Pro-Palestinian Demonstration


usual line-up
Our usual line-up on the sidewalk in front of Senator Fetterman's office.

The Friday@Fetterman's group has a website here. There was indeed some civil disobedience on April 11th that resulted in a dozen arrests. There were about 50 people in the demonstration as a whole, but only a dozen were arested fo their action.

All aound the country,collge students are protesting. Why?

Bayreuth, Germany (Special to Informed Comment- Feature) – Lisa Hajjar has compared what is happening in Gaza to the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Yet where she argues that “Unlike the Khmer Rouge, the Israeli government’s exterminationist policy is not fueled by an ideological vision to remake Gaza anew. Total destruction is the goal.”

Al Jazeera: In other words, where Israeli troops have already passed and areas are allegedly pacified and free of Hamas, residents still can't get adequae food!

On the way to Biden's office
On the way to the subway, which transported us close to President Biden's Philadelphia office.

How are things on the Southern side of Israeli troops, in Rafah?

Catherine Russell, the head of UNICEF, said this week that of the 600,000 children in Rafah, southern Gaza, all of them are either injured, or sick, or malnourished.

So yeah, it's not terribly surprising that US students are upset enough that 2,300 of them have been arrested nationwide. The NYPD, surveying the people who were arrested at protests at Columbia University and at City College of New York in Harlem, said they found large numbers of non-students there. Were they "influencers," assigned to cause trouble or were they thrill-seekers? A commenter suggests how that number came to be.

Also, we've seen lots of counter-protesters whose behavior has been less than civil.

In front of Biden's office
In front of Biden's office.

We really have to understand the terrifyingly high stakes of the 2024 presidential election! Time Magazine conducted an interview with Trump. Near the end of this piece, the NY Times shows that they really don't understand or don't care that Biden's failing to give the Times an in-depth interview is a very minor point compared to Trump's being a wannabe fascist dictator who wants to use the power of the US for his own personal benefit! The Times' Executive Editor gives the very strong impression of Trump vs Biden being a contest of "Ehh, six a one, half dozen of the other, no real difference between the two.” Here is, by the way, very strong evidence that the two parties are very different and that it really makes a differenc which one wins in November!

Oh, and by thr way, will Trump concede if he loses the election? Well, it depends. If HE thinks the election was "honest," sure. Who decides upon the honesty of the election? Why, he does, of course!

Our speaker
Terry Rumsey speaks.
Songs and speeches.

This blogger tends to write very lenghty posts, but he put this point right in the beginning of this one. The US wants to advise Ukraine on how to fight Russia. Very commendable, but US tactics are based on having "something between air superiority and air dominance," which is usually true for US operations, but has never been true since 2014 for Ukraine. The US needs to listen and supply them with what they say they need! Later on, the post explains that the Patriot air defense system is an extremely effective one. The US has 60 such systems. Israel is retiring some of its own systems. These are very urgently needed in Ukraine!

American General Ben Hodges, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, says the US must commit to Ukraine's victory!

lined up

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem apparently really wanted to be Donald Trump's Vice-Presidential candidate! Her hoped-for candidacy has been a hilarious crash and burn! The latest tidbit from her recently-written autobiography is that she alleges to have met the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. As Kim doesn't travel very much, her story was not difficult to debunk. Which makes one wonder what other whoppers her book  publisher was too derelict to catch!

me, Marion and David Brown
Your narrator/photographer, co-congregants Marion and David Brown.

Representative Jim Jordan, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is under great pressure from right-wing media to keep the utterly-failed investigations of President Biden going. The people there are very upset at Jordan's and Representative Comer's (House Ovesight Committee) failure to produce results!

Casey's office
Lined up in fron of Senator Casey's office.

Tblisi, Georgia is showing signs of rebellion against Russia. Back during the final year of the youngr George Bush, Georgia (On the Black Sea between Russia and Turkey) fought and lost a short war with Russia over two of its provinces. The Atlantic Council concludes that NATOs muted response gave a green light to Russia that invading Crimea, Ukraine in 2014 would be similarly trouble-free.  I suspect no one in 2008 wanted to give Bush any encouragemen to start another war after he had started the Iraq and Afghanistan wars early in his term!
The political parties Georgin Dream and its allies dominate Georgia and are seen as Russian-controlled.
Giorgi Revishvili "Tens of thousands of Georgians continue [protesting] against the Russia-inspired foreign agents bill and the Kremlin-style authoritarian rule." British woman is rather annoyed that the West has permitted as much Russian interference as it has. Ukrinform says the Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili is against Russia and says Georgians must make "an 'existential' choice between Russia and Europe."