Climate March

NYC 17 Sep 2023

What are we fighting for? The Earth! Or more precisely, all of the people who inhabit the Earth. Carbon Dioxide has become a serious pollutant that's heating up the planet. The highest safe level of carbon in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million (ppm). We're currently at about 420 ppm. The result is not some future projection. The consequences are right now!


Curiously, Carbon Dioxide doesn't settle evenly over the planet, but is more concentrated over some areas than over others. Nevertheless, the time-lapse picture here shows the amount of it increasing to dangerous levels. 

What's the actual effect of human-caused climate change? It's not good.

Drought in the Midwest is contributing to record low river levels on the Mississippi that allows saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico upriver as far as New Orleans, threatening the drinking water supply of hundreds of thousands of people. Salt water is not only not potable but it can wreak havoc on drinking water infrastructure.

Good news!

Renewable energy supplied a record of 69.2 percent of Germany’s public net electricity generation in July 2023, according to data by research institute Fraunhofer ISE.

Code Pink's sign
Curiously, the number of people in the Philadelphia Climate March was only about 100.  This march was estimated to be 75k! I can beliece it. We sat around, saying "When is it going to start?" and were told it HAD started, but it took a while for the rest of the crowd to get moving!

Biden in Hanoi, 12Sep2023:

The president then waxed a bit philosophical, underscoring that such green foreign aid is essential because “the only existential threat humanity faces even more frightening than a — than a nuclear war is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next 20 — 10 years. We’re — that’d be real trouble. There’s no way back from that.”


Here's some very good environmental news! Renewable energy, wind and solar primarily, is intermitent, which means batteries are extremely important to prevent power outages. Lithium is a very important element in batteries, but the supply of lithium is limited, more bcause people haven't been looking for it as long as they've been looking for oil, but  it's in limited supply. Zinc, on the other hand, is plentiful and it can be reccled!


Sigh! So, we're on shutdown watch. There have been three this century, one in 2013 and two in 2018. Republican John Boehner was the Speaker of the House for the first and Republican Paul Ryan was the Speaker for the other two.  Republican Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker this time. Earlier, the House under McCarthy threatened a debt limit default. So if the Republican-led House now wants to hold America for ransom, what's the ransom note say?

The Hill says:

The plan, dubbed the Spending Reduction and Border Security Act, would extend funding through the end of October but impose across-the-board cuts of about 30 percent — with exemptions for national defense, the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, and for funding designated disaster relief.

Music and beats of all sorts.

Is the Republican House at all interested in peventing a shutdown? Doesn't appear like it. The House dosn't appear to realize that if they can't get their bill through the Senate, then they're just wasting their time doing a "messaging bill" that communicaes with, and excites, their base voters but that does nothing to actually solve any problems. Across-the-board cuts of 30% may sound great to ideological opponents of "Big government," but there's no desire among the Americn people to reduce the size of government. Those who wish to make drastic cuts essentialy have to do so by force. If the Republican right-wing Freedom Caucus people want to convince Americans to accept smaller government, they have a long way to go!


Unfortunaely the media, with their "BothSides" approach, that is, they beliece that in every issue, both sides have legitimate arguments. Which is true in many cases, but not in every case. Sometimes, you DO have a right and a wrong side where there is no symmetry between the two sides. The approaching government shutdow is a case where the Republican House is wholly and completely to blame. The blogger wrote the following a decade ago. Yep! Still true!

When the political leadership of this country is incapable of even keeping the government open, a political course correction is in order. But how can democracy self-correct if the public does not understand where the problem lies? And where will the pressure for change come from if journalists do not hold the responsible parties accountable?


Commentary on the scandal of the Canadian Speaker of the House who introduced a 98-year old Ukrainian for the gathering to applaud. Oops! Turns out he was in the Nazi Waffen SS! The Speaker promptly resigned.

Ukraine has chopped out a salient in the
Robotyne-Verbove direction. Russians don't appear to be able to keep it from gowing. A former infantry oficer responds to a commenter noticing that Ukraine's forces haven't moved very far in the past several monts.

AFU are taking casualties but are taking out more Russians by a signficant ratio. The last couple of weeks have seen AFU penetrate the big minefield field and the first two defensive lines. They are operating with heavy vehicle south of Verbove now. Only 10 km for cutting off the landbridge connection to Crimea by artillery fire. They have trapped the Russians in Bakhmut. Russian artillery losses are absolutely staggering. This is setting up faster AFU advances now.


Under the subtitle "Ukraine’s counterbattery fire continues to improve," the blogger claims that Russia is producing about 200 artillery piece a month. Unfortunately for Russi though, Ukraine has eliminated more than that each month since March of this year, with numbers really jumping as of May and hitting 800 this month. A report for September 27th shows 38 pieces taken out in a single day! 


As to Republican sentiment on Ukraine:

...there's a division within the Republican Party between internationalists, like Nikki Haley, who support Ukraine and are concerned about Russian aggression spreading in the so-called American-first wing, of course, led by former President Trump.

Of course, Trump is so far ahead, that his view will ulimately prevail, but it's heartening to see that the party has not settled into a hard anti-Ukraine position yet. As it is, opposition to supporting Ukraine appears to be growing. Opposition members (All Repblican) in March 2022 were only 15. This latest vote was 93


two girls

I did a report on what's been going on with Israel/Palestine for the last few years and gave it as a lecture to my congregation. One interesting thing was that for a short time, a small Palestinian party allowed the opposition to Netanyahu take the majority. They didn't get a whole lot in terms of policy chanes, but they managed to get a few modest ones. Mostly in terms of getting money allocated to their needs.

big sign

more signs
Lined up, preparing to march!



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End of the march, with speeches from the big screen.

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Relaxing and chilling.