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Pampered Chef cooking supplies and treats.

My own "man-style" recipes (Very straightforward and easy to prepare).

I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

Brief history of PRAWN

PRAWN's mission is to:
  • Network groups, organizations, and individuals to stop the repression caused by "never ending wars" at home and abroad, by the US corporate military state
  • Support organizations having common ground
  • Educate and activate the general public

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Bubbies & Zaydes (Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East - Peace Vigil

Held at the corner of 19th & JFK Boulevard

1st & 3rd Fridays of each month - all are invited to attend



Drone Free Horsham

Protests are held last Saturday of each month, 12:00noon to 2:00pm

North corner of Horsham Air Base
Intersection of Easton Road & W. County Line Road

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YouTube - Living Under Drones

Protests held on Apr13, Jun13, Jul13, Apr14, May14, Jun14, Apr15, Jul15, May16

Senate Intelligence Committtee Torture Report

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Anti-Drone Protest outside Horsham Air Base.
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Social Forum - Phildelphia 2015
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Anti-Drone Protest at Horsham Air Base.

climate march

Climate March NYC / Comments from reporter Naomi Klein. / The significance of the march

Rally for Michael Brown

rally for gaza

Rally for Gaza


Gay Pride Parade - Vets For Peace and FUMCOG contingents


May Day 2014


Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett arranges to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

drone protest

Anti-drones protest

group photo

Syria strike protest

Horsham Air Base

Protest at Horsham Air Base about proposed Drone Command Center

Anonymous protests

Last (?) Protest on behalf of Pfc. Bradley Manning

gay pride parade

The 2013 Philly Gay Pride Parade

Brad Manning demo

Demonstration on behalf of Bradley Manning, whose court-martial begins next Monday.


May Day USA 2013
May Day 2013
Horsham Air Base drone protest
Protesting drones at Horsham Air Base
Sandy Hook Vigil
Vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School
Visual essay on event and on the gun control issue

near Liberty Bell

National Gathering Facebook page
Live-blog of National Gathering

in front of school board
Rally at the School Board to defeat the Knudsen Plan

May Day Rally
Also, same problems that apply to privatized schools apply to prisons as well.

Decarcerate PA
march & rally story

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The "Final Friday" vigil concludes

Dilworth Plaza

Occupation of Dilworth Plaza, Philadelphia

Protesting War in Libya

Declare Peace
Declare Peace & protest of interception of Boat to Gaza

Mt Airy Day
Mt Airy Day 2011


Philadelphia's Take Back The Night annual march and testimony

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UNAC opposed to the wars abroad

Lafayette Park
Noting the beginning of the 8th year of the Iraq War. Also, protest of how Pfc. Bradley Manning is being treated.

At Love Park
Two protests in support of the citizens, workers and unions of Wisconsin.
MSB Plaza     Love Park

rally for Egypt
In support of the Egyptian people against their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Update on situation. Videos of another protest shortly afterwards.

Vets protest

Veteran-Led Civil Resistance to U.S. Wars
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March & Rally to End the Wars

Protesting Islamophobia at Temple U.

around reflecting pool
One Nation Rally Washington DC Oct 2010

Don't [eff] with our activists!
Protesting FBI intimidation of peace activists. Pieces on PhillyAgainstWar blog 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.

ship to gaza
Fundraiser for US Ship to Gaza

Gay Pride Parade
Philadelphia's second annual Gay Pride Parade

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is nostalgic for the old days when the Senate was less rancorously partisan. Of course, if we were to identify who, over the past decade, did more than anyone else to make the Senate rancorously partisan, it would be Senator McConnell.

I was a Navy Personnelman using the old housing payments method and was there when they switched to the new, much better, method. Believe me, if the Senate is really determined to save money, there are many better places to start economizing than to start nickel'n'diming the troops.


Bwah-hah-hah!!! It costs about $250 million to run a presidential campaign these days. That's before any ad buys or actual voter outreach! Apparently, the RNC is just as broke as Trump is!!!

William Weld (I was living in MA when he was Governor there) says nope, there will never be an indictment of Clinton for emails because there was no discernible criminal intent. Without that, there's no criminal case.

Apparently, the Trump press conference where he explained his Trump University was quite the show!

Lessons on Bernie Sanders today and 1968. From the piece:
"To us, Humphrey, Nixon and Wallace were all pro-war, with no meaningful difference between them. Humphrey's leadership in the civil rights movement seemed like ancient history, and his association with LBJ was more than enough to condemn him in our eyes. We wanted to change the world, and we thought we had a lot of answers -- none of which involved picking the lesser of evil candidates."

For many millennia, we've been using different metaphors to try and understand how the brain works. None of them, including the latest one of computers, is accurate.

A few months ago, Hillary Clinton claimed that Trumps words were being used in Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) propaganda videos. This aroused great condemnation, sturm und drang because there was no proof that Trump's words were actually being used in that manner. Well, now we have word from our intel agencies that, yes, they're being used in precisely that manner by that exact group.

Is Donald Trump a fascist? It probably gives him too much credit to say that he's deliberately copying Hitler or Mussolini, but yes, there are quite a few similarities in his basic message to voters.

Very cool! A lot of global warming skeptics say "Well, when renewables can power a city, get back to me." The point is, if we deploy renewables to the maximum extent of our ability, we'll get to that point! Title of the piece is "Renewables Overtaking Coal and Nuclear in Midwest." We didn't get there by saying "When it's perfect..."

So it looks like Hillary has settled on her general election strategy. Chris Christie was seen as bully, but he was a bully on our behalf. Bridgegate removed the "on our behalf" part. Trump is a businessman, so Clinton is going to play tag team with Senator Warren to remove the "on our behalf" part.

I'm sorry, but I have to very, very strongly disagree with this:
"...what is really dumb, is that you have closed primaries, like in New York State, where three million people who were [neither] Democrats [n]or Republicans could not participate.”
Dude if you can't brin yourself to sign up to be a Democrat, why are you trying to be able to determine who the Democratic nominee is?!?!?!

Donald Trump gives a speech on energy policy. Not only does it sound nothing like his natural voice, he kept expressing surprise, as though he were reading the speech for the first time.

Senator Ted Cruz leads effort to shut down an investigation of Exxon for knowing in the mid-70s that global warmng was occurring and that it was due to fissil fuels. Very interesting use of language here. "private debate" actually stands for brazenly lying. Deliberately, consciously, with malice and forethought. "...most controversial public issues of our time," actually means a very lop-sided debate with a few wealthy and powerful interests on one side and pretty much all the rest of humanity on the other. Cruz likes to use very select data points. The answer to that we should use all the data, not just selected snippets.

An FB buddy pointed out that gee, Clinton sure hosts some boring, lackluster, under-attended rallies whereas Sanders rallies make great photo-ops. Very true. Clinton voters are more likely to stay home. Problem for Sanders is that Clinton voters are substantially more numerous than Sanders voters. The unrepresentative caucuses make Sanders appear to be far more popular than he actually is.

Donald Trump and instincts versus having factual knowledge on which to base those instincts. Not the same thing at all. Also, please keep in mind that G.W. Bush very famously relied on his "gut" to make decisions. His gut was a miserably poor indicator of anything.

Way back in the early aughts, '04 or '05 I think, a fellow found his way onto the PhillyIMC mailing list. He offered his services as a smart, older fellow who could help us with our organization. His refusal to read our founding documents (claimed he didn't have the time) meant that we didn't get very far with him. One plan of action he suggested was that we should get together with Bill Gates as Gates had lots of money and was bankrolling many groups. We didn't see Gates as an enemy to progressives, but neither did we see him as a friend. Sure enough, as we see in this piece, Gates doesn't understand how to make good progress in the fight against global warming.

Are Donald Trumps attacks on Hillary Clinton using Whitewater and other 90s scandals likely to be effective? Nah. Rudy Giuliani looked at the idea 16 years ago. All of those scandals amount to a nothingburger.

"A Wisconsin county clerk testified in federal court this week that weekend voting should be eliminated because it gave urban areas “too much access” to the polls." In other words, the clerk understands all too well why voter restrictions exist.

Stephanie Chatfield, the wife of anti-choice Michigan state Rep. Lee Chatfield (R), made a hard choice when she was younger. She was sexually taken advantage of, found later she was pregnant and had an abortion. Now she and her husband wish to deny other women that same choice that she had. I understand she feels really bad about her choice, but that's no excuse for her and her husband to deny that same choice to everyone else.

A State Department audit finds that all three of the latest Secretaries of State, Powell, Rice and Clinton, broke the rules concerning emails. None of them should have been using private email for government business.

Piece on political fighting over a response to Zika. As I've mentioned before, yes, there are many areas where Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable. Zika isn't one of them. 100% of the problem is the GOP idea of small, cheap government.

So what has the effect of the discriminatory "bathroom bill" HB2 been on North Carolina's economy? Not good. Not good at all.

Hmm, very, very interesting. The Republican Freedom Caucus is trying to impeach the current head of the IRS for discrimination against conservative groups that allegedly happened under the now-departed head of the IRS. Funny how they don't seem to want to include the testimony of Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Could it be because his testimony would show that their whole crusade is pointless?

Huh! So Reagan's "October Surprise" of 1980 wasn't the first one. Nixon's of 1968 was.

Very interesting. Over 100 tribal organizations unanimously agree that "Redskins" is a racial slur, but the WaPo somehow comes out with a poll saying nine out of 10 Native Americans don't mind the team name. Hmmm.

The blogger gives a good summary of what happened in Nevada:
"Shit got all crazy in Nevada. Some people threw chairs (or maybe they just waved them in the air), others sent threatening misogynistic and terroristic voicemails and texts to the head of the Nevada Democratic Party."
The Rreal problem was that Bernie's statement afterwards was just muttering, hemming, hawing and the placing of blame on others. Bernie demonstrated for us that he's just not ready to play in the big leagues.

Iranian Mullahs vs Kim Kardashian. Yep, old men and sexy younger women, the eternal battle, part six zillion and twenty-seven.

Democrats have been hammering away at the anti-Planned Parenthood Committee. Good News! A Republican finally joined them! Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) said: "...that the committee is an unnecessary use of millions of taxpayer dollars and of Congress’ time.
"The truth is, we already have had three panels look into the matter and we don’t need a fourth. We’re either a party of less government or not."”

Good statements from a Bernie Sanders spokesperson. Many days too late and too much self-justifying language, but a generally good statement.

Rep. Trey Gowdy concedes a really vital point, that given the posture and deployments of US military assets on the night of the Benghazi attack, there was no way for the response to be any quicker than it was. Why were they deployed the way they were? We've known the answer to that for several years, the Ambassador wanted a "light footprint."

I went to the Bernie Sanders site and read his statement, on the shouting at the Nevada Convention where a Nevada Democrat was harrassed over email and by phone, in full and then went to this to read the annotated version. I agreed with most of the criticisms the blogger made before I got to them. Sanders is a small-time, little-league player who needs to drop out now. The mess that is our primary system was obscured by the fact that there's usually a clear front-runner by the end of the South Carolina primary, the third one to take place. But Sanders is fooling himself and/or lying to his followers when he says that there's still a chance he can pull this off. He needs to quit and make a deal with Clinton that preserves whatever progressive gains he's made.

The Benghazi Committee, which should never have been established and whose existence has become a sad joke, is now even further embarrassed by the fact that a general of 33 years experience had, after 18 months of the Benghazi attack, concluded that the US did everything it could possibly have done in responding to the attack. Why does the committee still exist?!?!? Obama Administration political opponents are convinced, convinced, I tell you!!!, that someone, somehow, is guilty of something!

What are the distinctions between Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan? Essentially, Trump is an open and explicit fascist and Ryan wears nicer suits, Trump uses a foghorn in his messaging while Ryan talks more in dogwhistles, but really, when you get right down to it, the differences between the two men are very, very thin.

Bill Clinton says he "killed" himself to give the Palestinians a state. The blogger effectively says "Ehh, not really."

Nannies and housekeepers in IL just won right to minimum wage. Brings to mind the section in Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior where a domestic employer said she liked to treat her maid as "one of the family." Miss Manners thought that was fine, but "What your maid REALLY wants is to be paid minimum wage, have a regular 40 hour work week with time and a half for overtime, etc."

Zika is a mosquito-borne problem that affects children in the womb. Unfortunately, it isn't the slightest bit surprising that if being "pro-life" doesn't involve beating up on and taking rights away from women, there's just no fun in it. One of them is quoted as saying that as Zika "only" affects 1% of births (The actual figure is closer to 29%), hey, no big deal!

Why do we still pay attention to Ted Nugent? Well... "Nugent is, however, a board member of the NRA – a group Senate Republicans believe should have veto power over Supreme Court nominees – and he remains a prominent partisan activist in right-wing circles. Indeed, let’s not forget that in 2012, Mitt Romney actively sought, and eventually earned, Nugent’s personal endorsement after a private discussion between the two men.
"This year, Nugent is a high-profile Trump supporter – who also happens to be promoting videos in which Hillary Clinton is killed."

Good to hear Clinton is opposed to TPP. How serious is she? Eh, hard to say.

Support for the Republica Senate's plan to blockade any nominee of Obama from becoming a Supreme Court Justice has collapsed.the

After having made such a fuss about "principles" concerning blocking any and all Obama Administration Supreme Court Justice nominees, a Republican senator finally admits that his "principle" is a purely partisan one. He just wants to see the most conservative Supreme Court nominee possible.

Are Donald Trump and the two Democrats, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton just a case of six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other? Actually, they really aren't. The Democrats have some idea as to what they're doing, Trump very clearly doesn't. "The credit freeze and jobs collapse that followed the Wall Street collapse in 2008 would seem like a tiny blip in comparison to the havoc wrought by Trump’s hypothetical debt haircut."

Good grief, what a WATB!!! NC Governor McCrory didn't do his due diligence before passing HB2 and now whines that the federal government is "only" giving him three days to respond to the accusation that HB2 violates Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.
Also, this is pathetic:
"When you go into a restroom or your wife goes into a restroom you assume the only other people going into that restroom or shower facility is going to be a person of the same gender," McCrory said.
No, I think we presume that the other restroom patrons are going to focus on doing their own business and won't molest anyone. What gender they are is beside the point.

Bernie Sanders recommends that liberals/Democrats should start up the equivalent of Fox News for the left. Not only do I agree with Bernie about this, I thought it was a great idea back in the 80s when Z Magazine first brought it up.

Very interesting piece about how we got here and how Trump is very much an outgrowth of a Republican politics that really took off with Newt Gingrich. Trump's chances of winning the presidency are only 20%, but we shouldn't get too comfortable, because 20% is not zero.

Totally and completely on board with Bernie here. Climate change is THE serious issue that we need to tackle. However, Politics USA makes the very good point that Bernie has never undergone a serious, sustained attack from the Republican noise machine whereas Hillary has. Yes, Bernie has been attacked running in Vermont where everybody knows him, but voting for the untested, untried Bernie in a national election is a helluva gamble.

Donald Trump suggests that the US can save money on foreign debt by shorting creditors, by making them settle for getting repaid less than 100 cents on the dollar. What happens to the world economy if we carry out Trump's plan? Recall that the US sets the Gold Standard. If we ask our creditors to accepts less than 100 cents for every dollar we're paying back, we become an impoverished, third-rate backwater with no economy to speak of.

The Red State blog really, really hates collectivism and loves individualism. But a study shows that the most effective type of appeal on combating climate change is to appeal to a collective sense of responsibility.

The Justice Department is saying that HB2 is disciminatory and should not be implemented. If I were the Governor of NC, I'd reach for that ruling like a drowning man reaching for a life preserver! I'd probably act like a pro wrestler and grimace at being pinned, but I'd be happy as a clam that I could get out of an awful self-made trap. So, of course, Governor McCrory makes about the most foolish, counterproductive response he could possibly have made! He's now accusin the DOJ of "overreach." The DOJ s simply carrying out the law.

And these secret trade deals are and have always been a people vs the establishment issue. On this, the two parties are indistinguishable.

Bernie Sanders is doing poorly at reaching black and Hispanic voters. Clinton has handed Sanders unforced errors he can exploit, but black and Hispanic issues are not just a subset of economic issues. They need to be addressed as separate issues that would be improved, but would still exist, in a better economy.

Donald Trump becomes the Republican party's presumptive nominee. Keep in mind that the Senate passed an immigration reform bill that was a hard-fought compromise between the two parties. It went to the House and has been sitting on the Speaker's desk, gathering dust, ever since. Trump used the lack of immigration reform as one of his main tools to distinguish himself from the rest of the field. Rachel Maddow comments on the truly historic nature of Trump's victory.

Pretty sad that one of the promises Mitch McConnell made when Repblicans took the majority was that he'd get the Senate working and productive again. The Senate is now on pace to be less productiv than any Senate since 1956.

The rule now is that if 40% of students in a school qualify for free lunches then everybody gets free lunches. To change the threshold to 60% saves the government $1.6 billion annually but makes the program more difficult and expensive to administer. Isn't this a weathy enough country for us to provide free school lunches?!?!? Do we seriously have to scrimp and save like that?

Hate to take Debbie Wasserman Schultz's, the DNC Chairperson's, side but she's got a point here. Voting in Democratic primaries without being a member of the party is kind of like getting union representation without paying union dues. You're getting to have a say in the party's direction without making any sort of commitment to seeing to it that the party succeeds.

Voter-ID laws keep people that might vote Democratic from voting. Evidence is, that's a feature, that is, an intended consequence, not a bug, an error.

Oh, and if you're hearing about Donald Trump's opposition to the Iraq War, nah, not really. When he was asked about it after Bush first proposed it, Trump gave a tepid, unenthusiastic endorsement of it. It was only when the war was clearly a bad idea that he came out against it.

The good thing about the Supreme Court blockade that Republicans established right after the passing of Justice Scalia is that Senators in blue states can't pretend to be independent of the larger party in DC. Senators Toomey and Ayotte can't both block Judge Garland and pretend they're not taking orders from Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

Female genital mutilation banned in Nigeria. Piece is actually from August of last year, but good! This is a practice that belongs in the dustbin of history.

Lengthy piece showing that, no, pundit John Stossel really doesn't have the vaguest clue as to what he's talking about. One of the main problems with trying to treat health care as a free market is the coercion factor. If you're in the market for a car or a computer and don't like the price, you can walk out of the shop. With a hip replacement or chemotherapy? Ehhh, not so much.

98 lawmakers formally request of the Speaker of the House that he disband the committee on the Planned Parenthood "sting" videos as the committee is serving partisan purposes only and is endangering researchers into needed medical advances.


The anger against Trump and his racism and xenophobia are very real. On the other side of the aisle, "It can't be repeated enough that the Tea Party was absolutely a Koch-funded, Fox News promoted, astro-turf group who bused in protesters to highly orchestrated events after President Obama was inaugurated."

Your good news for the day! The ACA/Obamacare is proving extremely difficult to kill. The Kentucky Governor really, really hates it, but it's proving to be far too useful for anyone to remove it.

The Benghazi Committee is getting SO desperate...
How desperate are they getting?
The Committee is getting SO desperate to find something, anything, they can use against Clinton that
"Unable to substantiate various conspiracy theories, the committee is now pressing the Pentagon to find people who’ve made odd claims on Facebook and talk radio."
LONG since time to pack it in, guys!

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