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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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The story of Israel’s sabotage of the 2015 nuclear deal that the US had with Iran. Was anything Netanyahu uncovered decisive in convincing the US to turn away from the deal? Nah, Trump wanted to dump the deal anyway.

Democrats manage to get subpoenas voted on and out the door to question billionaires Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo.

Rail tunnel collapsed with military goods from China in it.
th anniversary of Finland’s war with Russia.
When the US spends money on Ukraine, most of that money is spent here in the US to buy or refurbish/repair weapons. Republicans are trying to cut funding for weapons systems that are being built in their own states or districts! When we give Ukraine old weapons, we need to crank up our factories to replace those weapons with new ones for our forces.
Russia has placed its economy on a war footing. The West is slacking off and doesn’t seem determined to win. As the war is about endurance rather than about capturing territory, that gives Russia the advantage.
Russia pursuing disinformation campaign o weaken West. Not all “Russian experts” are “Russian assets,” but a great many are.


House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is trying his best to make an impeachment case against the president. Those darned, annoying facts just won't cooperate!

In other news, Representative Greene repeats claims about Ukrainian President Zelenskyy having big money squirrelled away. We've heard such claims about properties he's secretly purchased and those claims have all turned out to be false. This time, we can trace her claim directly to a Russian source.

Offensive across the Dnipro opposite Kherson is proceeding at a deliberate pace.
Woo hoo! 21 out of 21 drones eliminated!
Russia is trying really hard to take out Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.
Czech president feels NATO is slacking off on supplying Ukraine with what it needs.
Christmas preparations in Irpin.
Air defense system gets zapped.
Coastal defenses in Crimea badly damaged by recent storm. Pens for trained dolphin are gone. Dolphins have most likely escaped.
Warehouse housing Shahed drones destroyed.
Financial Times looks at Russia’s winter strategy. Russia’s economy is clearly on a war footing.

The battle between the war-time Israeli government and a liberal newspaper.

Henry Kissinger has died.

Examining the legacy of Henry Kissinger. His “realism.”

Yet Kissinger’s record reveals the problems with the narrow conception of national interest devoid of values.

I fully understand why a lawyer might dedicate himself fiercely to a client and believe that the client is as pure and spotless as freshly-fallen snow. But I was paying close attention during Trump’s impeachment hearings and I believed then and believe now, that the Senate failed to convict Trump because he had an R after his name. He was a Republican and the party couldn’t bear to remove one of their own. Speaker Johnson doesn’t support Trump and oppose Biden because there’s any evidence that justifies taking either position.

Senator Tuberville is absolutely correct here: “Tuberville also extolled the long-standing traditions of the Senate, which he said would be eroded if the Senate passes a Democratic-led resolution that would allow most military promotions to be voted on simultaneously." Clearly, this Senate tradition is much more harmful than it is helpful. It needs to go.

Very interesting. The battlefront in Ukraine and the Black Sea had a once-in-a-century storm. Ukraine was able to work with it, Russia wasn't.

House Oversight Committee Chair Comer demonstrates that his request for Hunter Biden to testify simply isn’t serious. If the inquiry was a serious one, Biden testifying publicly wouldn’t be a problem. As it is, Biden’s lawyer argues “We have seen you use closed-door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public.”

Happy to see some Republicans pushing back against Comer’s refusal to accept Biden’s offer of an open deposition. They realize how bad Comer’s refusal makes them look.

Twitter/X has become a seriously toxic brand, with advertisers leaving in droves. With Musk having paid $44 billion for it, he will have lost at least $35 billion by the time he finally has to sell.

Representative Gaetz persists in examining policy in a vacuum, as though the Palestinian citizens of Gaza weren't depending on food aid from the West to just survive from day to day. It would be nice to know that trading hostages would never lead to more hostages being taken, but do we really want to abandon hostages?

Will the EU use carrots or sticks to deal with Hungary’s mischief? We’re confident there are people working behind the scenes to decide.
The 100-year storm in the Black Sea caused great damage that Ukrainians are trying to repair.
Retired British general Sir Richard Barrons estimates that 75 billion Euros a year for 2 to 3 years will be enough for Ukraine to defeat Russia.
Illia Ponomarenko has some words for Viktor Orban of Hungary.
Destroyed Russian vehicles.
Kerch Bridge has been fortified against sea drone assault.
Why is Turkey supplying Russia with goods vital to Russia’s war on Ukraine?
Fourth release of hostages not going well as Hamas is not releasing mothers with their daughters. Hamas is also not protecting Red Cross vehicles
Two-day extension of the truce in Gaza agreed upon.

Not at all surprisingly, the Biden campaign is looking forward to having a debate over the ACA/Obamacare. Republicans lost over the issue in 2017 because they had no plans that were better than the ACA. That remains the case six years later.

The two Fox News personalities (and one sidelined liberal who speaks the truth) try heroically to suggest that Speaker Johnson is seen as an extremist for some reason other than that he's an extremist!

Very interesting. Smuggling and Mexico are in the news again, but this time women are smuggling themselves into Mexico! They’re escaping out of anti-choice states so that they can get abortions and likely other reproductive care as Mexico is now more liberal than many US states are.

NY Times corrects a bad headline.
Major storm hits Black sea, hitting Crimea very hard.
Regardless of whether Ukraine gets accepted into NATO, Ukraine will adopt NATO standards anyway.
A BTR-82A gets stuck in a ditch and hit shortly after by a drone.
Electrical system in Donetsk suffers major damage.
Stronger air defenses this year could make this winter easier than last.

Russia could refurbish 1,000 tanks a year by 2025

Hamas breaks agreement by playing games with captives.
Not clear how many more hostages Hamas has to trade.

Muslims and Jews are historically quite close.

Actually, similarities between Judaism and Islam made Jews targets in Christian Europe.

"The Washington Post is very worried that American women don't want to marry Trump supporters"
Heh! The “Darwin Awards” are given for people who manage to find really creative and interesting ways to kill themselves (suicides or anything deliberate are ineligible). Ideally, a Darwin Award is given before the subject has had a chance to reproduce. So guys who like Trump have found a way to get Darwin Awards without actually killing themselves? Cool!

Huh. Interesting. “Zoom Fatigue” seems to be a real thing.

Did the Iranians hold the hostages until Reagan's inauguration in 1981 because they were scared of him? I read "October Surprise" and am reasonably convinced Reagan made a deal with them. I doubt we'll ever get a definitive answer, of course.

Russia launched massive drone attack on the anniversary of the end of the Holodomor. 74 out of 75 drones knocked down. 60 over Kyiv.
Zelenskyy talks about the Holodomor. University of Minnesota adds details.
Russia stuff blowing up.
Ukraine expects more air defense systems to protect grain shipments.
NY Times writes misleading article on number of Palestinian women and children killed since early October and Ukrainian women and children killed since last February.
Definition of placing industry “on a war footing.” A look at the propaganda Russians have received.
Hamas and hostages. How the Israeli military views the current situation.

Why are viewpoints on the economy so gloomy when actually, the economy is doing quite well? Maybe political partisanship has something to do with it.

Tracking down the decision to water down a critical part of the Voting Rights Act.

All kinds of hate and discontent being expressed by the Republican-run House over the question of Ukraine aid, thereby giving aid and comfort to Russia.

This is why I tend not to trust initial reports and feel that getting word of news early isn’t necessarily a good thing. The “terrorist attack” at Niagara Falls wasn’t actually any such thing.

There was an explosion at the Rainbow Bridge near Niagara Falls. Sensibly, the US immediately closed the border with Canada because no one was sure why the explosion happened. Problem is, some peopl didn't care about truth or facts or reality. They just wanted to get accusations out there about how it was all the Democratic President's fault.

Quite good. I remembered a lot from my history readings, but there were a number of things I had either forgotten or wasn’t aware of. Probably a bit risqué for showing to a
middle school class, though a high school class might be able to handle it. Generally a really good introduction to people not familiar with the era.  

Our blogger is a history professor and wrote a book about Napoleon in Egypt. Good supplement to the Ridley Scot movie that just came out.

I ran across this piece because a co-congregant asked me to recommend a book on Napoleon (see below). Josephine was quite an interesting person in her own right.

A 150-page book on Napoleon's life and career by an author who has written many other books.

The film 20 Days in Mariupol is now available on Youtube.
Canada, Denmark, Lithuania and Germany all make contributions. Unfortunately, the MAGA movement is keeping both the US and Canada from contributing more.
Speaker Johnson owes his position to the Freedom Caucus, which in turn, is dominated by anti-Ukraine people. The US policy of giving Ukraine just enough, is coming back to bite us in the butt.
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and how it’s used when visibility is low.
Russia making small gains around Avdiivka.
Russia wants China to help them build an underwater tunnel across the Kerch Strait. As another blogger pointed out, this indicates Russia is in this war for the long haul.
The Israel-Hamas truce is more or less holding. In a nice surprise, an Israeli woman who was reported to have died, turned up alive. Hamas has gained a propaganda victory.

The Colombia Journalism Review took a close look at how the news services covered the election campaign for 2022. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much just horse race, Who’s up, who’s down, prospects for the future rather than what the candidates stand for.

Children being stolen away by Russians. This is a war crime.
The train line from Kyiv to Izium is open! The train featured is a food train, designed to produce meals for front-line troops.
Geert Wilders wins in the Netherlands. That’s probably not good news for Ukraine.

A recounting of all of the “evidence” of Joe and Hunter Biden’s “corruption” is very thin, watery gruel. You simply can’t build any sort of case out of the alleged “evidence” that Newsbusters assembles.

Yeah, I’m one of the three-quarters that thinks the ethics code that the Supreme Court came up with for itself falls very seriously short. Democrats feel this by a margin of 90%, but even Republicans agree by 57%.

Update (8 Feb):  It's an extremely bad time for the Supreme Court to not have the trust of the people as it is now deciding an extremeky important question on elections and Donald Trump's qualification to run for president and how the 14th Amendment ties into that.

So the idea of the Robot Apocalypse was that machines would grow beyond the control of their creators. OpenAI designed their corporate governance so that couldn't happen. So what happened? The corporation grew beyond the control of its founders!

Aww, that’s too bad. Witchers has lost its star Henry Cavill (Who also played Superman in Man of Steel, Justice League, etc.). It just finished its third season on Netflix.

The ceasefire is just in time. Palestinians of Gaza are at severe risk.

First snows in Ukraine have fallen, thus the second winter campaign of the war begins.
Zelenskyy meets on integration of Ukraine into Europe.

A new Ground-Based Air Defence coalition has been formed. Germany and France took leadership. The coalition includes 20 countries.

More military assistance announced.
Problem with winter arriving is that Russia will concentrate on heating infrastructure now.
Cluster ammunition is proving very effective against Russian attacks.
In order to make war on Ukraine, Russia broke nine treaties/understanding, but sure, Ukraine is the obstacle to peace. Thread on negotiating with Russia.
Financial Times asks if US and Europe are wavering in their support of Ukraine.

The blogger takes a hard look at the theory that Israelis and all Palestinians are together occupying a single state and that many Palestinians are second-class citizens within that state. The US, as an ultimate guarantor of Israel’s security, makes compromise unnecessary. No clear idea of how to resolve the problem.

Interesting. Seems there’s a Russian network, sort of like Mexican-border “coyotes,” who move refugees from countries in the Middle East to the Russian-Finnish border. Finland has halted their entry, which has resulted in a big build-up of refugees on the Russian side.

Video of very unhappy Russian marine.
This is the ten-year anniversary of the EuroMaidan protest and Revolution of Dignity.
Visit from the President of the European Council and President of Moldova.
US Secretary of Defense and German Defense Minister visit, as well.
Germany in some political trouble.
Russia is building new infrastructure, Iran and North Korea are increasing shipments, arms deliveries from Europe are slowing.
“The Israeli cabinet approves Hostages deal with Hamas, PM office says”.
Israel will permit 300 aid trucks to Gaza per day. More hostages will be released. Israeli government intends to continue the war after hostages are freed. Agreement is a victory for Hamas and a loss for Netanyahu, so expect him to strike out to save face.

For those who, like me, don't wish to buy a WaPo subscription, but who wish to read Biden's letter on both Ukraine and Gaza, here you go.

Many, many problems with getting to a peace agreement in the Israel-Hamas war.

This is truly heartbreaking! Republicans want to change immigration policy as the price for sending aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Okay. Democrats have said that’s cool, let’s talk about Dreamers and DACA.

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, insists that’s not on the table. “We’re talking about border security.”

1. Perhaps if we have a law enforcement problem, maybe it would be a good idea to establish some statutes of limitations so that we’re not wasting money and personnel pursuing non-problems.

2. Gee, ya think maybe if Republicans agreed to address problems that the Democrats considered important, maybe Democrats might address what Republicans considered important?

Ever since late in the Obama Administration, Saudi Arabia has been trying to eliminate, or at least suppress, Yemen's Houthi rebels. The fighting there has been largely stalemated and the US has taken a lot of criticism for continuing to support Saudi Arabia's fight against the Houthis.

Oh, and now the Houthis have seized a cargo ship on the Red Sea and raised both the Yemeni and Palestinian flags. Who owns the ship? Not sure.

Are the Abraham Accords dead? Because the UAE has normalized relations with Israel, does that give them any leverage over Israeli policy towards Palestinians? If not, what’s the point?

Ukrainian escapes Russia, makes his way to Belarus and then to home.
Zelenskyy says Ukraine needs to upgrade their medicine. Includes thread on how to get medical supplies to Ukraine.
Is Russia planning a big offensive?
Russian stuff blowing up.
Israel-Hamas situation. Hamas does NOT have all of the Israeli hostages nor do they know where all of the hostages are. Hamas seen hurrying a hostage into the Shifaa Hospital.

But why are Russians trying to get into Finland when Putin says life is so good in Russia? But seriously, asylum seekers are being moved from Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria as part of Russia’s deliberate strategy.
Ooh! 29 out of 38 drones shot down! Good, but far too many got through!
Germany, Finland and Lithuania all sent aid to Ukraine this week. Estonia, UK and Norway will send more.
Journalist unjustly detained in Russia.
D’oh! North Korea sends shells to Russia for use in Ukraine. Because of mismatch between shell size and gun barrels, there have been explosions.

Very interesting stuff that has a direct bearing on whether there's other life in the universe.

As my own college education is long since paid for (Thanks, Dad!), I have zero self-interest in the student loan issue. But as a citizen, I believe I have a great interest in seeing to it that young people are able to afford to live decently, have money left over to invest and especially, to raise families. Hoo yah to the President!

"Jenna Ellis Lashes Out At Don Jr Over His Crush On Laura Loomer"
MAGA people have decided that Jenna Ellis is a “disloyal harlot” and is therefore no longer a MAGA person. Statement from her:

"Apparently true Christianity is not based on belief in Christ as Lord, but rather belief in Donald Trump as Savior, King, and next President!"

Ukrainian advances more troops across the Dnipro River.
Zelenskyy reports on US-Ukrainian plans for joint arms production. He’s also confirmed that “deliveries of the munitions [artillery shells] have ‘really slowed down.’" Warehouses are empty and production hasn’t caught up yet. Blogger says we should have put our industries on a war footing many months ago.
Ukraine is officially reporting they have positions on the Eastern bank of the Dnipro.

One thing I suggested in my prawnworks piece is that Russia doesn't offer any positive reasons as to why any country should want to be a buffer state for Russia. Russia has the same problem here. They want to use force to pressure women into having more babies instead of making it more desirable to not just have babies but to raise them in decent surroundings.

Nikki Haley vs Ron DeSantis reminds me of Democrats running against Reagan. They wondered whether to be "Reagan-lite," y'know "Just like Reagan only less so," but  Bill Clinton found the right formula "I have a lot in common with the elder George Bush, but am offering something different," Haley appears to be on the right path.

Young woman sentenced to 7 years in prison for “replacing supermarket price tags with messages critical of Russia's war in Ukraine.” Total slips of paper: 5.
A look a a teen a year later in Kherson.
An old Soviet amphibious vehicle loaded with two tons of explosives hits a mine!
Lots of Russian equipment getting blown up.

Rocket strike on the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Although the Israelis maintained that the al-Shifa hospital complex was a Hamas command and control center and that hostages were being held there, they have presented no evidence at all that this was the case. They have displayed a few small arms they found on the premises, which is not surprising in the midst of a guerrilla war.

Republicans putting up all kinds of amendments on two subpoena requests, to question “Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo — two individuals who have refused to comply with this Committee’s oversight requests…” and to resolve Senator Tuberville’s holdup of military promotions.

Ooh! Ow! That's gotta hurt! Biden remembered Xi's wife's birthday. Xi himself did not!

A comparison of numbers of weapons supplied to each side. Hard to say how many weapons were stored in Russia. They may be running out of some items, but they still have large reserves. The West has not provided anywhere near the same amounts.
Holding on to Avdiivka. BBC considers it unimportant, Ukrainian officer in reserves Tatarigami disagrees.
Bridge near Kyiv rebuilt.
Russian propaganda in occupied areas.
The “Starlink Snowflake” Elon Musk, condemns the many casualties of the war between Russia and Ukraine, apparently not realizing that Russia kills people anyway.

How well has the 20+ year War on Terror worked? Ehh, not so great

...since the United States ramped up its counterterrorism operations in Africa, terrorism has spiked 75,000%.

US buys 100 Dutch Gepards from Jordan and distributes them to Ukraine.
Ukraine is apparently, very close to breaking open the case of the Hunter Biden laptop!
The EU gave Ukraine seven conditions for joining them. Zelenskyy advocates Ukraine fulfill all seven.
Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs feels a cease-fire would help Russia, but not Ukraine.
Hungary prevents Europe from spending on Ukraine’s defense.
100th ship uses Humanitarian Corridor to export food. 3.7 million tons of food have been distributed.

GOP says “The world is on fire!” But that’s been said many times for the last several decades because the world is not at peace. Regardless of the PR that Trump is putting out, he didn’t bring peace to the world. Biden is dealing with problems that began long before he came into office.

It’s certainly a good thing that the Supreme Court has adopted a code of ethics. The lack of any means to enforce the code is a problem, though. The blogger emptywheel asks: 

Why would Clarence Thomas adhere to a code of conduct w/no enforcement mechanism when he doesn't even comply with disclosure requirements?

It's clear that the Supreme Court's utterly toothless code of conduct (f'rinstance, it keeps using the voluntary sounding "should" instead of the far less discretionary "shall") is meant to respond to the Senate's annoyance with Justices Thomas and Alito, but the Senate should proceed with any disciplinary plans anyway.

On the “weak sauce” that is the Supreme Court proposed code of conduct.

Yeah, for a long time, mainstream media would go out on "safari" to rural diners and would breathlessly report on what the folks there thought about politics. I never had any interest in such stories because I think Hillary Clinton had them pegged right the first time. They're “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [and] Islamaphobic.” People have asked: Is Trump echoing or taking after Hitler's language? No, he's pretty much just using that language verbatim.

Excerpts from Jen Psaki's MSNBC show on Donald Trump and howhe  relates to the rule of law

Sure are a lot of similarities between the language used by der Fuhrer back in the day and that used by Donald Trump these days.

I agree with the blogger If you just looking af Speaker Johnson"s latest plan as just Season 3, Part 1 of the Biden Administration, these news stories are well-written. If you're Joe or Jane Average, trying to figure things out, they're awful.The people who write this stuff seem to think everybody's all caught up and are familiar with all the details. 

Saying that Trump is going to weaponize government agencies against his political foes is not news and should be covered as “When they tell you who they are, believe them the first time.”

“Why we fight.” Soldier greets his daughter after five months deployment.
Ukraine is helping their own citizens and those of other countries to escape being in Gaza.
Lithuania buys NASAMs (Antiaircraft missile systems) for Ukraine.
More Russian ships sunk, convoy blown up, base hit by HIMARS and gunpowder factory hit by drones.
Half-hour film on Russian disinformation.
Blogger says the Netanyahu government is firmly stuck on its course with no easy way for outsiders to change it.

Good! It appears the Senate is ready to act against their rogue member, Senator Tuberville. And I agree with the blogger, I think Trump is behind Tuberville's promotions blockade.

Sigh! So, effectively, Senate Republican are putting party over country. The military is taking the hit for Senate Republican inability to choose good priorities.

Ukraine might have a foothold across the Dnipro River. The important thing is that the crossing has to be far enough from Russian tube artillery to be reasonably safe for bringing heavy vehicles across,

Tonight is the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.
Our blogger feels Israel is badly messing up and suggests better ways to deal with Hamas. Israelis are not trying to ethnically cleanse the Gazan Palestinians, but they might as well be for all the effect they’re having.
Driving through Avdiivka.
Looking at Russian idea of “conflict freezing.” They carried it out first in Moldova. “...any calls for a ‘frozen conflict’ merely play into the achievement of military and political goals outlined in Russian military thought…”
Germany to produce 100k mortar rounds.

For an alleged doddering and out-of-it old man, Joe Biden shows he’s able to think and react on his feet.

Sad to hear about Jezebel. It was a daily go-to site of mine for a while, though I haven’t gone to it in recent years.

I’m very bothered by the fact that Representative Rashida Tlaib was censured for political speech. My impression was that censure is usually reserved for actions, like associating with outright fascists or financial shenanigans, not for just disagreeing politically.

Our blogger, who’s a history professor, is extremely unimpressed with the history cited by Congresswoman’s Tlaib’s censure.


not only has Comer serially swapped land with his brother, but has done so while directly overseeing the industry.

Shades of the Clinton impeachment! Clinton was busted for lying about an adulterous affair, while every single one of the people prosecuting Clinton’s case were also having adulterous affairs!

Very good election night for Democrats generally!

Woo hoo! My town of Horsham, PA was running two candidates for Town Council and four for School Board. Blowout! All six won by big margins!

"Even Republicans now agree: The ACA’s future is ‘largely settled’"
I thought the issue of the ACA/Obamacare was pretty much settled back in 2017, when Republicans simply couldn’t answer the question “What would you replace it with?”

Update (15 Jan):  So, of course, "The Affordable Care Act Saved My Life. Donald Trump Wants To Destroy It, Again"

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