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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Horsham Air Base protest

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Anti-Drone Protest at Horsham Air Base.

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Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett arranges to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

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By invoking a particular law that House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal (D-MA) did, a subpoena shouldn't be necessary.

Happy to hear this. Glad to hear that the thought gives him nightmares.

Former FBI Director James Comey revealed that he's kept awake at night by the possibility that he helped Trump secure the 2016 election.

President claims he will soon unveil a new Republican health care plan. Very important to keep this in mind. There is no Republican health care plan to unveil. They had nearly a decade and failed to produce one that even their own party could pass in good conscience.

Yes, the President is currently convinced that the noise from wind farms causes cancer. I wish that was something other people made up.

Very cool! A company that had dumped major amounts of coal ash must clean up those pits at their expense! The ash was placed into unsecured pits, from which they've leaked into the drinking water supply and have overflowed during floods.

The bad news: Media has assisted the Attorney General and the President by asserting that Mueller Report contains only good news for the President.
The good news: The needle of public opinion hasn't moved a millimetre because people are aware that the Mueller Report has been embargoed by the AG.

Fox News runs a chyron that states "Trump cuts U.S. aid to 3 Mexican countries." AOC comments on that.


"Mick Mulvaney Tells Shameless Lie: No One Will Lose Coverage If Obamacare Is Overturned"
Interviews like this are much worse than merely useless. It was made clear during the 2017 debate over replacing the ACA/Obamacare that millions of people would be thrown off of their plans without an adequate replacement. It was clear that the GOP hadn't figured out how to cover pre-existing conditions (that was also made clear before the 2018 midterm). Charging people a penalty for not getting an ACA plan is a feature, not a bug. That's part of how the ACA covers costs. The interviewer simply moves on to the next subject without challenging his subject in the slightest, thereby giving viewers the impression that they were just told the truth. They weren't.

"Will Rachel Maddow face a reckoning for her Trump-Russia coverage?"
This was posted by a radical leftist Russagate skeptic. It contained this sentence: "Still, it’s abundantly clear now that many liberal outlets overdid it in their fervor."
Erm, actually, it's far from clear as we only have the word of a Trump partisan that the Mueller Report says any such thing. All we have so far is the Attorney General's summary that he now claims isn't a summary. We will need much more detailed evidence of specific errors in the Russiagate coverage before we can agree with what the writer claims.

With Russia offering to buy Venezuela's oil and China offering to help with their electrical grid problems, those two powers are seriously challenging the notion that Latin America is the "backyard" of the US.

"Trump cuts aid for Central American countries, threatens border shutdown"
[What they must have been thinking]
"Hmm. So if people are coming to the US because their own countries are in desperate shape...what to do? What to do? Ha! I got it! We'll make their home countries even more desperate!"
The President's analysis of the situation:: “They set up these caravans,” Trump said at an event in Canal Point, Florida, on Friday. “In many cases, they put their worst people in the caravan; they’re not going to put their best in."

Good! Alex Jones claims that "a 'form of psychosis' made him believe mass shootings like Sandy Hook were staged." Sounds to me like the best answer to the "psychosis" that Jones experienced is to slap him with a really major monetary fine that'll leave him with a dingy apartment and barely enough food to get by.

The Special Olympics, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, President Trump and federal spending.

A deep dive into the President's negotiating style. It might work IF the other party is really, really anxious to make a deal and is willing to give up just about anything. If the situation is anything like normal diplomacy where the two sides both have good reasons to come to the table, his style is worthless.

"Massachusetts lawmakers pass conversion therapy ban"
Good! Conversion therapy clearly doesn't work as many subjects of it have repeatedly testified.

The Director of the President's National Economic Council, who isn't particularly well-qualified for his post, decided on the strength of a single editorial that a Republican pundit named Stephen Moore would make a splendid member of the Federal Reserve Board. Yeah, still more of the usual Trump cluster$%#@.

This bum (The President decided to appoint him to Federal Reserve Board position after seeing him give an interview on TV) also owed $18k in child support payments. For some reason, he thought he could take that off of his taxes.

Wow! A poll says 36% of the population believes the President was cleared by Robert Mueller. How can people believe such a crazy assertion? Well, the blogger here points out that the media has done a very poor job of pointing out that the Barr 3 1/2 page summary is not the 300-1000 page Mueller Report.

Of the three groups, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Republicans are the least enthusiastic about releasing the Mueller Report. but the percentage who support release is still 54%.
Oh, and the length of the Mueller Report is now asserted to be around 400 pages.

Presidential candidate "Donald Trump on Friday "[in late August 2016] continued his outreach to African-American voters, presenting them with a stark question: 'What the hell do you have to lose?'" Trump was of course speaking to an audience that was about 99% white, but his question made him look as though he cared about African-Americans.
I was reminded of this when I heard the question about what Democrats will do, attack him with "partisan investigations" or "join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure."
The President has, of course, done absolutely zip about infrastructure for his entire term as 1. Republicans don't want to do anything that involves spending a lot of money and 2. Democrats want to use an infrastructure plan to do something about climate change.
The two offers are alike in that they convince the followers of the President that he's serious about doing the work that a president is expected to do. They're alike in that we can reasonably expect that this work will never get accomplished.

Very good Rachel Maddow show last night as she details the history of how Special Counsel reports have been relayed. We have never had an Attorney General delay a report for any reason. Chairman Adam Schiff responds with righteous outrage to a demand that he step down and details the reasons as to why we think the President has been compromised by a foreign power.

Experts and research indicate that 15 students is a good class size. Larger classes means students don't get enough attention. Education Secretary DeVos is certain though, that students can thrive in al sorts of conditions. She's asked what research she has to back that assertion up and it's clear from her answer that she's got nothin'.

Research confirms that DeVos is mistaken. Larger class size does not result in better learning.

"US-Mexico border 'at breaking point'"
This is 100% a self-created problem. If there is a tragedy, the Trump Administration will be wholly and completely responsible.

I completely agree with Brian Kilmeade, who said: "The Democrats are not buying the [Barr] summary. They still think the president colluded just about to a person."
Right, because the Starr Report of 1998 was released wholesale and the current Attorney General has not provided a good reason as to why he provided a summary to the Mueller Report and why the report is being delayed.
It's rather unreasonable for Senator Rand Paul to ask for an investigation of "the Obama era officials that got this thing started." As we don't know what Mueller found, on what basis would we investigate the investigators?

Michelle Obama's autobiography has sold almost 10 million copies.

The big tax bill of December 2017 promised major returns in the form of repatriated money. Companies were supposed to bring profits back from overseas because that money was being taxed at a lower rate. Problem is, the younger George Bush promised exactly the same thing back during 2004. In both cases, the returns to the US were far less than advertised.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is very, very upset that anyone could make accusations against the current White House and lists a whole series of charges. Hmm. Yeah, problem is, all of those charges are made on solid evidence.

Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams sounded like a great match-up until he started talking about Anita Hill.

Poor, poor Biden, wishing he could help Anita Hill but blocked by the Judiciary Committee chairman [checks notes]...Joe Biden

So how's our good buddy President Xi Jinping doing with the Uighurs? Sounds like things are great over there! [/snark]

Monica Lewinsky notes how differently the Starr Report was handled back then and how the Mueller Report is being handled today.

I'm sorry, but I agree with the blogger. Biden gave what is absolutely and unequivocally the wrong answer. He needs to stop using weasel words and the passive voice as though he was just a helpless bystander at the Anita Hill hearing.

Okay, let's say the President's coordination with Russian election interference didn't happen. That still leaves the fact that they DID attempt to sway the 2016 election and are ramping up to sway the 2020 election. What's the Trump Administration plan? What do they intend to do about that?

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that Democrats were calling for the President's execution, but Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s Communications Director, came up with a list of Democratic criticisms. And y'know what? Those criticisms fall considerably short of "Hang him!"

"Poll: Trump's Numbers Haven't Improved Since Mueller Ended Investigation"

Interesting to see that poll results on the President haven' changed. Yes, it's still early and next week may see big changes. But seems to me that the ambiguity of the Mueller findings is a big factor. If people more or less have their minds made up, that doesn't mean they're unpersudable, but it does mean it will take specific evidence to change those minds and there's just nothing specific yet.

Sanders asked ‘which of the angry and hysterical’ Trump haters ‘got it most embarrassingly wrong’ about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation...

I agree with one of the twitter posts. The Press Secretary's tweet is no way to unite the country. And no one got the story on Russian inerference "embarrassingly wrong."

Sorry, I've read a lot of good reporting by Glenn Greenwald, but for him to compare Rachel Maddow to Judith Miller and to compare Maddow's reporting on Russian interference with the 2016 election to Miller's reports on pre-Iraq War WMDs is just plain silly. No specific reporting by Maddow has been disproven and the piece in the comment shows Miller got the aluminium tubes story very, very wrong.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has claimed to have seen intelligence that demonstrated cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia. The piece has a link to a video of Kellyanne Conway hugely overstating what we know about the Mueller Report. She and others are calling on Schiff to resign.
Y'know, it's funny, but I don't recall any Republican being called upon to resign in the cases of any of the investigations of Obama that turned up nothing. And, as the piece notes, there's no necessary contradiction between what the Mueller Report says and what Schiff said as they could easily have said slightly different things.

Appeals court in Gaza strikes back against authoritarian overreach.

Rachel Maddow has 15 questions on the Barr Memo.

Six House Committee Chairs want the Mueller Report released, ALL of it, by April 2nd.

Is the President still nursing a grudge against the mayor of San Juan who dared to criticize him, over the canceling of the sweetheart deal for a crony of his to fix the island's electricity or does he just hate brown people in general?

For people who say the President is innocent, they sure do act like guilty people! If the Justice Department is going through a process of deciding what can be made public, why aren't Democratic senators and/or representatives being made part of the process? Remember, the Attorney General has absolutely zero credibility!

"Trump's Personal Lawyer Will 'Aggressively Fight' Release Of Trump's Written Answers To Mueller"
The President took a "take-home test" as opposed to answering questions from the stand or at a deposition. His lawyer has no intention of ever releasing those answers! Funny, but for innocent people, Donald Trump and his lawyers sure don't act innocent! Why would a non-guilty person hide this sort of evidence!?!?

Some journalists are taking a look back at pre-war Iraq coverage to say about th AG Barr summary of Mueller's findings: "Hey, you guys should accept a poorly-sourced, vague, government document as the absolute truth!" 'Cause hey, that worked so well back in 2003!

Tensions around Venezuela escalate. "Moscow has also vowed to step in and prevent 'any provocations to shed blood.'”

What in Mueller's probe been proven beyond dispute.

Representative Adam Schiff is amused by Rudy Giuliani saying President is owed an apology.

What's behind the President's uncharacteristic twitter silence? My own guess is that the Mueller news is really, really bad. But that may be wishful thinking on my part.

Attornet General Barr drops his four-page memo on the Mueller Report. It says the President is exonerated, but doesn't provide the underlying evidence and there are many  questions. Now, the AG simply hasn't been in his position long enough, we haven't seen him pursue any other cases, for anyone to give him the benefit of the doubt.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has many questions about the AG's summary of the Mueller report.

Story of the investigation is far from over. Lots of information needs revealing.

A right-winger fears that for New Zealand to ban assault-type weapons so quickly means they're "authoritarian." The historical record is that taking away people's guns is the last thing a dictatorship does. Taking away guns is never the prelude to anything. It's either the only thing the government does and it doesn't lead anywhere or it's the final step in a long political campaign.

Directly after the Kristallnacht, the possession of any weapons by Jews was prohibited through the Verordnung gegen den Waffenbesitz der Juden, enacted on 11 November 1938 (RGBl. I, 1573).

"Kamala Harris plans an 'unprecedented federal investment' in teachers with a nationwide pay raise'"
Good! It just amazes me that people think that they, as citizens, can get something for nothing. Everybody wants to share our society with educated citizens, right? It ain't gonna happen by paying teachers as though they did work that doesn't take skills or brains. You need to pay for that kind of performance!

The Trump Administration's habit of simply running ahead of the diplomatic process may excite Trump's electoral base, but does vastly more to legitimize our foes and de-legitimize the US as an "honest broker."

Woo hoo! Special Counsel's report has dropped! Heh! Reminds me that a few well-known scientists posed a few years ago as though they were a rock band. "Man, this group looks like they're about to drop an album so hot, it's temperature has to be measured in kelvin!"

Now that Mueller has submitted his report but before it’s made public, let’s take a moment to express gratitude for his public service. He and his team have worked tirelessly for nearly two years to find answers and bring to justice those who threaten American liberty. Kudos.

Very true!
Also, someone points that if the report was exonerating, the President "would have already had a press conference, three dozen tweets, and made the report public."

The President's deadline for the disappearance of ISIS has come and gone. How we doin' on that? Ehh, not so good.

Our blogger is absolutely mystified by the failure to ensure that safety features were standard on Boeing 737 MAX jets.

1.) What the fuck are you regulating if you have decided the safety features are… optional.

Ari Fleischer tries to whitewash the Bush Administration's WMD and other lies that got us into the Iraq War. As the piece here points out, there was quite a bit of evidence at the time that showed the Bush Administration was completely full of %$#@. It wasn't the intelligence agencies that messed up. It was the younger George Bush and the people who worked under him that lied.

"Judge Restores Wisconsin Governor's Powers, Strikes Down GOP Laws"
Very excellent! A truly awful abuse of power has been corrected!

Good, lengthy discussion on eliminating the Electoral College. Senator from North Dakota feels his state would be overlooked entirely with its three Electoral Votes, but that would change his state from those three EVs to 350k-plus regular votes, which once you eliminate the "base" votes, can mean up to 150k votes for either side.

My report on the pro-Venezuela/anti-intervention march on Saturday 16 March.

The Fake News problem, my own solution.

"No Exit: America's Senior Generals and the Trap of Infinity Wars"
No, General Petraues didn't solve the Vietnam question. Fact remains that there's a limit on how much you can reshape another country.

Whether or not Senator Warren gets close to winning, she'll make a mark on the race anyway by bringing up good ideas and taking a womkish, policy-heavy approach.

Huh! Wow! Really? [Eye roll] When you delegate safety decisions to a profit-making company, those decisions may not be well-made? Naaaawwwww!!!!!

"Why Obama Didn't Cure White Supremacy, Explained "
Final bullet point here is "It’s hard to dismantle white supremacy." Reminds me of the statement regarding President Bill Clinton. He wanted a Cabinet that "Looked like America," as the current Cabinet-equivalent of Canada looks today, "If the job wasn't a back-breaker, it would have been done decades ago." Clinton deserves credit for trying and his efforts were not in vain, but the job is hard.

"When it Comes to Actively Defending Religious Minorities, Trump is no George Washington; but he Should Be"
Sorry Mr. President, but defending religious minorities is part of your job description. Ya can't do your job, get the %$#@ out!!!

This is the President of the United States suggesting that the FCC should look into *checks notes* late night TV shows. If Obama did this, the GOP would launch hearings. The reason nothing happens is because no one takes the most powerful man in the world seriously.

The problem that the President doesn't appear to understand that has to do with late-night comedians is that comedians pay close attention to polls. They don't care about overall approval ratings. They care about the demographics that are 1. likely to be watching their show in the first place and 2. are likely to be valuable to advertisers. Republicans are likely to not fall into either category, so there's no point in a comedian trying to please them by telling pro-Trump jokes.

No matter how many times acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney laughingly dismisses the idea that the President is a white supremacist, liberals didn't just pick up the idea out of nowhere. No one just irrationally dislikes the President for reasons they don't understand. We dislike him because, among other things, he's a white supremacist.

A vote to override the President's veto probably won't get the 2/3rds majority necessary to override, but it will get Republicans on record as people who chose fascist tyranny over Constitutional democracy.

The Republican Party, and especially the President, appears to have this remarkably dumb take on the Jewish people and the President's policy towards Israel.

A lasting political fight in which Jews figure mostly as a passive, monolithic, two-dimensional, heavily stereotyped object doesn’t make me at all nervous because history has shown that this always ends well.

The New Zealand massacre was prompted by whaite nationalism. The President's Wall is prompted by white nationalism. During the same ceremony, he condemned white natioanlism in the case of New Zealand and praised in the case of the Wall.

The President and the New Zealand gunman sounded eerily similar when describing "invasions."

Trump Administration comments on New Zealand Christchurch massacre. From a blogger at Balloon Juice: "There seems to be a lot of online radicalization of white supremacists too, and they telegraph and now live-stream their terrorist attacks. The New Zealand terrorist is just the latest. The white supremacist who carried out the Pittsburgh synagogue terrorist attack was also active online. So was the deranged Coast Guard officer who was apprehended before he could carry out his massacre. So was Dylann Roof, etc.
"It’s a real problem. But right now, the POTUS has a pinned tweet of his interview with Breitbart News, a racist hate site that has 'black crime' tag."

Mourning the loss of the people lost in the New Zealand ChristChurch massacre.

"New Zealand shooter called Donald Trump 'a symbol of white identity'"

"Candace Owens LOL's After Being Named As Influence For New Zealand Massacres "
The distinction between regular violence and "stochastic" violence is that regular violence can be explicitly directed. Stochastic violence is more in the nature of stating "Those gosh darn bloody [ethnic group]!!! This would be a nice place if not for them!!!" Random people get it into their heads that "If I commit a horrific act of violence, [some group or person] will consider me a hero!"
Candace Owens, along with President Trump and Donald Trump Jr., was named in the New Zealand shooter's manifesto. The Left didn't make anything up and didn't just draw her name out of a hat at random.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was questioned about where the proposed Census question came from.

Hmm...okay. Let me get this straight. The President is complaining because Congress didn't send out enough subpoenas to catch Hillary Clinton performing her nefarious deeds? Huma Abedin was an important aide of Clinton's. Now granted, she's a brown-skinned Muslim, so that apparently made her a target. So she was called upon to testify on Benghazi. She spent six hours in testimony. According to Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) "[Abedin], based on other testimony we have gotten, has no policy responsibilities, no operational responsibilities, was not with Secretary Clinton on the night of this phenomenal tragedy." Not surprisingly, her testimony was completely unenlightening. So if the Benghazi Committee was reduced to subpoenaing a person who had no direct connection to what they were investigating, I think the President is exaggerating just a bit on the question of subpoenas.

"House passes resolution calling for public release of Mueller report 420-0 "
Now this is true, real and serious bipartisanship!

Disturbing comment to get right before the President issues his first vetoes. Surprising? No, I've seen him as a wannabe fascist since way back when.

“I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad,” Trump told Breitbart

Excellent! My Republican Senator, Pat Toomey, voted for our democratic and Constitutional Republic! That is, he voted against the President's Wall.

Pretty hilarious that Paul Ryan can't stand behind the words he posts and needs to "clarify" his comment. Yeesh! It's not like he's in any sort of rush these days.

"Advertisers begin dropping Jeanine Pirro’s show
Jeanine Pirro had earlier suggested that there was something inconsistent about being both an American and wearing a hijab. Good to see that advertisers took offense at that suggeston.

"Senate passes bill demanding end to U.S. involvement in Saudi war in Yemen"
This is a very, very good thing! Obviously, the charge that Iran is helping the Houthis of Yemen is not a compelling one or it isn't a compelling reason to support Saudi Arabia in its murderous campaign against Yemen.

Presidential pardons are not a bad thing, but the GOP has been screwing up by using it for really horrible people.

I was looking at Senator Toomey's website to see if he had arrived at a position on the President's desire to build a border wall by using emergency powers. Nope. We still need to call him to have him support our democratic and Constitutional Republic.
But this particular proposal below on emergency tariffs is a good one. The problem, of course, is not tariffs. The current problem with trade policy is a completely incompetent President who doesn't have a clue as to how to conduct trade policy. The proposed bill addresses that problem well.

Kellyanne Conway on Twitter :

@LoriLoughlin & @FelicityHuffman indicted for lying and buying spots in college. They worried their daughters are as stupid as their mothers.

Yeah, the Trump Administration has a serous glass houses/throwing stones problem. Jared Kushner's dad gave $2.5 million to Harvard. Amazingly enough [/snark], Harvard accepted Jared as a student shortly afterwards.

"Trump pledged to protect Medicare and Medicaid, but his 2020 budget calls for major spending cuts"
In 2015, presidential candidate Donald Trump's promise that he wouldn't touch Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid as president was big news. Yeah, yeah, we'll squeeze the waste, fraud and abuse out of the system. We've been hearing that since the early 80s. Usual result is that some efficiencies can be made and some money saved, but it's never anywhere near enough to make up for the cuts.

"Detained kids were told they wouldn't be reunited with relatives if they misbehaved, senator says"
Horrible! Just irredeemably, absolutely horrible! Everyone involved with these child prisons needs to be locked up themselves for many, many years!!!

So while the blogs were (correctly, IMHO) seeing the President's rambling two-hour CPAC speech as a sign of mental deterioration, the WaPo apparently saw signs of genius. The media is not our friend, never has been, never will be.

Wow! I'm in complete agreement with Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY)!!! She feels that no, allies do not wish to pay more to keep American troops in their country. I served for two years as a sailor in Gaeta, Italy (Halfway between Rome & Naples), We got along okay with the townspeople, but if we offered "Give us more money or we'll withdraw our base from your town!" The response would be "Oh, okay. See ya!" They would have had zero problems seeing us depart. It's hard to pass your town off as rustic and romantic to tourists when you've got an American warship smack in the middle of your harbor!

Hoo yah to this! "Speaker Pelosi: House Democrats reject Trump's 'toxic, destructive budget'"

All right! Again, Elections Have Consequences! State Senator ""Collett Introduces Gun Control Bill For Local Govs In PA Senate "


“What the United States offers the world in terms of energy is that our fossil fuels are extracted and produced in a more environmentally conscious manner than anywhere else in the world.”

Well, yeah. I'm sure it's the most "environmentally conscious" fossil fuel around, but that's kind of like calling someone the most honest member of the Trump Administration, or a drink the most satisfying decaffeinated coffee, or the best-tasting lite beer.

Woo hoo! More on comics in general and Captain Marvel..

#CaptainMarvel has surpassed BLACK PANTHER's global debut of $430M last year by earning an impressive $455M this weekend.

Kathy Kraninger, the latest Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, proves that she really isn't the slightest bit qualified to lead the bureau. Hooray for Representative Porter! for making that clear!

I posted a piece yesterday wherein the President claimed that he was his own best press secretary, that is, he didn't really need Sarah Sanders. Yeah, hmm, kind of a problem with that. Trump's underlings keep having to "explain" that "What the President really meant was..."

I heartily and cheerfully agree with Judge Dana Sabraw! "But the Trump administration immediately fought back, essentially claiming it would be too much work to track them all down," is not a legitimate excuse to refuse to reunited families that were separated at the border!

*Sigh* Okay, the problem with the "infanticide" charge is that Democrats are just saying that the woman always takes priority over the baby when it comes to any birthing complications. The President has turned that into a wild, hysterical accusation that Representative Cheney is now repeating. Why is Chuck Todd incapable of pushing back on this?

Doubling down. The President increases his Wall request.

As you can see in these messages, we're getting super-duper, top-notch information from Senator Marco Rubio. who is "the top Venezuela congressional point man for the Trump administration." [/snark]

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, requested copies of all of Bernhardt’s schedules and calendars, stating that over 100 hours of official government time on his schedule did not include details or list non-agency attendees. Bernhardt replied last week that he can’t provide a calendar because he doesn’t keep one.

Why no, that's NOT AT ALL suspicious! Why, how could ANYONE suspect he's trying to hide something?!?!? [/snark]

Back during the 80s, it was actually news that Reagan zeroed out money for Legal Services (It often supported people who wanted to take legal positions against the government). Nowadays, the proposed budget just says "Ahhh, eff y'all!"

A Republican refers to the investigation launched by the House Judiciary Committee with the sending out of 81 letters requesting documents as a "fishing expedition."
Hmm, after the Obama Administration was required to produce hundreds of thousands of documents to respond to GOP requests on Fast and Furious, the IRS denial of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to political groups, Benghazi, etc., all of the sudden the GOP has spun on a dime and has abruptly decided that fishing expeditions are no longer good things!

The Senate Majority Leader has made it absolutely crystal clear that HR 1 stops after the House. To be taken up in the Senate, we need to turn the Senate blue (Democratic).

Problem for the GOP and HR1 is that it is in the self-interest of Democrats to push for a more open voting system, that is, as system more compatible with democracy. Republicans benefit from a constricted voting system, a system that permits less voting.

Yeah, very interesting how the Senate committees that were so terribly, deeply concerned about Hillary Clinton's email protocols and Benghazi have now decided that, even as the House committees have gotten really busy on investigating the Trump Administration, that gee, they're really tired of investigating a president's activities.

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