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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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The Durham Special Counsel disaster. Three years and over $20 million and they got bupkis.

Town of Uvalde puts a lot of money into their police force and this is how they perform!

Uvalde Police Chief has been unresponsive to questions for two days now.

Update (9 June): The Police Chief did eventually respond and described his actions. He thought he did a great job. Very few people agree.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News tries desperately to change the subject from guns to marijuana.

"Trump just sent a third letter to the Pulitzer Prize board demanding that they strip the NYT of their award for Russiagate reporting"
On the one hand, I have zero sympathy for the former president and believe he’s wrong, OTOH, the Pulitzer Prize board needs to be straight-up with him and tell him flatly that he won’t get a correction from them. At the very least, they need to give him a progress report.


How do you conduct democracy with a person like this? He makes a sort-of, somewhat reasonable-sounding assertion, is proven to be way off and then just insists that he's right anyway.

"Supreme Court Investigation Demands Clerks' Cell Phone Records"
As the blogger makes clear, there is a very high probability that the perp the Supreme Court is looking for is Ginni and/or Clarence Thomas, so of course they're investigating clerks.

Looks like the 911 people did their job just fine and relayed the substance of the calls from inside the Uvalde school.

Heh! Funny, how after all this time, The Former Guy is the only person in the entire country that thought his phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State was “perfect.”

A while ago, I put out a piece that said Russia didn’t have any NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers, their Navy counterpart is Petty Officers). Turns out that Russia does indeed have NCOs, but they’re a pretty recent phenomenon.
One of the important points about Russia feeling the need to have NCOs is that I’ve been seeing an old argument on regular citizens needing access to guns so that they can overthrow the government if need be. But being a force capable of doing battle with the government requires more than simply guns. Right now, Russia is having a hard time prevailing in the war in Ukraine because their soldiers aren’t as advanced, aren’t as professionally knowledgeable as their Ukrainian counterparts, and the difference is visible in battlefield performance.

"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott loudly booed at Uvalde memorial site"
Seems to me that Trump ran into the same problem. He wanted to play the “Consoler in Chief,” but the people at the scene of the shooting accurately identified him as being part of the problem.

Very interesting. Seems Russian post-Soviet TV depended very heavily on American TV. The only series here that I watched regularly was “Married...with Children,” but I knew of all the rest.

Russian State Duma Deputy Defense Committee Chairman Vladimir Shamanov talks about long-range plans for Ukraine. Ukrainians must eject all Russian troops from all of their territory!

Basic problem with the "evidence" presented by Dinesh D'Souza in "2000 Mules" is that it's all suggestive. All of it constitutes potential leads that might lead to evidence of voter fraud. None of it would stand up in court as evidence that does prove voter fraud.

It’s far from clear what it is that US troops hope to accomplish in Syria. As ISIS is long since defeated, it’s actually kind of surprising that they haven’t been withdrawn yet.

Blogger solves the mystery as to why Ukraine was defending Severodonetsk so fiercely. It's all about propaganda.

But so long as Russia has to keep troops around Lyman hunting these guerrilla-style defenders, those are forces that can’t be moved to Severodonetsk itself. And everything in this area seems calibrated toward bleeding Russia’s war machine dry while buying time for Western weapons to arrive and reserve forces to spin up.

A 30-year Army veteran explains how guns are handled by trainees and by active-duty soldiers. So, of course, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene recommends that parents take turns carrying guns to protect their schoolchildren.

That's very good news! From consumer sentiment being kind of “Meh” just a little while ago, a slight majority of consumers are now actively seeking some form of electric cars.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross looks into “replacement theory” and finds there’s actually quite a bit to it. Of course, she doesn't interpret it to be just an anti-white people kind of thing.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace cut into her broadcast to bring her audience up to date on how Texas Governor Abbott was failing to do his job. More newspeople need to do this.

"Trump Bashes Kellyanne Conway For Telling The Truth"
Kellyanne Conway claims that she was the first Trump friend to tell him that he had lost the 2020 election. Liberals criticized  Conway's claim because she and Trump both continued to claim publicly that he hadn't lost, so who cares what she told him private? Her Glorious Leader then complains that her statement makes her a disloyal subject!

Hmm. My understanding was that the former president was watching the attack on the Capitol on his tee-vee and was enthralled. Where does Kellyanne Conway get the notion that he never meant for people to attack the Capitol?

Oh. good grief! No, the shooter was not "successfully contained" but the paper just mindlessly repeats what authority figures told them! Yes, the shooter was confined to a small area, but there were students and teachers with him, meaning he posed a contnuing threat to them. Did he simply kill everyone off right away?  Many people died right away, but there were people who slowly bled out and one other who were at first playing dead and then repeatedly asked the 911 operator where the rescuers were.

"Just harden the target," people say. In this case schools. But the school in Uvalde was hardened!

First, to those who blame school shootings on mental health, the shooter “had no known criminal or mental health history.“

Police claim that everything went as it should have, but an awful lot of parents and other citizens claim that police were just standing around.

In this video clip, Senator Cruz makes it absolutely, positively crystal clear that he can't answer why the gun problem is utterly exclusive to the US.

A persistent reporter demonstrates that a politician simply has no serious answers to the question of why an 18-year old needs an AR-15.

It’s good to see that the Biden Administration is trying to revive the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, but the killing of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Colonel is complicating things.

Harris Faulkner is astonished to be described as "conservative media," but yeah. No, the world did not spontaneously confront Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, just as it didn't spontaneously confront Iraq back in 1991. Joe Biden and the elder George Bush made those two alliances happen.

Republicans like to talk about solving problems that they pretend to care about, but as usual, they're "All hat and no cattle."

Details on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. More details.

Excellent rant about the 50 Republican senators who keep filibustering gun safety measures. Of course, the two Democratic senators who insist that the filibuster cannot be swept away are also to blame, but he doesn’t mention them.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell has, of course, no reaction to the shooting.

Yep! Senator Manchin prioritizes the filibuster over pushing through gun safety legislation.

They say that madness is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result. Senator Manchin appears to be stuck in an infinite loop. He keeps wanting to find a bipartisan solution to guns that both sides can agree on. It clearly isn't happening.

So Senator Sinema, that other Democratic, but filibuster-loving senator, comes out with a really good statement that says nothing about dumping the filibuster!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s answer to school shootings (more religion).

Note all of the people who will be issuing “thoughts and prayers” today.

I'll tell you what's really a "tired talking point!" The idea of "a good guy with a gun..." or "if we only arm teachers." It's not entirely clear what happened immediately before the gunmn entered the school, but he entereed it with a gun and lots of ammunition. Depriving him of a gun in the first place is an idea that was tried with the Brady Bill and guess what? It worked! Shootings went significantly down.

Representative AOC is responding to Representative Boebert's statement that "You cannot legislate away evil." True, but if you look at what other nations have done, it's absolutely crystal clear that we do not have to live with gun massacres.

Love it! Looks just like a Norman Rockwell painting! Teaxs Govenor candidate Beto O'Rourke confronts the sitting Texas Governor Abbot and numerous other officials that are pretending to care about gun safety.

A powerful argument. Henry #$&@ing Kissinger wants to spare his good buddy Putin the humiliation of being soundly thrashed by our true friends and allies, the Ukrainians! We must support our allies!!!
Good response to Kissinger’s proposal.

Yep! Unfortunately, once you’re out of the womb, the “pro-lifers” no longer care about you.

Huh! Interesting. Republicans want to defend their failed 2017 tax cut? Cool! Let's make a campaign issue out of it!
And yeah, Senator Manchin's criticism is only sort of, partially right

Very cool! The NY Times leaves the euphemisms aside and calls it like it is!

“Deep” thoughts from the NY Times columnist.

16 months after being inaugurated, how’s Biden doing on the Iran issue? A last-minute action taken by Trump to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group appears to be the cause of a lot of problems.

Ivanka Trump visits Ukraine. Does she have evil motives in doing so? Is she trying to conduct an image rehabilitation tour? Ehh, yeah. Probably. Hey, credit where it’s due. She appears to be doing good stuff and is spending money in useful ways. 

This is why I can’t understand how anybody can support Russia. Pretty clearly, the objective isn’t military. This is cultural genocide. Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine’s culture.

Hmm. "Ginny Thomas was paid for many years to lobby against the ACA..."
This strikes me as something that we the public should have been made aware of many years ago.

Seems pretty clear that the NY Times Editorial Board is composed of bunch of old, isolated, out of touch people who really have no idea what’s going on in the real world. Editorial Board is unduly pessimistic about Ukraine's ability to survive.

Another problem with the Russia-Ukraine war is that it diverts attention and resources away from a Central Asian problem, the Afghan Taliban.

Bishop in the US denies Speaker Pelosi communion. Pope makes it clear that that isn’t Vatican policy.

Another problem is that the Bishop is clearly a “Cafeteria Catholic,” someone who picks and chooses which parts of holy doctrine to enforce.

In 1943, a few months after the Soviet Union successfully beat Nazi Germany at the Battle of Stalingrad, the two sides faced each other again around the city of Kursk. In that, the Soviets demonstrated that they had solved the problem of blitzkrieg. The Russians are now on the other side of that. Ukrainians have done what the Soviets did in '43, they've constructed layered defenses. The enemy breaks through one line, there's another one right behind it. Russia's in some pretty deep doo-doo right now.

Francesca Albanese, the new UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, talks about her role and the role of the UN in enforcing human rights there.

No, Representative Jordan’s and Elon Musk’s statements are not true! The Steele Dossier had a source that was much later found to be without credibility and there were lurid episodes that were never considered credible, but there was no attempt to lie to anyone and a great deal of it has stood up to examination.

Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for Governor.

"Mastriano’s Master’s Thesis Fearfully Imagines A Woke Dictator And A Civilian ‘Putsch’"
More on Mastriano.

Serious hard-luck stories from Russians in Ukraine. Blogger tells a story of a severely under-strength unit (a company is supposed to have from 120 to 160 soldiers, the fellow who’s quoted says he’s in a “company” of 13) that has to walk for six hours to the battlefield, with no tanks or trucks to carry equipment there or to carry wounded soldiers back.

The “People’s Convoy,” that group of truckers with no clear purpose, but who want to copy the truck holdup from Canada, may be going through a financial squeeze that may shut them down. They started with a fund of nearly $2 million (that’s why they always have enough diesel fuel), but that fund is quickly running out.

More hilarity on that.


BREAKING: the trucker convoy is leaving the DC area after failing to occupy anything.

The surviving family members of the Sandy Hook students have sued Alex Jones with the explicit purpose of bankrupting him. He argues that his outfit is "press" and therefore protected by the 1st Amendment. But if this is the level of "journalism" he provides…

Jones said, "Three-year-old girls are having periods. 5-year-old girls are getting pregnant because these chemicals hyper feminize females and feminized males."

"Madison Cawthorn Declares War On The GOP"
Woo hoo! Love it when bad guys fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel refers derisively to what Representative Cawthorn calls “Dark MAGA,” says it sounds like something from Star Wars.

Very interesting that Representative Loudermilk is now sharing a story that's relevant to January 6th and that he had kept to himself for almost a year and a half. Also of note is that he could have come to the committee and given testimony under oath, but instead chose to issue a written press release.

Fox Newsperson Tomi Lahren comments on Hunter Biden having "no marketable skills beyond his last name." Really? Biden actually has a pretty healthy resume. Has he benefited from being the son of a president? Yes, but so have Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric. Do any of them have skills that are independantly of being related to Donald Trump?

One reason why I'll never be a Libertarian>
Libertarians figure (words to the effect of) “Ahh, $%#@ ‘em. People will get over/learn to live with abortion rules.”

Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, the brother of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, found his promotion to full Colonel was put on hold.

Alyssa Farah, the then-White House communications director, insisted that Vindman’s allegations were "ridiculous and false.”

Well, now that The Former Guy is no longer President, Yevgeny Vindman is now a full Colonel.

Jesse Waters of Fox News feels that those who aren’t directly affected by the abortion issue should take a seat on it. I read many years ago that single women of child-bearing age tend to be overwhelmingly pro-choice. Looking at the available statistics, Guttmacher says abortions are sought mainly by women in their 20s and 30s. Pew says those below 30 tend to be pro-choice by a 75% to 25% margin. Take a seat, Jesse!

Hey y'all! Congresswoman AOC is engaged to be married!

Science fiction films guess what the future will be like. Fortunately, in most cases, they got it wrong.

The Cook Political Report believes the win of State Senator Doug Mastriano for Senate candidate puts the Pennsylvania race into a “lean Dem” category.

Rachel Maddow's evaluation.

"How Doug Mastriano promoted election lies between Election Day and Jan. 6"

Simple, foolproof way to tell if someone’s racist and/or trying to stay in the good graces of racists. Ask them what they think of the "replacement theory." If the man or woman start hemming and hawing or tries to change the subject or tries to turn the question around, they’re racist.

Case in point.

When Tucker Carlson of Fox News learned that he and the shooter in Buffalo had identical ideologies, he doubled down on “White Replacement Theory.” Since 2011, this theory has been implicated in 160 murders.

Wait! What? Didn’t Republicans just finish complaining about the baby food shortage?!?!?! They just now voted 192-12 to not do anything about that shortage! Democrats were in the majority and voted unanimosly to fund the measure anyway.

Like the pro-Russian House Caucuas, the Let 'em Starve Caucus is a small, but very real group.

Explanation of the two votes.

Ooh! Ow! Yowza! Freudian slip much? The younger George Bush makes an inadvertent admission regarding both the current war in Ukraine and the Iraq War of 2003.

The message from Elon Musk here convinces me that he's hopelessly biased and completely incapable of running Twitter effectively.

This is why we call them anti-choicers and this is what they're all about. Representative Roy talks over his witnesses, showing his complete contempt for them.

Rock star Eric Clapton's a hard-core anti-vaxxer. Guess what he's now hospitalized for? Yeah, I just really have a hard time feeling any sympathy for him.

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