over 550 positions to fill, he's only submitted less then 25 nominations.  

Heh! Most interesting! Executive orders are now a good thing! Funny, when was it? Yeah, here we go. Just a few months ago, in December 2016, President Obama was described by World Net Daily as "pen-happy" because he was putting out so many evil, awful, terrible executive orders. But now, Fox News' Jeanine Pirro says "28 executives orders to date.That’s more than any president in half a century." Now undeersand, she's not saying that as a condemnation. No, she's saying that as a compliment

Buried deep in this piece is a look at just how Representative Jason Chaffetz sees his job:
"Had Clinton won, Chaffetz would have used the platform to attack the administration at every turn... But now, he was suddenly limited by demands to play team ball ..."
So hey, Chaffetz would have done his job as head of the House Oversight Committee, but hey, y'know, players gotta play with the team, y'know?

Hmm. Well, the President's talked about items 1, 2 & 5. Done any of it? Ehh, not so much.

It's grimly hilarious that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is trying to get Democrats to sign off on funding for the wall with Mexico. First off, President Trump can legitimately say that he has a mandate to build the wall as that was a prominent part of his winning campaign. but he also made it very clear that Mexico was going to pay for it. So Democrats are entirely justified in saying his mandate isn't applicable. Update: None of the border state governors are in favor of the wall.

Can Republicans get away with saying it's not their fault that the ACA/Obamacare collapses? Nope. Not with their party owning the House, Senate and Presidency.

Whoo-weee! With John F. Kennedy getting a 74% average approval rating for his first quarter and Bill Clinton getting a much lower 55% (Barack Obama got 63%), Donald Trump straggles badly with 41%!

March for Science. Includes lots of updates as it marks the 92nd day of the Trump Administration. 

Press Secretary Sean Spicer attempts to debate the meaning of the word "is" in relation to the "Lost Armada" (The President said a US Naval Task Force was 3,000 miles away from where it actually was).    
And yes, if you think this sounds like a familiar debate, President Clinton did indeed debate the meaning of the word "is" back in 1998.                  
Of course, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) picks now to commend Trump's people as "the best national security team I've seen since I've been in government."

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wants to establish new standards for Iran to meet in order to keep the nuclear agreement that President Obama reached with them. Problem is, Tillerson wants to simply impose this new standard unilaterally. This is a truly awful idea. Iran and the US had to negotiated long and hard before they were both reasonably satisfied. To unilaterally and arbitrarily throw in new requirements is to make keeping the agreement impossible.

New York reports: "The Murdochs have decided Bill O’Reilly’s 21-year run at Fox News will come to an end."
Great memories of Bill O'Reilly! Senator Al Franken looks back at an instance where Bill just completely made up a study to make a point.

CBS News says "Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says tax reform unlikely to happen by August." 

Works for me!  As this was highly likely to be "Reverse Robin Hood" stuff (Take from the poor to give to the rich), I don't see this as bad news at all.

This is rather deeply concerning. This is kind of a problem with having a part-time Commander in Chief who spends more time on the golf course than just about anywhere else. President Trump announed that an "Armada" was saling twards the Sea of Japan. But instead of heading towards North Korea, the USS Carl Vinson and accompanying ships were actually heading towards Australia to take part in an exercise. South Korea has absolutely no faith in anything the President says now. A deep dive into how this ridiculous cluster**** occurred. 

Not unprecedented or illegitimate, ALL of the state US attrneys were forced to resign a month ago today. What's unusual is that not one has been replaced yet. The Trump Administration had already wated about two months. Not a all clear why they couldn't have waited until they had at least a few replacements lined up. 

Woo hoo! In terms of red to blue voters (Republican to Democrat), this seat is DEEP red and a Democratic (blue) candidate just got a plurality of votes for it!

From the piece's conclusion:

If only someone could have predicted that a policy of targeting people by religion followed by “extreme vetting” practices and random searches of domestic air travelers would make us a pariah in the international community. Who could have known it would be so complicated?

VP Pence wants to "abandon the failed policy of strategic patience." Erm, not sure what he means by "failed." Under Clinton, North Korea did not have nuclear weapons, under the younger George Bush, NK had nukes shortly after Bush made it clear that he held their "Dear Leader" in contempt. Under Obama, NK made a few noises, but modest concessions and displays of respect kept everything quiet.

White House visitor logs were kept completely secret until the Obama Administration. With a few exceptions for national security, family visits, etc., these logs were made open to the public. President Trump is going backwards in the area of transparency by making the logs secret again.
In the words of conservatives "If you didn't have anything to hide..."

So, did the First Family manage to pull off an Easter Egg Roll without excessive embarrassment? Yeah, they just sort of squeaked over the top. Nothing TOO embarrassing happened.

I've long been sentimentally in favor of the Kurds, even though I've always recognized that, their being submerged in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria meant an alliance was always implausible. I would take very seriously the warning from a Kuedish leader here that we should not overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Nation: "House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t Be Hacked"

“It is my firm belief that the EAC has outlived its usefulness and purpose,” said Committee chair Gregg Harper (R-MS).

Em, seems to me that the Supreme Court felt the same way about sections of the Voting Rights Act in 2013 and were proven very, very wrong.

Yeah, first off, it's really quite insulting to start off by calling Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) "Pocahontas," as it's an insult that's not grounded in any facts at all. Second, the Obama Administration made about as much progress against al Qaeda and Daesh/ISIS as could reasonably be expected of it. The current administration may desire to send in more than a few thousand troops, but I don't think Americans generally desire to go to war over there. It's one thing for elderly people to say "Send the troops," it's quite another for younger people to actually put on uniforms, pick up guns and go there.

Lefties spanked Fareed Zakaria for this yesterday, but it really is a widespread problem. Pundits showed far more enthusiasm for bombing then they should have. A more sober and rational and questioning punditry would serve America far better.

Yeah, it's kind of ludicrous for the NY Times to be running an ad at Daily Kos that reads "The truth matters now more than ever" while, at the same time, hiring Bret Stephens, who 

has repeatedly dismissed as "imaginary" the climate reality reported on every week by the Times’ own journalists.

Huh! Well, that's good. I guess. Apparently NK wanted to shoot a missile at our Naval Task Force that was steaming their way, but their attempt failed.

[Warning - autoplay. I just turned the sound off] Fascinating how the pictures of the black hole's event horizon was taken. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until early 2018 for it to fully come out.

Demos looks at a whole series of questions as to why Trump won and Clinton lost. Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders keep saying "If only Bernie had been the nominee instead of Hillary..." but this piece casts a lot of doubt on that.

National Enquirer makes no secret of being a pro-Trump rag. CEO David Pecker is a long-time friend of the President. Dick Morris, first a consultant for Bill Clinton, then a right-wing pundit with Fox News, is the Enquirer's Political Director. His predictions were noted for being wildly inaccurate. More from ThinkProgreee.

Here's the rundown on the fellow who has added "women's issues" to his portfolio:

The 31-year-old adviser and speechwriter honed his anti-immigration bonafides as the communications director for Alabama senator-turned-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He wrote both Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, which was criticized as overly dark and apocalyptic, and his inauguration address, in which the President heralded the end of an era of “American carnage.” Miller was also behind the first failed effort to impose a travel ban on residents of seven majority-Muslim countries.

No question the sarin gas attack took place, but that's about all that can be proven. It's far from clear that the container was even dropped from a plane. Is there any proof that the Syrian government of Assad is responsible? The Trump Administration doesn't supply any such proof.
Update: NY Times says sarin gas was indeed deployed by Syria.
Further update: Consortium News says Times is wrong.

Yeah, I'm pretty baffled why we have an Attorney General who puts out nutty statements like this “I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing tolerance of drug use, but too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable.."
Erm, marijuana has never killed anybody. It's a drug that may have subtle medical effects, but after decades of studies, it's not clear why our AG is so excitable about it.
Are there other issues he could be working on? Well, yeah!

If, after four election cycles (2010-2016), Republicans now find themselves with only bad options on the ACA/Obamacare vs AHCA/Trumpcare, they really have no one to blame but themselves. They can't repeal the ACA as that will throw around 30 million people off of their plans, they can't replace it with the AHCA as that's a flea-bitten dog of a plan, they've gotten their voters all riled up for complete repeal and the insurance companies can't put up with delay.

California has put out a study of its charter schools. No question, the schools are a great deal for investors. For anyone else? Ehh, no.

Major problem with NY Times being "the answer to fake news" is that they've now hired a climate science denier. Kinda like the old problem of saying on their editorial page that invading Iraq was a bad idea while featuring Judith Miller's hysterical stuff on their front page. Further details.

TPM: "The United States may launch a preemptive strike using conventional weapons if North Korea moves toward a nuclear weapons test."
Sounds like a really, really bad idea! North Korea (And Iran, BTW) is a mountainous country, meaning it's easy to hide and protect nuclear weapons. It's very highly unlikely we could get them before North Korea gets off a few rockets to nearby countries.
Both Clinton and Obama preferred the flattery/bribery route. G.W. Bush tried the belligerence route and North Korea made big strides in their nuclear program during the Bush Administration.

No sign that there's actually life on Saturn's moon Enceladus, but all of the necessary building blocks are there.

Ivanka Trump has had meetings with Cecile Richards the head of Planned Parenthood, but her daddy's adinistration keeps making policies that are opposed to PP. Sounds like it's a complete waste of time for anybody to meet with ivanka. 

Interesting! It's long been obvious that big money was opposed to environmental regulations, but this piece makes the case that nationalism is also opposed to it. Nationalists prefer to believe that nothing is connected and that actions in Country A don't affect life in Country B. 

Well,the idea was to publicly shame "Sanctuary Cities" by publishing detailed reports on what they were doing. Oops! The government reports were so filled with errors that they essentially said "Erm, uh, never mind."

Is there solid evidence that Syria used Sarin gas on Syrian civilians? White House says yes, but that evidence is secret for now. Most interesting. If we have solid evidence, why not release it? 

Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard adds a further note of skepticism as to whether Assad deployed chemical weapons on Syrian civilians.

Daily Kos: "Classified docs show Susan Rice's actions were 'normal and appropriate'—Nunes and Trump lied."
This is what we call a "nothingburger," an event that's made out to be a big thing by people hysterically screaming about how important it all is and then, when other people calmly examine it, turns out to have been about not much at all.

Patheos: "Why Isn’t the Media Pointing Out That the San Bernardino Shooter Was an Outspoken Christian?"
Problem is, when an "outspken Chrisitan" commits an atrocity, that doesn't fir the "narrative" that the news source is trying to convey. But it's the job of reporters to tell us what happened. If the story fits into a narrative, fine. But if it doesn't, and it frequently doesn't, toss the narrative aside and just report the facts!

Nah, the fight in Syria isn't over oil. It's about old-fashioned spheres of influence. This is as basic and standard as it gets.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer makes the rather amazing claim that Hitler was better than Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because der Fuhrer didn't use chemical weapons. It is true that Hitler didn't use chemical wapons on the battlefield, but yes, he most certainly used chemical to kill people. A PR disaster ensued.

White House: "We're going to cancel Sesame Street."
Easter Egg Roll comes up. White House needs Sesame Street characters.
White House: "Oh, wait a sec..." 
Sesame Street contributed one character.

I believe there are two kinds of lefties. One kind says both the Republicans and Democrats are essentially alike and basically indistinguishable. The other says yes, they're a lot alike, but there are important distinctions between the two. This somewhat lengthy piece is a very good explanation of the second point of view.

Yeah, the hypocrisy goes all the way down. In 2013, only 22% of Republicans approved of the proposed bombing of Syria. Now, 86% approve of actual bombing. What's the meaningful policy difference between 2013 and today? Other than the fact we had a Democrat in the White House then and a Republican now?

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