Moms for Liberty Protest

30 Jun 2023

At Marriott
Outside the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel (A few blocks from City Hall), where the "Moms for Liberty" are holding their second annual event. Explainer piece that also looks at Philly's reaction to them.

The Supreme Court sure saved up some doozies for their last days of the 22-23 session. They struck down student loan debt relief (Biden's going to try again on that), affirmative action for college admissions (Most Americans approve of Affirmative Action, but the Supreme Court essentialy says "Ha, ha! Neener, neener!"), that merchants can discriminate against customers due to personal beliefs (Funny, the only context in which this doctrine is applied is with gays, but the new doctrine does great damage to the usual reasons for refusing service and opens up a really big can of worms).


In January 1944, German switchboard operatrs knew just when the last Soviet offensive began on the Eastern Front as the telephone switchboards were all of the sudden jammed and about every caller's first words were "It's begun!" Has the Ukrainian counteroffensive (Or as I like to call it, Ukraine's Spring Offensive, a blogger calls it the " summer counteroffensive") been anyting like that? Not at all, and the reason why is straughtforward, land mines.

The top U.S. military officer, Army General Mark Milley, told an audience at the National Press Club in Washington that the counteroffensive was "advancing steadily, deliberately working its way through very difficult minefields ... 500 meters a day, 1,000 meters a day, 2,000 meters a day, that kind of thing."

Detailed description of how an armored brigade gets through a minefield.
Also, under the subheading "A Move Towards ATACMS for Ukraine," the blogger explains the distinction between ATACMS and the Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruis missile, which both have similar ranges.
After the reproduction of Zelenskyy's daily speech to the Ukrainian people, this piece reproduces a lengthy conversation where General Valery Zaluzhny, the top officer in Ukraine, describes how the war is going and the problems Ukraine is facing.

Tunes, dancing and speeches. YouTube discovered that one of the tunes played is copyrighted, so it's impermissable to play this video in Russia.

The startlingly rapid advance by the Wagner Group, first taking the city of Rostov-on-Don (Main supply center for the Ukrainian front) to within less than 150 miles of Moscow has been compared to the Kornilov Affair of 1917. Tsar Nicholas II had abdicated in the February revolution. The Alexander Kerensky government had taken over. Kornilov attempted a coup in August and the Bolsheviks took over in October.
In the more or less completely free ride (a few aircraft were shot down) the Wagner Group got moving from Rostov to the doorstep of Moscow, what was probably the most disheartening aspect of it all for Putin was that great weaknesses on his part had been exposed.
Will Putin respond by copying his hero Stalin and purging his army? NATO would be cool with that, of course. Stalin very severely weakened the Red Army by decimating his officer ranks. In the Winter of 1940, the war with Finland woke Stalin up to how weak his army now was, so he scrambled to repair it. When the Nazi invasion began, the German panzer groups were able to make 280 miles in just five days. Thanks to der Fuhrer not being a very good Commander in Chief, the Soviet Union was able to recover and got Allied aid and by 1943, had largely recovered from the damage caused by Stalin's purge.

down the street
Down on the next corner.

I almost felt sorry for the Tennessee legislature when they ran afoul of the three legislators, two Black men and one white woman, practicing what the late Representative John Lewis called Good Trouble! The two Black men of the "Tennessee Three" were dismissed from the Tennessee House, but were both easily reelected.

350 ppm (parts per million) of carbon in the atmosphere is safe. We’re now at 423 ppm, the highest level in human history. Planting trees is far from a complete solution, but it is a positive, worthwhile step in the right direction.

In what's probably the biggest single case of espionage in US history, Airman  1st Class Jake Teixeira was trying to impress fellow gamers by publishing details of very highly confidential military secrets.

The CNN Town Hall with Donald Trump. How bad was it? It was SO bad, the CEO of CNN got fired for it!

speaker somewhere in there
We've got a speaker, uh, somewhere in there.