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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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The differences between the Democratic and Republican parties are extensive.

Ukrainian ships taking a risk by sending unarmed grain ships to challenge Russian blockade. The "master strategist" Putin has put Russia into a no-win situation.
Ukrainian air defense knocks down 44 out of 50 missiles.

GM observed how Elon Musk was managing Twitter, decided he was making a mess of it and decided to pull their advertising to see if he eventually improved. Senator Tom Cotton has sent a rather threatening-sounding message about that. Yep, nothing to see here, folks! Move along quietly now!


MSNBC host Tiffany Cross asked if we wanted to continue to get news on Trump. Yeah, if it’s news like this!

'Evil': Trump Is Losing His Sh*t As Legal Walls Close In Around Him

I approved of Scott Ritter when he was opposed to the Iraq War back in 2002. Not so much lately when he’s been opposing the war in Ukraine. But he does indeed make a strong case that Musk is a complete hypocrite when it comes to free speech.

As to Ritter's accusation, Media Matters claims that the Bucha massacre was not a “false flag” event, carried out by Kyiv. Kyiv and MMFA sources have shown that it was carried out by Moscow. A search on “bucha false flag” shows Russia absolutely insisting that Scott Ritter, along with Alex Jones (Infowars) and QAnon are all correct and that the massacre was carried out by Ukraine.

Amazing Iranian resistance art.

What seems to be the real story behind the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, or as we know it today, COVID-19 or just plain Covid. Looks like the Wuhan lab was, possibly with the knowledge of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, in over its head and was performing dangerous experiments with inadequate safeguards. A natural origin for Covid now seems implausible, but so is the theory that it was a deliberately engineered weapon.

One would think, or at least hope, that the gazillionaire who now runs Twitter, would have some research assistants who could quickly clear up questionable theories like this before he tweets about them!

Musk has now deleted this clearly fake story, but not until it had been up for several hours, demonstrating to us that he's completely irresponsible, sending out un-vetted stories without bothering to see whether they're credible or not. Not a comforting beginning!

Like Trump, Musk comes into the game at the very top of the pile. Like Trump in 2017, he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. Things are not looking good for him personally or for Twitter.

*Sigh!* Things are not looking good for Twitter. GM has already pulled its advertising, taking a "wait and see" approach before deciding whether to stay out.

Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee Chair, was annoyed at Democratic criticism of Republicans over the Paul Pelosi attack. She felt that condemnation of the obviously politically-motivated attack was universal. Was it? Well, some Republicans condemned the attack. Trump said nothing. House Minority Leader  McCarthy said something, but only after Representative AOC loudly noticed how quiet he was being.

...Trump allies — like Reps. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) — followed the former president’s lead and remained largely quiet…

Heh! Seriously, the “Clinton ‘Socks Case’” does not apply at all to the Mar-a-Lago documents case. Clinton had made audio documents with a friend who was not receiving a federal salary and was using his own personal tape recorder.

Since the Musk takeover of Twitter, threats of violence and doxxing have increased substantially.

Update (11 Nov): "FEATURE-How Musk's Twitter takeover could endanger vulnerable users"

Valkyries of Ukraine.
Lots of connections between Iran and Russia.
Russia has been blocking 176 grain-carrying ships for the past several weeks.
UKR unmanned surface vessels (USV) attack Sevastopol naval base.
Russian soldier death toll reaches 70k. US Vietnam War casualties were 58k, the Civil War battles of Vicksburg & Gettysburg together equal about 70k.

Right-wing gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania is asked about antisemiic attacks.

His wife Rebbie steps in and says: “I'm gonna say we probably love Israel more than a lot of Jews do.”

Hmm. Yeah. Not quite sure this clears them of antisemitism. Do they love Israel? Ehh, sort of. Israel plays an important role in Biblical prophecies.

Heh! Congresswoman AOC, after recounting her being harassed by Congresswoman Greene on January 6th, is asked how she dealt with Greene’s lips all over door and mail slot: “Hazmat, bleach, fabuloso, palo santo, and a prayer circle to get that stank off”

She ends with “These people want media to ‘both sides’ fascism. Don’t fall for it.”

Not at all surprisingly, Stephen Miller is in favor of using government power to favor corporations that toe a political line.

More on the fellow who attacked Speaker Pelosi’s husband.
Tightening the noose around Kherson.
Nine lions rescued from Ukraine and moved to Romania.

Biden condemns the politically-motivated attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband.

More on what motivated the would-be assassin. Stochasic terrorism is explained.

The fellow who attacked Mr. Pelosi was a left-wing conspiracy theorist until about 2014. Then he took a hard-right turn and was a right-wing conspiracy theorist and then a Trump fan.

"Black Adam"
Good stuff! A mysterious fellow from Ancient Egypt arrives and has powers roughly equal to those of Superman. Is he a villain or a hero? Movie includes Hawkman and Dr. Fate.

The good news is that green, renewable energy was boosted by the war in Ukraine.

With his legal career on the line, John Eastman desperately tries to get judge to reverse ruling that says one of his cases falls under the “crime-fraud exception” and and all the information in it can therefore be shared with the January 6th Commission.

The attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband was an act of terrorism.

Turns out the attacker was a fan of the pundit Jimmy Dore. When Dore gets accused of helping to inspire the attacker, he mocks his accuser.

Elon Musk takes over Twitter and immediately begins making questionable decisions.

Heh! Don Jr. doesn't want us to pity the Twitter employees who pulled the plug on various people. He wants us to think of all the poor, poor racists and sexists and bigots who were silenced by the cruel, awful Twitter censorship!

A 46-year old Russian with serious knee problems is drafted anyway.
28 October is the anniversary of the day the Nazis were kicked out of Ukraine. Zelenskyy ponders the similarities between yesterday’s and today’s enemies.
Huh! Putin accuses the West of creating the “
global food crisis.” Erm, I think Russia’s interfering with Ukrainian shipping might have had something to do with that! He blames “cancel culture” for the world being opposed to Russia. Fortunately, he doesn’t wish to nuke Ukraine.
White Evangelical Christians are convinced they should aid Russia.

Reuters obtained a trove of documents from an abandoned Russian headquarters. The plight of Russian soldiers is evident. They clearly need a few months to get back on their feet. Ukraine made very good use of the time between the invasion and the beginning of September. They don't need a break. They need to keep going until their land is cleared of Russian troops.

This has been a problem since the US left Afghanistan over a year ago. Yes, the Taliban is terrible, but hurting them necessarily means hurting the Afghan people.

A serious look at “What is the Republican plan for inflation?”

Update (18 Nov): The Republican Party is a "post-policy" party that's too busy going down into the rabbit holes of conspiracy theories to worry about actual, real-world policy.

The blogger figures it’s likely that Kherson will be placed under siege rather than go through attacks by Ukrainian tanks and troops. Back in the Medieval Era and before, sieges lasted as long as defenders had food and water. Good thing about sieges today is that they’re over when the defenders run out of bullets, shells and missiles, then the attackers can just walk right in.

Trump wants to testify, Democrats are like "Yeah. Sure. Okay (insert snickering from Dick Dastardley's evil dog Muttley)." Trump's lawyers are like "No-o-o-o-o!!!!!"

Tulsi Gabbard makes it very clear that she's completely happy throwing Ukraine to the Russian bear to get chewed up.

Update (18 Nov): Representative Greene makes a very similar case.

Just an incredibly blatant, unequivocal example of the press working very deliberately to take sides and to put their thumb on the scale to hurt Democrats.

Gaza has been under siege for over 15 tears. It shows in their food production.

Were the two lettters sent as part of a conspiracy!?!?!?! Or did they just happen to be sent on the same day? Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorist here is Representative Jordan, and in the case of Republicans winning the midterm election, is slated to run the Judiciary Committee!

Not the Taliban, but the other Afghans, the ones who fought on the US side, are sitting around bored and broke. Russia is wooing them to fight on their side, against Ukraine.

This is very bad news for lawyer John Eastman! There’s a “crime-fraud exception for attorney-client privilege,” and some data from Eastman falls under that. A memo from Eastman shows that he was aware of that.

Big haul of Russian military documents made from left-behind headquarters.

Russia showing “dirty bomb” pictures that are actually from 2010.

Ukraine reaching out diplomatically to Africa.

Russia's Security Council is absurdly calling for the "desatanization" of Ukraine.

Ukraine shot down 19 Iranian-made Russian kamikaze drones on 26 October.

Peacenik Medea Benjamin asks if House Minority Leader McCarthy "questions more blank checks for war." Erm, I don't think McCarthy is applying any moral calculus here. I think he's just a "party over country" kinda guy.

"James Cameron Explains Why He Decided to Give Jake & Neytiri a Family in Avatar: The Way of Water"
It’s certainly nice for a hero to have a family or, at the very least, to be married. The writer and artist of Prince Valiant decided in the late 1930s that his hero would be married. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were all unmarried, though Superman and Wonder Woman had sweethearts. The first Marvel Comics set of heroes, the Fantastic Four, had a married couple (Reed and Sue) and Ant-Man and the Wasp also got married. But yeah, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America have largely remained single, even if they have had sweethearts. The thing is, the idea of having married heroes has certainly been market-tested over an extensive period of time.

Justice Alito is really annoyed that he made a decision to overturn a long-standing precedent (abortion) without any real justification and now people think that decision is a strike against the Supreme Court's legitimacy.

First step to nuclear stability is that we need to restore the Budapest Memorandum. It was violated in 2014 by Russia and there hasn't been a strong enough response to try and restore it.

Trump’s lawyer says Nancy Pelosi “orchestrated” the attack on the Capitol on J6.

Stataement made for Trump cult members only. No sane or informed people need to hear this nonsense.

Quickie summary of Pennsylvania senator Oz / Fetterman debate.

Oz answered a question on abortion by stating that "...Abortion Should Be Between 'Women, Doctors, Local Political Leaders'..."

So essentially, CNN was concerned with the theatricality of the answer. Not with the substance of Oz including local politicians in with the woman and her doctor.

The Jewish president attacks the Jewish state for refusing to help with Ukraine’s missile defense. With Israel’s Iron Dome system, they could have been very helpful.

Very good news on Russia, Europe and energy. Russia really doesn’t have any leverage over Europe.

Appears that Biden’s choice on marijuana was a smart one. It’s interesting that Republicans didn’t want to touch the plan as they didn’t want want to be on the wrong side of it.

It's a pity that the moderator of this focus group here is so poorly informed. The real difference between the protests in response to the murder of George Floyd and the January 6th attack on the Capitol is that the Capitol attack was very highly planned and organized. The people here seem to be under the impression that it was all spontaneous.

Nearly 100 terrorists were apprehended at the southern border in Fiscal Year 2022.

Kind of amazing how Representative Biggs thought he was "owning the libs" when he was actually doing nothing of the kind. 100 terrorists apprehended is greater than all four years of Trump.

We’ve located the team that targets Russian missiles so that they hit Ukrainian civilian targets.
US and Britain reject Russian assertions that Ukraine will detonate a “dirty bomb.”
President Zelenskyy talks about the stakes of the war.
Heavy fighting at Bakhmut as Russia continues to make slow advance.

Seriously, if you don’t believe that, if they win the House, Republicans will crash the economy, you’re not paying attention.

Voter intimidation is beginning as armed, unidentified people start “monitoring” drop boxes.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman...mocks President Biden in private...

Sounds like a really good reason to speed up America's transition away from fossil fuels and towards green renewables!

Yes, inflation is a terrible thing and voters are opposed to it, but what exactly is the GOP plan to address it?

Yeah, Senator Cruz just straight-up, flat-out lies here. No, other presidents did not just take documents from the White House to their homes after they were no longer president. No other president has ever been as careless with classified papers as Trump.

Good piece on Fiona Hill. Lengthy interview covering her views of Russian President Putin and how Elon Musk and others act to support Putin. And no, NATO is not fighting a “proxy war via Ukraine.”

Short summary of interview with lots of background.

I’ve been following the whole voter fraud issue since the younger George Bush started firing State Attorney Generals for not putting resources into studying the issue. It’s not an imaginary problem, but it’s pretty darned close to it. The NY Times reporter is seriously slacking off on the job by not treating the Republican claims here without some more questioning and skepticism.
Take “Democrats widening access to voting so much that they’re inviting fraud.” That absolutely cries out for some substantiating details! Voter fraud occurs, but on a one per several million scale. The reporter needs to show us how greater access would result in voter fraud.
And really? Someone who thinks the voting system is “definitely crooked” is a moderate?!?!?!?!

Imperialistic Russia wages war on its neighbours, China conducts a genocide in Xinjiang and slides into a personality cult. Iran kills women for showing hair outdoors. People born in democracies are so fucking lucky.
Never take it for granted. Always fight for what you believe.

My usual reading/watching preferences are for drama rather than comedy. Probably comes from reading statement like the above and thinking "Whew! Glad I live the way I do!"

Ukrainians passing the time in a bomb shelter.
Russians hit a number of civilian targets, “...civilian residential, civilian power generation and transmission, and civilian water facilities.“
In Kherson: “RU troops preparing positions for urban fight.”
Other Russian troops trying to get out of Kherson.

Mollie is Editor-in-Chief of the Federalist. I’m really not clear as to what she’s talking about and the comments on twitter make it clear that no one else understands her point either. I guess she had a problem with mask-wearing?

What the January 6th Commission subpoena shows is that the Commission is convinced that Trump wasn’t the victim in any way, but someone who planned, organized and directed an attempt to overturn the 2020 election and to stay in power.

The pundit Ann Coulter gets snarky about Biden's warning that we could "go back to the economy under Trump." Granted, under Trump, the economy was pretty good, as long as he was just continuing Obama's policies. It was only when Covid hit that the econmy became a disaster.

Russia is slowing down the export of food.
Will Russia blow up the hydro-electric complex at Nova Kakhovka? Not likely as that would endanger the water supply to Crimea.
Who is funding Elon Musk to buy Twitter, anyway?
Feeding displaced pets.

More on Elon Musk and how he’s financing his purchase of Twitter.

D’oh! Right-wing, anti-woke superhero film gets canceled after losing the investment money that was put up by fans.

Iranian drones certainly help Russia’s cause as they’re low-flying and more radar-immune, but they still need Russian military intelligence to precisely locate good targets. They’re also relatively low-tech and thereby easier to jam. Not game-changers.

A pundit says that the argument that Russia can end the war anytime they want to by simply withdrawing from Ukraine is denounced as silly and immature. So I looked a the rest of her argument and she then completely fails to explain why Russia “must” remain in the fight, meaning there really is no argument as to why Russia can’t simply withdraw. Can Ukraine withdraw? Duh, no. The war is being fought on their territory. There is no equivalence.

The NY Times takes the “view from 30,000 feet” here, speaking of disinformation as though it played no role in it.

As Soledad O’Brien points out, the NY Times provides a “frequently platform [for] known liars.”

This is rather serious. DeSantis is using the power of the state of Florida to enforce political dictates. He's essentially another Trump, but a bit smarter and slicker.

Yeah, 'fraid to say Lara Logan hasn't gotten any better over the years. She thinks they can sneak 100 million people into the US without anyone noticing.

First Lara Logan was a correspondent for CBS News, then Fox News, then was interviewed by Newsmax. Newsmax has no intention of ever interviewing her again.

Yeah, people have been worried about if Trump's being indicted. If that happens, will there be riots in the streets? Nah.

So let me get this straight. Anti-choicers are deliberately attacking the rights of women and restricting their rights to bodily autonomy and now they’re whining and complaining because people are fighting back? Uh-huh.

Heh! Ukrainians control air defenses from laptops in cafes.
Elnaz, a famous Iranian rock climber, returns from performing without a hijab. She’s greeted as a heroine at the Tehran airport at 5:00am!
Ukrainian air force achieving a great deal against drones and missiles.
Putin announces martial law for the four occupied Ukrainian provinces that Russia claims as its own
The same restrictions apply to Crimea and the six Russian provinces that border Ukraine.
Russians trying swarm drone attacks, Ukrainian air force is defeating them.
Analysis of Putin’s worldview.

What interests me here is what Fox News puts up on their screen during Senator Blackburn's accusation. It's quotes from Durham, the fellow who conducted a 3+ year investigation that produced zippo. He condemns the FBI, but his investigation couldn't charge them with anything.

So Senator Rubio's argument appears to be "Ehh, the bill that Democrats wanted, the first significant gun-safety law in three decades, didn't solve all gun problems overnight, so why bother?"

An Iranian athlete performed without a headscarf. She was apparently detained the authorities. The crackdown is worse than we’ve seen.
Ukrainian air force shooting down over 85% of Russian and Iranian drones.
Will Belarus open up a new front on their border with Ukraine? Probably not.
If House Minority Leader McCarthy becomes Speaker in January, aid to Ukraine will either disappear or be seriously reduced.
Florida Governor DeSantis scolds Ukraine for its lack of gratitude.
Fiona Hill discusses situation. Putin would rather have us discuss nuclear war than his policies in Ukraine.

Yeah, I saw this episode last night.

Former CDC director Robert Redfield, former top deputy Anne Schuchat and others described how the Trump White House and its allies repeatedly “bullied” staff, tried to rewrite their publications and threatened their jobs in an attempt to align the CDC with the more optimistic view of the pandemic espoused by Donald Trump. (emphasis in original)

This forcing of science to get into line with politics goes back to at least Trofim Lysenko, who controlled science in the Soviet Union starting in the late 1920s.

Someone questions having Representative Omar on a news show. Not really clear what the problem is. She did a perfectly good job of condemning antisemitism. What exactly is the problem here?

Was it a HIMARS O’Clock? Nah, just a GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System).
Ukraine has exported 8 million tons of food crops since July of this year, enough to stabilize the markets.
Russia forces contain 2k convicts. They’ve been promised freedom if they fight Ukraine.
Rail line leading to Svatove cut.
Ukrainian air force is just hammering Russians around Kherson.
An examination of Russian vs Ukrainian tactics.
Iran sending missile systems to Russia.

It is not the case that all “maternity deserts” exist because of the anti-choice movement, there are other causes. But there is a very high degree of correlation between them.

Problem is, the GOP doesn’t have any sort of answer as to how to handle inflation or any other problem. It’s just complain, complain and complain.

Cool! DC Comics has had a Legion of Super-Heroes comic for quite awhile. They’re planning on an animated movie!

Herschel Walker did quite poorly during his debate with Senator Raphael Warnock, but you’d never know that from the mainstream media reviews.

Wow! I think the most frightening sentence in here is when Herschel Walker says

"If anything happened in this county, I have the right to work with the police in getting things done.”

As the blogger says, being an "Honorary Deputy" is like having “a junior ranger badge.” What on earth does Walker mean "getting things done?"

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