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Pennsylvania's Gvernor Tom Corbett arrages to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

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May Day 2013

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Protesting drones at Horsham Air Base

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Rupert Murdoch gives his opinion on global warming. The TV show Cosmos demonstrates that ol' Rupe has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

Yeah, this is cool! Republicans in Congress finally declare victory over a long-dead and buried opponent. The blogger lists a few other more-or-less imaginary problems Republicans appear to be obsessed with, but hey, it's good to see them dispatching at least one!

Yes, it's perfectly normal for all law enforcement agencies in America to have to pick and choose, to prioritize, which crimes they'll enforce. No, there's nothing unusual about what Obama's doing concerning immigration.

Yeah, what this guy says: "I don’t have any qualms with a massive airlift of humanitarian aid, and I have no problem with a much more aggressive air campaign against ISIS." Obama helping out people in serious distress.

Aaugh! Shriek! No-o-o-o!!! Stephen Moore thinks it would cost a BILLION $$$ to educate the unaccompanied minor children coming across the border. Actually, "... the cost to educate these children would be [$620 million, that is] less than 0.006 percent of the value of the economy as a whole."

Hmm, yeah, okay. The NY Times gets one cheer (out of three) for this. They're now referring to "enhanced interrogation" as torture.

Good! A killer was found guilty. A 19-year old girl came to this fellow's porch after an auto accident. She needed assistance and got shot instead. "The jury verdict is likely to elicit a collective sigh of relief in the civil rights community..." after other people were acquitted for much the same offense.

Why, how amazing! [/snark] Turns out a great majority of economists agree with liberal Keynesias (And me, of course). Was mildly surprised to learn the bank bailouts were successful, but everything else was "Yeah, I knew that."

Ah, here we go! I knew someone had added the figures up. Since the year 2000, there have been about a billion votes for local, state and federal elections. How many cases of in-person voter fraud (That is, fraud that would have been preventable by having voter-ID laws in force) have there been? 31. Not 3100 or 31,000, 31.

This is why I recommended to Facebook friends that Netanyahu had better take *any* peace offering, and quickly, as Israel is quickly losing any sort of moral high ground. Good round-up/summary of the Gaza-Israel struggle. The military has done what it can. Only answer now is to make a deal. Half-hour TV spot on situation in Gaza. Impact of Israeli bombing of Gaza's only power plant.

Blogger gets really, REALLY sick and tired of Villagers saying "Both sides are to blame!" between the President and Congress.

Interesting piece on who ends up getting shot. One of the major causes identified here is arguments that get out of control. When people are drunk and get to arguing and are not armed, they're not really competent to do much damage. But when they are armed, damage is very easy to do.

Good to see this. A Turkish lawmaker said it was improper for women to laugh in public, so Turkish women are documenting themselves laughing in public!

Whoof! Yeah, Congressman King comes across as a complete and total jackass and Senator Paul comes across as an absolutely pathetic coward. Senator Paul comes out with ludicrous explanation.

Yeah, the House report on Benghazi SHOULD (But probably won't) change the reporting that Fox News does on Benghazi. Wolf Blitzer gets fingered as an enabler of Fox here. Also, gee, wow, amazingly enough, surprise, surprise, Fox completely ignores the report

The University President says that he's not conducting a publicity stunt by taking a substantial pay cut in order to raise the pay of the university's lowest-paid employees. Heck, I'll take his word for that. If it's a stunt, its a good one that more company presidents should copy.

My coverage of Friday's Gaza rally.

A lot of us knew this anyway, but the Republican House Intelligence Committee has concluded that there was no wrongdoing, no scandal in Benghazi in the 2012 attack. In a sane world, there would be no House Benghazi Committee, but of course there is.

Heh! Allison Lundergan Grimes vs Mitch McConnell. The crowd is notably less enthusiastic for McConnell. At one point, McConnell suggests that Obama has to call on Bill Clinton whenever he gets into trouble. Erm, I notice that McConnell can't do the same with G.W. Bush as Bush reminds people of why this country's such a mess to begin with.

Both the original and the parody of the wife-facing-an-enraged forme boyfriend wth a gun show credible, believable scenes that could really happen. My question is: "Which is more likely to actually happen in real life?" I think the cool, calm demeanor showed in the parody is really awesome and I would like to think that people would react that way, but if you read a few of the Daily Kos GunFAIL pieces, you realize that theory is beautiful, but a greater-than-zero percentage of people are complete eff-ups.


*Sigh*, the most useless, ineffective Speaker of the House, I think *ever*, fails AGAIN! This time, he fails to get border security bill passed.

Heh! Republicans complain because Pope Francis and President Obama sound so alike.

Book by Frank Schaefer, who performed marriage ceremony for gay son.

One of the problems with Israel today is that "Operation Cast Lead" (that was conducted right before Obama took office) provoked an extensive report that laid serious blame on Israel for human rights violations. The Obama Administration ignored it and refused to enforce it. The current war is very largely a "chickens coming home to roost" problem.

Delaying action on global warming costs the US $150 billion a year. The price will go up every year we continue to delay.

Ah, okay. The heart of the Israeli complaint concerning SecState Kerry is: "...his attempts to bring Qatar and Turkey — two countries viewed by Israel as strong Hamas supporters — into the cease-fire negotiations." Erm, sorry, but if your position is that you'll only negotiate with people you already agree with, your diplomacy is a FAIL!

Good! Sen McCain not sure Republicans have votes to impeach the President. My recommendation is that they give up the whole impeachment project and start working on actually helping the American people with other, far more serious, problems (Global warming, crumbling infrastructure, massive unemployment, etc., etc.) Speaker Boehner considers impeachment talk to be a scam by Democrats.

Hilarious LTE in today's Inky:

I am used to George Parry making up his own facts to use in attacking Democrats, but his latest article saved me time in looking for the lies (“What the government knew or not,” July 27). I stopped reading six words into the article, when Parry stated, “In December 2008, the Obama administration . . .” Of course, President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009.

You know the lawsuit against the president is fatally weak when they accuse him of ridiculous things. 1. The Clean Air Act gives the President the authority to fight global warming, 2. Thank Heavens the Constitution does not require legislative or judicial approval for prisoner swaps, 3. A shameless lie.

Bwah-hah-hah!!! Love it, love it love it!!! Satanists release ALL women from having to comply with "informed consent" laws! Just print out their letter and say "I'm exempt" when the doctor tries to inform you as to how terrible abortion is.

Very depressing, but excellent analysis of the Halbig case (The claim is that the ACA improperly provides subsidies to states on the Federal marketplace)

The Affordable Care Act is working pretty much as intended, and real people are benefiting, so Republicans are obliged to try and impose unnecessary suffering on their constituents so that they’ll demand repeal.

Mark Levin rails and spits and pounds his fist on the table concerning Jon Stewart changing his name (Actually, Stewart's father changed it because he was exposed to anti-Semitic feelings). Interesting commentary on Jon Stewart vs. Mark Levin by Cenk Uygur.

Wow! Sen. Lindsey Graham is normally just full to the brim of awful, terrible, no-good ideas, but ending Israeli accountability for possible human rights violations in Gaza is a whopper of a stinker of an absolutely awful idea! That would guarantee that the US would be seen as unfairly protecting Israel at the expense of any dedication to human rights.

A restaurant got awful reviews for the slowness of their service. Problem was, customers are spending too much time on their smartphones and not enough time eating. Herewith, some suggestions: 1. Don't pull out any devices until AFTER you've ordered. 2. Use your device as you would a paper magazine Either have reading material pre-loaded so you don't have to worry about whether there's wifi or if you're with someone, don't pull it out at all. Entertain yourselves by talking with each other. 3. Go ahead and take a photo of your dinner, but save the photo-cropping and email writing until you get to a coffee shop after dinner or home.

Sen. Rand Paul claims to be Senate's and Congresses #1 supporter of civil rights. Sounds real good, until you look at the details of his actual actions and positions.

I was exchanging messages just the other day with a right-winger who claimed that cutting taxes was always a good thing. We never did get to states, but I'm sure he had some canned, ready response to this too.

California raised taxes 30% on the rich and their economy has the 5th highest job growth and first budget surplus in a decade. By contrast, Kansas slashed taxes on the rich and their economy is tanking. 

Good! People reacting properly to rocker Ted Nugent's toxic rhetoric.

Wow. Hmm. Women get themselves photographed topless to support the IDF. Y'know, normally I'm in favor of these kinds of photos, but I have to agree, these are in pretty poor taste.

Hmm, no, I can't support Rep. Paul Ryan's poverty reduction scheme of setting poor people up with a "life coach" to advise them. When I seriously lacked money a few decades back, I talked with someone about it and he agreed. 

I needed money.


He could recommend the sacrifice of some small expenditures, but he had no super-clever advice that I hadn't already thought of.

No, sorry, I appreciate that PETA wants to help, but blackmailing people into going vegan?!??! Nope, sorry, can't support that.

To someone such as myself, who follows liberal Keynesian economists, this is a very odd obsession as yes, it takes the GOP away from actual, real-world problems and focuses them on imaginary, non-existent ones. No, inflation is not a serious concern. When consumer demand is as slack as it is, the "too much money chasing too few goods" phenomenon doesn't apply.

Yeah, well, so much for the idea of Governor Cuomo ever being a national politician.

Completely unsurprising (No connection between CEO pay and company financial success) and yes, they mention the Walmart example that I found so infuriating when I first heard about it.

Hillary Clinton's been getting a number of negative comments in the media over her money-making. But, yes, it's very, very interesting how another (male, Republican) presidential candidate ALSO collected millions in speaking fees, but very unlike the situation with Clinton, the Beltway press corps yawned at that. Hmm, wonder why that is?

I weigh in the subject of Gaza. Israel's counter-guerrilla strategy seems poorly designed.

Infuriating!!! An appeals court rules against the ACA. An apparent victory for the right wing looks very, very morally shaky.

Very interesting. Liberals and conservatives are switching places on Israel. Reagan and the younger George Bush were critical of Israel, now the constituencies of the Democratic Party are getting sour on same while Republican politicians and constituencies are getting pro-Israel.

Boston is a low-lying city without many hills. Map of where the waterfront would be after five and seven and a half feet of sea level rise. NOT good!

Things are looking good for the Christian left. We may just drive out the notion that Christians are all anti-evolutionists, anti-contraception, etc.

I don't regard the Islamic State (IS) hardcore religious fundamentalists as thugs. Barbarians would be a better term. And no, I'm not enthused about going back into Iraq to fight them, better to build up our wind and solar fuel sources and just have done with the whole area.

Good news! Progress on Iranian nuclear weapons.

Ron Fournier generally gets little love from liberals because he's of the "both-sides-do-it" school, but this is a good piece. My own feeling on taxation is that taxes should be based on how many square feet of factories, office space and retail outlets are in whichever country. If you've just got a mailbox in the Cayman islands, that shouldn't entitle you to pay taxes there. And sigh, the same guy proves he really shouldn't be listened to on the subject of the ACA.

Very serious consequences for downing the Malaysian plane that was overflyng Ukraine. AIDS research has taken a serious hit.

A look at how the other side of the Israel-Gaza fight sees things. 

Well, Rep. Louis Gohmert says something stupid, again. Yeah, I know, that's not news. What I found interesting though, was this statement: "You want to talk about a war on women? This administration will not defend the women of America from criminal aliens!" 
Hmm, why is it that right-wingers are constantly trying to prove that the "War on Women" is something that it's not? Could it be that the phrase resonates with people and that people believe that it represents something real?

President Obama is getting lots and lots of advice from the opposition party. Problem is, it's all pretty vague and useless.

Chilling tale of voter suppression in Georgia.

Good to hear that Speaker Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama is very unpopular.

Todd Aiken comes back and tries toexplain his "legitimate rape" comment. It does not go well.

So Citigroup settles for its role in the financial crisis that started off in late 2007 with the collapse of the housing bubble and went on to wipe out a huge portion of our economy. How much is $7 billion to them? Here's a quote from their site: "Our Hedge and Private Equity Servicing business also surpassed $500 billion in alternative assets..." So the settlement is little more than a mild inconvenience to them.

Detroit's water “crisis.” Well, the crisis is real enough, but it's entirely deliberate, the result of conscious, deliberate action, applied with malice and forethought.

"Pension smoothing" is a budgetary gimmick. It's not as good as plain ol deficit spending. Speaker Boehner opposes it for an extension of unemployment benefits but supports using it to support the Highway Trust Fund. Both higher taxes and deficits are of course really awful and terrible and compleely off the table, not to be used under any circumstances. So the question is, why does Boehner hate the unemployed?

A thinkpiece on the strategy used by Hamas in Gaza.

A look at the failed records of Tea Party Governors. Special looks at Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rick Scott of Florida.

DKos strongly condemned Maureen Dowd for her column today. Dowd criticized Chelsea Clinton. Granted, out of the $900K Clinton makes, if she were paid exclusively for her talent, she'd make 1/10th of that or less. But y'know, it' not like the sons and daughters of celebrities and business tycoons don't get privileges in any event. Pretty sad to pick on Chelsea for something that's done all over the place.

Update: Media Matters tells us that Clinton gives most of her money to charity. I didn't know that.

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