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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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When the blogger refers to "squatter-settlers," he's referring to about 475k Israeli settlers who have seized land within the 1967 border of the West Bank (Palestinian population in the West Bank is over 5 million).

TFG challenged the media to a public debate on whether or not he won the 2020 election. Why did they turn down the chance to debate him? Well, he’s had over a year to present any facts and has produced nothing. He’s a crank who isn’t worth debating.

Yeah, Chris Cuomo was a lot more involved in the legal defense of his brother the New York Governor then he let on to either the public or to CNN, his employer.

Yeah, Republican strategists seem to make up a really large proportion of the people who get quoted in the news stories of mainstream publications. Whose views are accepted as "conventional wisdom?" Well, who writes the stories?

Musings on Sanctity of Life” and gun violence.


Still courts he can appeal to, but this is very good news! Looks like TFG's appeal to keep his presidential records hidden was a real crash and burn failure.

This is kind of ridiculous:

Some GOP lawmakers have said Democrats shouldn't try to punish extremist members ... and should instead leave it to Republican leaders to police their own.

Nice idea, but in the Representative Gosar case, the House Minority Leader had over a week to take meaningful action and failed to do so. The lack of responsibility shown by Republican leadership is the real problem here.

Kyle Rittenhouse is discovering that, just as Bill Cosby found, that having a court find you innocent isn’t enough to exonerate you in the eyes of the public.

Representative Boebert suggested Representative Omar was a terrorist because she’s Muslim. Politico refers to how Democrats would deal with Boebert as “Dems’ dicey decision.” What? What’s “dicey” about it? Boebert made inescuable statements and she needs to be snctioned for them.
A complete run-down on the Boebert-Omar dispute.

Senator Tom Cotton say there was no “supply-chain” shortage when TFG was in charge. True. We just had different kinds of shortages! We had shortages of medical gloves, masks, gowns, shortages of Covid tests, there was a huge rush on all kinds of paper cleaning products, etc.

Celebrating our First Lady!

Liam Neeson does Santa Claus! Really, deeply gets into the character!

This is the conservative movement today. Greg Gutfeld on the Omicron variant: (words to the effect of) “Eh, so it’s deadlier. Whatcha gonna do, hah?”

Chris Christie learns that serving Trump and then turning on him doesn't get you any love on either side of the aisle. To the Trumpers: "You have betrayed Our Glorious Leader!" To liberals: "You were a bum to have joined him in the first place." Despite several TV appearances, his book is a complete flop.

Heh! After running a complete flop of a telethon back in August, Mike Lindell tried again, saying "After everyone sees the evidence I have, the Supreme Court will vote unanimously to put Trump back into office." Total number of watchers this time - about 90.

Very strange headline in the NY Times. It's almost as though they're trying to get us to sympathize with anti-vaxxers!

*Sigh!* Kevin Sorbo, who did good work as an actor in Hercules and Andromeda, asks why there are no Democrats on Mt. Rushmore. Erm, Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat.

Heh! Gotta love it when bad guys fight! According to the QAnon folks, Rittenhuse is now a "false flag crisis actor!"

Wall St. Jornal wonders why, a year after vaccines were introduced, people are still dying of Covid. Well, they're part of the problem! If the Journal was putting out accurate information on masks and vaccines, the problem would have been eased somewhat.

Apparently, there is no "supply chain crisis" with the big box retailers. Which would mean the major media is wrong, Again!

Human-caused climate change is hitting Iran especially hard lately. In Isfahan, the Zayandeh Rud riverbed is dry enough to march in.

So how is the eight hour-long Beatles film? It covers the studio sessions for the Let It Be album. Our blogger liked it, but realizes your mileage may vary.

Stephen Miller:

“...President Trump brought us vaccines in record time, which he made voluntary, not mandatory,…”

The vaccines were indeed produced at record speed because mRNA vaccines had been in development since 1987. First clinical trials for infectious disease (rabies) was in 2013. TFG was perhaps not completely irrelevant to its development, but Trump really didn’t do much of anything.
Under Biden, we’ve discovered that positive incentives to take the vaccine are pretty much useless. We’ve been far more successful with mandates.

Seriously! Vice-President Kamala Harris brought some cookware with her own money!!! Right-wingers are trying to turn that into a scandal!

Good! The anti-vaxxer Steve Cortes has been fired from Newsmax. One thing I will agree with in his video here is that the 6 January assault on the Capitol had absolutely nothing whatsoever in common with the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020.

From Representative Lauren Boebert:

"I apologize to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep. Omar." .

A true apology is not conditional. A true apology acknowledges the hurt that was done and attempts to right the wrong.

WaPo: "Rep. Lauren Boebert apologizes..." Instead of jumping to the conclusion that Representative Boebert really and truly apologized, why not ask the person she offended (Representative Omar) whether or not her "apology" was cosidered acceptable?

BTW, evidence continues to mount that Representative Boebert played a role working on the other side during the 6 January attack on the Capitol.

Amazing! Lara Trump (Wife of second son Eric) deliberately and consciously put this out! Baby cries, the mom drinks wine without paying attention.

Like it or not (*cough* Senator Joe Manchin *cough*), the coal industry is dying, and it’s for the same reason Blockbuster Video and Fotomat film developing died. There are simply better ways to fulfill our economic needs.

Yep! Where does the NY Times run the story about jobless claims being the lowest in 52 years? Why, page B3, of course!

Nebraska is acting like it's some sort of problem that their unemployment is so low! Hint: Plenty of immigrants who would love a job and would be willing to settle there!

Thanksgiving grew directly out of the Emancipation Proclamation. Thanksgiving was a plot! A plot, we say!, to boost spending during the Great Depression. Business loved it, Republicans hated it.

Dr. Scott Atlas has a book out. He has some bad things to say on lockdowns that appear to be pretty exaggerated. Doesn’t seem to consider paying people to stay home as a solution.
Very importantly, Atlas doesn’t appear to recognize that masks and social distancing were used by countries around China and suffered very few deaths as a result.
Masks work! Masks are not the only reason Asian countries have lower death rates from Covid than Western ones, but they certainly help.

TFG (who most likely doesn’t really care) sobbed great crocodile tears about birds dying in wind turbines. Fortunately, the problem is being addressed. One of the balancing problems is that painting blades black will help birds during the day, but may reduce visibility to airplanes at night.

Interesting take comparing the Trumpers to middle schoolers. They’re aware of the likely consequences of their actions, they just don’t care.

Good! Jury concluded that the three defendants in Ahmaud Arbery's killing were all guilty of murder!

"Left hundreds of Americans behind in Afghanistan? Let’s go Brandon!"

"Brandon" is a "clever" name for Biden. This is really a matter of quibbling with an essentially successful operation. NY Post

“We believe we got the vast, vast majority of American citizens out, something to the tune of 6,000 of them,” he said. “And we think it’s probably in the low hundreds that are still there. And there were also several hundred others that didn’t want to leave.”

Yes, there were roughly 200k Afghan helpers. We got 100k out, long after Kabul had been overrun and many hundreds more were extracted after even that deadline. Considering the situation that Biden inherited, I think he did a pretty damned good job!

Among other Trump policies, Bill Bennett defends how TFG handled the Southern border. Erm, there's a reason Susan Rice burned sage when she took over Stephen Miller's old office! That's because the policies Miller implemented were evil. Full stop.

It's been over a year since the 2020 election and critics have yet to show that any meaningful amount of fraud occurred. People who wish to launch yet another fruitless, meaningless investigation (After the Arizona scam) should be compelled to meet a very high burden of proof!

"Dollar Tree raises price point to $1.25, citing inflation."
Really could help to tell the full story here instead of simply quoting management. Dollar Tree is pulling in money hand over fist and it's CEO is very highly paid while employees are scraping by on food stamps..

Senator Sinema touts the BIF, the first infrastructure bill. Y’know, her approval rating might be in excess of its current miserably sad 26% if she wholeheartedly supported the BBB, the second infrastructure bill, instead of trying to weaken it all the time!

Very cool! After 43 years of wrongful imprisonment, Kevin Strickland is free at last!

Cool! A photographer captured the Space Station passing in front of the Moon last night!

Didn't know that NASA was officially keeping track of Voyager's progress in this manner. As of mid-December, Voyager is almost 18 light-hours away from Earth. It struck me several year ago that this was a good way to do it.

A deep dive into what the purpose of the Durham investigation is. Basically, it’s to try and popularize the description of various anti-Trump investigations as all being part of the “Russia hoax.”

Sweden’s International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance considers the US to be one of the world’s backsliding democracies.” One of the seven listed major problems is extreme economic inequality, something left-wingers have been pointing to for decades.

Oh, good lord! After Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectine, now the QAnon people are convinced that hydrogen peroxide is the miracle anti-Covid cure!

Please let’s preserve democracy! The filibuster is easily expendable.

"Alabama Rep Lashes Out At Colbert For Mocking His Hypocrisy"
So Representative Gary Palmer supported funding for a highway project in his district, but in general, thought the BIF, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, was largely a waste of money. Problem is, and what got him so irritated, in his tweet and in his three-paragraph statement, he never mentioned that he voted against the BIF!

Afghanistan might have serious food shortages this winter, due to foreigners not wanting to support a dictatorial, oppressive regime. Problem is, they're also ratcheting up their oppression of women! That's the problem when religion is tied too closely to government!

Interesting paragraph from the Politico story:

[Senator Sinema] will criticize her party for its complicity in setting unachievable, sky-high expectations, just like the Republicans who promised to repeal Obamacare...

But repealing the ACA/Obamacare was a horribly unpopular thing to promise! It was also clear from the outset that Republicans had nothing to replace it with.

What prevents Democrats from passing a $3.5 trillion bill (that is, by the way, enormously popular)? Their names are Senators Manchin and Sinema!

And another story in the genre of "People who are oblivious to their own role in the story."

"Holding him to the Trump standard, media finds Biden doing terribly"

What exactly is the "Trump standard?" Trump was not at all truthful, but hey, he was entertaining. So he gave worthless answers, but he'd chatter for as long as reporters wanted him to, as long as they were't expecting honest answers.

Erm. Yeah. Being opposed to women having a choice on pregnancy is kinda central to conservatism.

A refresher on what the status and powers of the Palestinian state are.

The blogger is correct that Chuck Todd just lets the accusation of antisemitism go right on by without challenge. Todd was derelict in his duty to correct misstatements like that right away as opposed to ignoring them or waiting to say something later.
But I also thought Republican Senator Kevin Cramer got his history wrong. The Founding Fathers did not intend for the Senate to be stopped up with all sorts of arcana like the filibuster. What they intended was more like what Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson did during their terms, which was to take energetic, uncompromised action and then to let voters decide at election time whether they liked the results.

Glenn Greenwald is a fellow who, back in the day, used to be a good blogger. He was also a lawyer, so I was disappointed to hear him make a serious error of fact within the first minute of his talk. He claimed that Rittenhouse's gun was "too small" to count for the gun possession law.
Eep! Wrong answer! The barrel of the AR-15 that Rittenhouse carried was a normal length. The law specified that it applied to "sawed-off" guns, not normal guns. The law did indeed fail to apply to Rittenhouse, but that's because the law was poorly written, not because Rittenhouse was in any way innocent.

The House Minority Leader makes a hilarious statement here:

"...this big government socialism isn't working."

Erm, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan worked just fine. The BIF bill, the first of two infrastructure bills, was signed less than a week ago, so it's far from clear where these "failures" are.

For over 100 years, the total death toll from the Civil War was considered to be 620k. A recent study (2012) puts it as 750k. Total deaths from COVID-19 stand at over 771k. Death rate in states with Republican governors is three times as great as in states with Democratic governors. Over 385k of those US deaths were unnecessary. The simple wearing of masks cuts the death rate by almost half.

The Freedom To Vote Act has been held back by the filibuster. The filibuster (not in the Constitution nor formalized into any law) has to go! Now!

If Senator Sinema thinks having the filibuster will protect much of anything, she's depending on an extremely weak reed! The Democrats "went nuclear" and made an exception, Republicans followed suit a few years later. I doubt a single voter left either party in response.

The problem with the dry riverbed that used to be the Zayandeh Rud river in Iran appears to be both human-caused climate change and Iranian government intervention. The nearby city of Isfahan is about as populous as Houston, TX.

Woo hoo! DeJoy is on the way out! The worst Postmaster General of all time will probably depart his job in early January.

Build Back Better bill passes in the House!
Woo hoo! Yeah, notice that all of the cheering is on one side of the aisle!

Kyle Rittenhouse was declared innocent. Basic problem with the Rittenhouse case is the Stand Your Ground laws. If you’re the guy who’s left standing, it’s your word against that of the dead guy.

MSNBC quoted this piece last night, saying that "Stand Your Ground" laws threatens to encourage people with guns to shoot first and/or more accurately.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asks: “Are we better off today than we were 10 months ago? No.”
Actually, I would say that the US as a whole is very considerably better off! We have a president who actually takes the job seriously. Biden doesn’t treat the work of the presidency as something that interferes with his golf game or that gets in the way of his delivering harangues.

McCarthy went on and on and on for over eight hours! He was apparently trying to show he coud be he Speaker.

Why on earth does the US still have troops in Syria? What possible legitimate purpose could they be fulfilling?

Seriously, was any of the BBB bill “hidden” or were you simply too lazy to read and research the bill? Weisman is an NY Times correspondent.

Representative Gosar is censured.

"Matt Gaetz Claims Wile E. Coyote Will Be Indicted Next"
But Wile E. Coyote doesn’t resemble any actual person. The anime figure that the representation of Paul Gosar “killed” was very highly and specifically made to resemble Representative AOC. If the figure had just been a generalized, representative Congressperson and had that figure not resembled an actual, living Representative, there would have been no scandal.

There may have been liberals who enjoyed seeing Kathy Griffin holding up Trump's severed head, but she took s lot of grief for that and was tossed out of polite society for quite awhile. None of the other people listed were ptted on the back for how they attacked Republicns, eithe. No, there's no equivalence between Griffin/Trump and Gosar/AOC.

BTW, we had a major problem with shipping containers sitting idly offshore, being unable to unload. That backlog has now decreased by 29%!

Tch, tch, tch! What is our “Our Failed Mainstream Media” to do? They’ve got this narrative of our president being doomed! Doomed, I tell you! But the economic news is so good!

Senator Manchin is really not impressing any of his Democratic colleagues with his fears about the Build Back Better bill causing inflation.

The guy who wrote the latest Trump-scandal book of the day, Johnathan Karl, shows himself to be an amazingly naïve, trusting soul.

National Review argues that if daycare is subsidized, so should other forms of childcare like nannies. Uh, no. Nannies run at a minimum of at least $32k a year. If you have a nanny, it's because you're wealthy and don't need any form of government subsidy.

So, finally, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks up about Representative Gosar's hateful video, in which Gosar is depicted killing a co-worker, Representative AOC. McCarthy's statement was extremely short and underwhelming.

Huh! First Tribal Summit at the White House since the Obama Administration was held virtually. They hope to do it live next year. Results.

Do Republicans want payback for Trump's impeachment? Heck yeah! I still think this was one of the motivations for the Clinton impeachment. Republicans felt they had to avenge the threatened impeachment that drove Nixon out of office.

Job still just half-done, this is the signing of the BIF infrastructure bill, not the BBB, but yeah! Very cool! TFG couldn't even get an infrastructure bill started in four years and Biden got one out in under a year!

Yeah, this is a pretty amazing feat of mindreading!

Growing numbers of Democrats worry...

And how many Democrats did the reporter interview? Zip!

Axios is calling the busting of the primary Steele Dossier source the most egregious press failure evah! Our blogger reviews many vastly more serious ones over the past half-decade.

"Rittenhouse's mother: It was his life or the shooting victims' lives"
Except, of course, for the fact that Rittenhouse, with the assistance of his mom, knowingly, consciously and deliberately placed himself in a dangerous situation where "fight or flight" became necessary.

Are health decisions to be made by private companies or by individuals or by the state or the federal government? Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton can’t make up hi mind on the issue.

When Transportation Secretary Buttigieg claimed that the design of the road to Jones Beach was specifically engineered to keep Black people out, the blogger remarks that this was well-known back in the 60s.

Yeah, human-caused climate change is not a “long-term” problem. We need to solve it now!

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn suggests the United States should be a theocracy.

Refugees from Belarus, caught between that state and Poland.

Britney Spears is free! She's no longer under a conservatorship!

Hooo-weee! A Navy ship sails through the waters in Antarctica.

Hmm, I suppose they technically count, but I have a really, really hard time putting Project Veritas into the same category of "free press" that requires First Amendment protections.

We were “the most prepared nation in the world” to deal with a pandemic, but TFG was in charge, so our death rate went through the roof!

As people pointed out at the beginning of the pandemic, science and authoritarianism are not compatible. TFG had to crush the science of how to survive the pandemic because objective facts could not be permitted to co-exist with his continual gaslighting of the American people.

This is just a huge, vast, incredible overstatement by many orders of magnitude!

In Kansas, anti-vaxxers are showing up to municipal meetings wearing yellow stars, portraying themselves as having equal footing with Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Interesting stuff! Movie about Diana, Princess of Wales, after she had been in the palace for a decade. Like a beautiful bird in a gilded cage who’s so desperately tired and bored of it all that she keeps flying against the bars and breaking her wings.

Absolutely %$#@ing hilarious! The comedian Jimmy Kimmel takes real clips of Representative Boebert talking, shows them to passersby and tells them they're SNL clips, Then asks if SNL was being too mean! And yes, when he had gotten their comments, then he told them that was actually the Representative talking. 

A look at how President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey has slowly increased the pressure on domestic opponents and has become more and more a dictator.

How did Erdoğan and our own former president get along? Quite well, actually!

Thomas Hartmann does a good job with some leading questions for Newt Gingrich, then hitting Gingrich with (words to the effect of): “If poor people who get regular welfare checks produce rotten kids, how about 'trust fund babies' who are born into wealth?” Gingrich is slick and immediately comes up with all sorts of conditions that don’t apply to poor kids but essentially makes it clear that yeah, kids born into wealthy families aren’t any better than kids born into welfare families.

I read a lot of military history when I was young and noted that great generals and admirals tended to come from at least reasonably wealthy backgrounds. Napoleon Bonaparte was a Sicilian aristocrat, Erwin Rommel’s father headed the local government council, Horatio Nelson’s grandfather commanded a ship, Hannibal of Carthage was the son of a general, Chester Nimitz’s grandfather owned a hotel. During my own time in the Navy, I was much more impressed by those who came from the middle class than I was by those who came from an impoverished background. I agree with Hartmann that it’s better for everyone to have a reasonably decent life to start off with.

Good! House passes resolution condemning Representative Gosar for posting an animated cartoon featuring him killing Representative AOC.

Heh! The Former Guy weeps bitter, salty tears over the passing of the BIF (the first, smaller infrastructure bill).

Yeah, this is quite bizarre. The Former Guy claims to have an "Envoy Ambassador" who is making agreements with other countries. Saw a piece earlier that says that the agreement he claimed to have made does not exist. 

Very important aspect of environmental policy is that it has everything to do with class issues.

The radicalization of the Republican Party has made recruiting Senate candidates difficult.

"Trump’s Circle Is Full Of Men Accused Of Threatening Behavior, Harassment, Violence"
As I concluded after the Charlottesville march in 2017, these are Donald Trump's people. these are the folks that he chooses to spend time with and who he listens to.

OMG!!! "School board members in Virginia are literally recommending that we burn books"

Hey, remember that brave, young, pro-education, Afghan woman, Malala Yousafzai? Yep, she just got married!

Again, journalists want to take a “30,000 feet in the air” view of Critical Race Theory. But the thing is, they’re very much a part of the problem!

Judge rules that current president can decide on whether or not Executive Privilege applies. TFG is outta luck! Awesome quote: "Presidents are not kings. and Plaintiff is not President."

A very, very good and necessary ruling! This is not a ruling that, in the opinion of the judge, needs any further litigation. Nothing holds the Archives back from turning over all of the materials right away.

The WaPo publishes a profile of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with an interesting statement that McConnell is increasingly seen as a Trump stooge "not a leader with his own vision.” Erm, what "vision" has McConnell ever represented? His entire toolkit consists of blocking and delaying what Democrats want to do. That's it.

Cool! The UN chimes in over the terrible Texas abortion policy!

"House GOPers Turn Against 13 Colleagues Who Voted For Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill"
This is why progressives never believed that putting through important bills without removing the filibuster was possible.

There really, truly and seriously is no place for this kind of garbage! Yes, Representative Gosar should lose his Twitter access forever!

On Representative Gosar's "harmless" video.

Gosar defended the video as "just a cartoon.'" Actually, though, cartoons showing real people can land you in jail. Possession of cartoon child pornography showing a close likeness to an actual child is illegal in the US and the law is even broader in the UK.

Representative AOC answers Representative Gosar over his deranged and violent fantasies concerning her. For complaints about Gosar, the @GOPLeader and your own Representative are the ones to talk to first. If Kevin McCarthy fails to act, then it’s up to @SpeakerPelosi.

Gosar’s utterly deranged response.

Problem with Senator Hawley's J'accuse is that yes, the left insisted that people had to stay home during the pandemic before we had vaccines to y'know keep people alive! The second is, what does he think the Build Back Better bill is all about? If the government spends lots of money, that will result in lots of jobs! We discovered that in the 1930s and it's never been shown to have been wrong!

Heh! SNL's "Trump" analyzes "Scooby-Doo."

Jeanine Pirro and Eric Trump are saying Biden is incompetent. Erm, Eric's daddy couldn't get an infrastructure bill passed in four years! Biden got one passed in under a year!

AP asks a question:

Federal judges have a thorny question to consider when they sentence military veterans who stormed the U.S. Capitol. Do they deserve leniency because they served their country or tougher punishment because they swore an oath to defend it?

Not a difficult question at all. As a military veteran myself, I vote in favor of more punishment! Vets have to live up to higher standards!

The crew here first mentioned that Aaron Rodgers was taking monoclonal antibodies. Cool. I’ve heard those were effective. But then they said Rodgers was taking Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Those are quack cures! It’s all very fine and well to check many sources, but if you don’t have a relevant background in what you’re researching, you can’t distinguish between quacks and serious professionals!

Great comment this morning on MSNBC'x Cross Connection about the sportsball player who "did his own research" on vaccines:

I don't do my own hair. I have a hairdresser for that. I don't do my own housecleaning. I have a house-cleaner for that. I don't do my own medical research. I have a doctor for that!

Good! Aaron Rodgers loses his contract to be a spokesperson for a healthcare company!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brings truth an facts to Aaron Rodgers

Again, NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd shows her anti-Democratic bias. Most people regarded the passing of the Bipartisan infrastructure bill as good news!

Dowd uses the term "woke." This is a very excellent point! Do the journalists using “woke” as a description really know what they’re talking about?

Maureen Dowd hasn’t changed over the years. She likes her men big and tough and manly. If they’re wannabe fascists? Eh, whatevuh!

TFG: "If [Democrats] would spend half of that energy fighting China, Russia, Iran and even the European Union..."

Wow! So The Former Guy's idea of foreign policy success is to battle...erm...pretty much everybody! Gee. We lost such a great leader when he lost this past November! /snark

The Eternals movie wasn't bad. Having read the comics, I can assure y’all that the movie and the comics are only sort of related. Gemma Chan/Sersi really doesn’t resemble the comics version at all. Angelina Jolie/Thena is reasonably close and other characters are in-between.

The two infrastructure bills, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill gets passed by the House. The Build back Better bill is going to wait for a CBO score.

Update (19 Nov): House passes Build Back Better bill.

And yes, this is very true. The very term “Infrastructure Week” became a punchline under TFG. A really sad one.

Senator Joe Manchin says the US is a "center-right" country. I questioned this when he first said it. Yes, when people identify themselves ideologically, they always use vague, mushy, unclear terms. In terms of spcific issues and the people we vote for? No, I don't see a "center-right" country at all!

From NBC:

BREAKING: The teenage son of Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin twice tried to cast a ballot on Election Day despite being underage,

Keep n mind that election integrity has been a major deal for the Governor-Elect of Virginia!

"The NYT Editorial Board: It's all the Progressives fault!"

[By t]he time the NYT realizes that you have to fight fire with fire rather than some mythical Bipartisan Nirvana the world will be left in ashes and mud.

Just finished watching MSNBC's Civil War. It's quite good. They look through the eyes of students to see what's been going on since the actual battles. At one point, a politician asks with a bit of a smirk "What do they wants me to do about it? Slavery was ended a long time ago." The answer is made very clear over the next few minutes. Stop glorifying the Confederacy. Stop romanticizing the "Lost Cause." Take down the statues of Confederate generals on horseback. This would not be a final answer, but it would be a good start.

Why The Former Guy’s election conspiracy theories began in April 2020.

Israel recently announced that six peace and human rights groups were actually terrorists. It then produced a classified report demonstrating all of the evidence. That report has now been completely discredited.

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