Pro-Palestinian Demonstration

10 Dec 2023

Marching in Harrisburg, PA. Very large and enthusiastic crowd!

Israel is flooding the tunnels that are being used by Hamas to hold hostages, fighters and munitions.

Citing unnamed U.S. officials, the Wall Street Journal reported that Israel had recently begun pumping seawater into Hamas' vast labyrinth of tunnels underneath Gaza, in a process that would likely take weeks.

The Times of Israel says:

Environmental experts have warned that the move could have long-lasting effects on the groundwater in the Strip.

assembly with symbolic wrapped bodies
Assembly with symbolic wrapped bodies.

Biden very explicitly tells Israel that how they're treating Gaza is costing them from a public relations standpoint. Biden has been a very loyal and steadfast friend to Israel, which hopefully gives him enough credibility for Israel's Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, to listen to him.

Apparently the plan, developed between Americans and Israelis is:

The plan seems to be for the Israelis to shift over the next couple weeks from the massive aerial bombardment of the last two months, which has resulted in so much civilian loss of life. That will be followed and replaced by more targeted, low intensity commando raids focused on killing or capturing Hamas militants and destroying the Hamas tunnel network.

Possible health effects of Israel's military operation on residents of Gaza:

A lack of food, clean water and shelter have worn down hundreds of thousands of traumatised people and, with a health system on its knees, it's inevitable epidemics will rip through the enclave, 10 doctors and aid workers told Reuters.

crowd listens

Back in June 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Conservatives cheered and Donald Trump was quick to take credit. He said that he “was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the ‘shock’ of everyone.” One of the "concessions" that conservatives gave to opponents was that if "a doctor determines that the patient is experiencing 'a life-threatening physical condition'" then and only then, could she seek reproductive care and terminate the pregnancy. Even if Kate Cox was certain to suffer (she's had to go to the emergency room three times in the past month due to complications with her pregnancy), she couldn't legally seek an abortion until she was at death's door. So what does the "Life and Health" exception actually mean in practice? Ehh, not much.

Of course, this puts the two Texas Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, into a no-win situation. They can't admit that they aren't doing their jobs as Kate Cox's representatives. They're allowing her to suffer through a very bad situation over a change to the law that they stronggly supported. They can't take the position that this is a good thing because that would make them look cruel and heartless. But if they were to sympathize with her, they wold make the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the Texas Supreme Court look cruel and heartless. So they've adopted the strategy of simply being silent on the issue.
Heh! Senator Cruz really, really doesn't want to discuss the case!
Other Republican candidates didn't like the question much, either

Almost none of the candidates who commented on the matter this week were willing to outright say they disagreed with Texas’ decision to deny Kate Cox an abortion, but they also weren’t jumping to defend the Republican politicians in the state.

Looking down towards speakers.

The Federal Budget is made up of 12 seperate bills. The Senate is largely agreed on what should and shouldn't be covered, so their work on all 12 bills is pretty much done. The House has a number of people with strong ideological convictions that the Federal Government just spends too much.

Ukraine aid has been successfully added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), but it won't be until some time in January that the House will actually get it into an actual spending bill. But the House goes off into holiday recess because, hey, priorities!

A massive military aid package for Israel and Ukraine remains stalled in Congress, where Republicans are pushing for major changes to border policy.

And why, you ask, is the House, along with Republicans in the Senate, trying to make "major changes to border policy" when they're also initiating an evidence-free impeachment of President Biden, oh, and Speaker Johnson wants to adopt a "laddered continued resolution," differenet deadlines for differenet agencies? Hey, priorities!

Chants, music and speeches.

Why is border policy so hard to reconcile? There are sharp partisan divisions. Ds and Rs see the issue from differenet perspectives. As a result

House Republicans earlier this year passed a bill known as H.R. 2 that included much stricter asylum and border provisions, including the reinstatement of migrant family detention and the so-called "Remain in Mexico" policy. It also included drastic limits on the humanitarian parole authority, which the Biden administration has used to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, certain Latin American countries, Haiti and Ukraine.

Personally, I think it was wildly unrealistic to think that Republicans could simply force Democrats to accept whosesale a bill that was passed with only Republican voes. Making policy through blackmail has never been consistent with American democracy.

Speakers were under tent roof.

The war in Israel has escalated because the Saudi Arabian-Yemeni Houthis problem was never resolved. That war began in 2014. The conflict between the countries has been relatively quiet lately. Iran has tried to supply the Houthis, but with a Saudi-US blockade in between Iran and Yemen, the war has been largely stalemated. The war has constituted a major economic and humanitarian crisis since 2015.

So now the Houthi of Yemen have closed off the Red Sea to Israeli and America shipping. Major shipping lines are avoiding the Red Sea. How much shipping is effected? “Some 10 percent of world trade goes through the Suez Canal on 17,000 ships a year.” 
Also: “There have been Shiite militia attacks on US personnel in Syria and Iraq, with more threatened.”

about to start marching

The binder was last seen by Cassidy Hutchinson, the fomer aide to the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. She saw Meadows with the binder on the last day durin which Trump left the White House and Biden took over. The binder was 10 inches thick. That's thousands of pages of evidence that Trump acted as a friend of, if not an agent of, Moscow. 

The Russia materials included highly classified raw intelligence gathered by the U.S. and NATO allies, fueling fears that the methods used to collect the information could be compromised, the source added.


Senator Lindset Graham tries strenuosly to downplay and to throw cold water on the fact that Donald Trump's rhetoric sounds an awful lot like the language that der Fuhrer used in the 1930s and 40s to describe the Jewish people. Meet the Press host Kristen Welker tried really hard to get Graham to comment, but Graham kept insisting that Trump's language wasn't important. Trump said:

"They're poisoning the blood of our country," Trump told a rally in the city of Durham attended by several thousand supporters, adding that immigrants were coming to the U.S. from Asia and Africa in addition to South America. "All over the world they are pouring into our country."

At Governor's mansion
At the Governor's Mansion.